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One Last Chance

Ana Forrester has settled in with her new family. For the first time, she feels as if she belongs. She has parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and her soul mate/imprint Seth But clouds are starting to gather on the horizon, and not just in the tiny town of Forks. There’s another coven that talks of revolution and rebellion. What will happen if they carry out their plans? SEQUEL TO ABSTRACT REALITY!!!!CHAPTER 5 IS NOW UP!!!!! PLEASE R&R!!!!!!!5/7/09: I edited some things in chapter five that are important to the plot. Please re-read it if you have read that chapter already; it's a very important plot fragment!!!!

The first time I tried this, the story gor rejected because I put it in two categories... I'll just put it in No Time Frame, but we all know it's also Post BD, too... Love Ya!! :DDDD

4. Chapter 4: Kerry Diappears

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Chapter 4: Kerry Disappears

The last chink of light disappeared as Seth ran into the Cullen’s backyard. I clung on tightly; Seth did drive a car, but when you were in a hurry, it was good to ‘just run rather than put keys in the ignition,’ as Jake had once told Nessie and me.

I leaped off Seth’s back, and waited, back turned, for hum to phase back, and put his clothes on. Only when his warm hand was placed on my shoulder did I start walking again, my arm wrapping itself around his shoulders.

We walked into the house that way, to a scene of utter chaos. Edward was at the door, looking tense.

“It’s Seamus,” he muttered tensely to Seth.

“What happened,” I asked, but no one answered. Instead, I left Seth at the door and went to sit with Nessie, who was curled up on the couch.

“What’s going on?” I asked her, “Why is everyone in this house so tense?”

Nessie looked at me, and at a figure curled up on the floor by the television. “It’s Seamus,” she muttered, repeating Edward’s tense words. Then she glanced up at the front room before turning to me again. “Kerry was talking earlier about destroying the Volturi. All of them talk about it, but Kerry’s always seemed a bit more ‘extreme,’ according to Dad,” Nessie paused again, swallowing slightly, and taking a deep breath before continuing. “What happened is that Kerry ran off after a heated argument with Sean and Daniel, and Sean ran after him. They think he’s going to make good on his words, and destroy the Volturi.”

“What?” I asked horrified. “What if he fails? What if they realize Kerry’s coming from Forks? Won’t that bring them here again?”

Already my mind was bringing images from the last time the Volturi had arrived; the fear, worry and stress. The final realization that I was their target, and they wouldn’t leave without me, and the sacrifice of my safety that had hurt me beyond belief, and nearly ended with my turning into a vampire; I felt my hand drift to my right shoulder, where a white crescent shaped scar swooped gracefully on my skin; a vampire bite from Demetri, a member of the Volturi.

My left elbow also seemed to throb at the very thought of Demetri; I’d tried to fight my way out of Demetri’s grasp when I’d been held by the Volturi, but had only succeeded in breaking my elbow. Now that joint had a strange habit of giving off a slight twinge whenever the Volturi, or anything supernatural, were mentioned.

Nessie shrugged; even she had no idea. “Alice went off into the forest to see if we should expect the worst.” I nodded. At this point, my eyes landed on Seamus, still curled up on the floor.

“Kerry’s gone,” Seamus repeated glumly, as if I hadn’t heard last time, “The bloke’s all I have left in this world. Mam died before we joined Sean, so we don’t have anywhere else to go.”

He sounded distraught, and I so badly wanted to comfort him, wrap my arms around his shoulders, the way Seth did when I too was upset.


Everyone was in a stupor. Only a week had gone by, and already hopelessness had spread around us like a thick fog.

Sean’s coven wandered around the house and woods, confused and seemingly lost. I understood their pain, in a sense. Having lost two people I’d loved and cared about, their suffering wasn’t a stranger to me.

However, we didn’t know when Sean and Kerry would be back; Daniel and Mary-Kate kept watch on the horizon, but we couldn’t see them. Not even Alice, who kept watch on their futures with every spare minute she could muster. She even tried to look into our futures involving them; again she found nothing of importance, and, in some cases, like with the wolves and with Nessie, nothing.

We were desperate.

“What’ll happen now?” I asked a few days later. Seth and I we cloistered in a small glen overlooking the forest. It was a quiet place, with trees stretching high above us, branches outstretched in order to shelter the ground from the rain. It worked well during a spring shower, but failed when it came to downpours and storms.

"Who knows” Seth whispered. “Either Kerry and Sean will return to us, whole and well, and we can get on with our lives, or one of them will return, or maybe neither of them, in which case, we will have to run somewhere safe. The Cullens will move up north, to Alaska. There’s another coven that feeds on animals rather than humans up there.”

“Will you go, too?” I asked. I knew it sounded childish, but I had to know what would happen to Seth and me, as well as Nessie and Jake.

“Jake and I would probably go with you, even though our obligation is to the tribe and the pack.”

He paused. “However,” he continued, “Jake, Leah and me left the main pack shortly before Nessie was born, and kinda started our own pack. Jake left because he had a thing for Bella. He’d been her friend since childhood, and developed a crush on her before he became a wolf. Also, they got close after Edward left.”

“Edward left?” I asked, horrified. I’d almost always seen Edward and Bella together; it was unthinkable to think of them as not being together. I couldn’t even imagine it. “Why?”

“Edward thought he was hurting Bella, because she was human at the time. He was worried that her scent would tempt him too much, so he left. It didn’t bode well for either of them, so they were reunited after six or seven months apart.” He paused, thinking. “Well, during Edward’s absence, Jake and Bella became fast friends, and Jake’s crush became something more. Nothing came of it before Edward returned, but Jake really wanted to have Bella, so he tried to get her to fall for him even after Edward’s return.”

Seth sighed. “She chose Edward in the end, as I knew she would. It was almost like an imprint, except when vampires “mate,” as they call it, it’s usually based on compatibility. With us wolves, it’s more of a ‘love at first sight’ thing; as soon as the two of you lay eyes on each other you’re hooked. Actually, way back when, the tribal elders performed a wedding ceremony and soon as a wolf had imprinted, it was done so quickly.” I giggled at his last comment, leaning my head against his shoulder. I still was wondering about the others, though.

“What about you and Leah?”

“At the same time that Jake was vying for Bella’s heart, there was an army of newborn vampires waltzing around Seattle. Newborn vampires” Seth added, “are blood-thirsty monsters whose only instinct it to feed. They are powerful fighters, and they are very strong, but their only emotion is hunger. They are basically controlled by their bloodlust.”

I remembered what had happened to my mother and Gordon. Both had been found in an ally, burned beyond almost all recognition, save for their dental records, and my identifying her old wedding ring, which she’d placed on a golden chain after her divorce with Dad.

“So what happened?” I asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

Seth continued, watching me. “Apparently, a revenge-driven vampire named Victoria, who was angry with the Cullens because they’d killed her mate, was leading them. Remember the story about the ballet studio I told you before?”

I nodded.

“His name was James, and he was Victoria’s mate.” Seth replied. “I was there when Edward fought her. I could see she wanted revenge. Bella told us she’d wanted ‘a mate for a mate,’ and it seemed that this one wouldn’t stop at anything to get what she wanted. Edward took care of her pretty quickly. I dispatched her accomplice, Riley, with a little help from Edward. I was quite grateful for that, and considered myself in his debt.”

“And Leah?”

“Leah followed to keep an eye on me, apparently, but she had some feelings for Sam, who had already imprinted on Emily. She didn’t want to keep looking at him if there wasn’t a reason to.”

He glanced up at the setting sun. “It’s getting late.”

We drove home in Jake’s Rabbit, which Seth had borrowed from Jake for the day. We arrived to see the Cullens and Sean’s coven watching the eastern horizon.

“Look!” Edward yelled, pointing toward the oncoming darkness. I squinted, noticing a small figure going faster than any normal human.

Who was it?

“It’s Sean,” Edward said, answering everyone’s unasked questions. “He said that Kerry’s dead.”