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Summer Camp

It's summer camp! great. Bella really likes Edward. But she doesn't know if he likes her. Based on a true story. Really cute and fluffy.

This is based on a true story All this stuff happened to me! All human Enjoy!!!

1. Boo!

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As I step through the door, I scan the room for anything interesting. In the middle of the room sat about 4 children around my age. I put my lunch case in the corner of the room. Following the examples of the other kids, sat down and began drawing on the banner.

This is summer camp. Not just any summer camp, but Art and Drama Camp. I'm 12, and my name is Bella Swan.

After five minutes of coloring, the leader, she looks like a collage student, tried to get our attention.
"Okay, everybody." She announced. "Come around in a circle." We did as she asked. I noticed that there were 4 of us. We had to do a retarded little introducing game, I learned everybody's name.

Alice Cullen: A little nine year old, with short spiky black hair,

Emmet Mcartney : A ten year old boy, who from the conversations so far, is a baboon.

Edward Cullen :
The most gorgeous 12 year old on the face of the earth, with the cutes green eyes and copper hair. I wish I could just...
I should stop.

After a few drama games we had a break. Since I am way to shy to talk to Edward, I go over to Alice.
"HI!"he exclaims.
"Hello." I reply meekly. We continued with some small talk for a while. "So, you got any bros or what?" She askes.

"Oh, me? Yeah, I got two. You?" I ask.
"Edward is my Bro!" She said enthusiastically. Sheesh!
I glances in his direction, he was talking to Emmet, I wish I could be part of their conversation. A girl can dream.

"pssst," She whispered. "Can I tell you a secret?" She asked.
"Sure." I told her.
"Edward Peed on a fence!" she whispered.

I put my hand in front of my mouth in mock horror.
Alice started walking to talk to the teacher, jumping up and down.

I can do this! I told myself.

I marched up to Edward and stood there. Any time now. I thought. He walked away. Am I invisible?
He walked out to the back door of the little room, which leads to a little deck. I ran after him. Once I was outside he was gone.

Where is he?

I saw him sitting o the chair in a little patch of grass. I snuck up behind him. "Boo!" I said. He turned suddenly. "You scared me!" He said pretending to have been startled. I giggled, and ran back into the building. I flew into the room and hid behind a corner.

He walked right by me, and started talking to his sister.

This is my chance.

I walked right out of room. I stood with my hands on the railing of the deck. The grass in the meadow in front of me was beautiful. The wind blew across the patch of green causing me to shiver. I turner around, wanting to go back inside. As I spun, I was shocked.

It was Edward. He was standing there, staring at me.