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The Before Bella

Before Vampires, Before Edward, Before Forks, Before anything crucial in Bella's life. Bella is living with her mom in Pheonix, Arizona, going to highschool with a seemingliy normal life. Until she gets a glipse of her life to come. Banner By Me! With lots of help and guidence from WolfGirl44!!

Idea Just had to write it down Disclaimer-some charactors and ideas belong to Stephenie Meyer, because she is so graciouse to let us use them :)

3. Ch. 3 Engagement

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When I was done with the homework I packed my things again and ghosted to the bathroom. I washed my face and brushed my teeth, finally able to think clearly after so much.

I started to drag my brush threw my hair.

The door burst open and something flew at me knocking me to the ground, it was squealing. It was my mother.

She blushed slightly as she helped me to my feet but then got more excited again.

I rubbed my pounding head, “What is this all about?”

She started to bounce on the tips of her toes, “OOH, guess what? Oh you’ll never guess, oh I am so happy!!”

“Mom, just spit it out.” I wasn’t in the mood for her games.

This time she didn’t speak she just held up her hand. At first I didn’t see anything special but then the light hit something. There on her left hand was a ring. My jaw fell open. Then a squeal of my own escaped my throat, “EEE!! Phil proposed! That’s Great!” I pushed my troubles out of my mind focusing only on my mother.

“I know, he did it at the restaurant it was so romantic he had the orchestra play our song and everything! Wanna see the ring?” She held it out still on her hand, she obviously didn’t want to take it off.

It had seven sparkling ________ surrounding one larger diamond. All of the gems were trimmed in a gold web. As I looked closer I could see an enragement it read:

The Only One for Me

“It’s beautiful, and that saying is so, so, er, lovely?” I struggled to find a word to fit.

Renee’s eyes sparkled as she tucked her hand in her pocket. I noticed that she was already dressed, unusual. She usually isn’t ready until the last possible second. She must have noticed me eyeing her clothes for she said, “Couldn’t sleep, to excited.” Her voice was soft and her eyes filled with concern. I remembered that I had woken myself up screaming, I hope she didn’t hear, though by the looks of it she did.

“How did you sleep, Bells?” She tucked a stray hair from in her eyes away.

“Err, okay?” I mumbled knowing I was trapped. She took my face in her hands forcing me to look at her.

“Honey, what happened? You don’t scream like that every night.”

“Just a nightmare.” I shrugged.

Just a nightmare, Bella you were screaming bloody murder!”

“Well, er, um, like yeah.” I mumbled my mind was blank of excuses.

Renee’s childlike brown-eyes looked down at me concern burning in them, “Well, wouldcha like to tell me what it was?” It was a question not a demand.

“NOO! I mean, not really, that would probably make it worse, er, I have to get going for school” I choked.

She hugged me for a moment then let go.

I tried to smile, “So glad about Phil and you.”

She meekly smiled back, “Thanks I know that this will be different then before, I promise…” She trailed off then came back again, “I am going to need your help with the wedding plans.” Her eyes had a sparkle in them that I knew all too well.

I groaned loudly and turned back to my hair.

* * * * *

The day dragged uneventfully which I was glad of because then I had time to think.

So that man’s name was Mark Linder. At least his family knew and everything. This made me feel much better.

I shoved all of what happened yesterday night away, to probably never think of it ever again. I was very good at suppressing things I didn’t want to remember, a talent I am forever grateful for.

I turned toward the issue of Renee’s wedding. Knowing her she would probably want elaborate plans but not too many people.

Maybe I could get her kindergarten class to come as a surprise, she would like that. I could probably find all of their addresses or talk to the Principle or something to get them all there.

Phil would be a good Step-Dad. It had never been too awkward with him, and I like him. Renee knew that he was the one. She wouldn’t jump into marriage to quickly again after Charlie. I might actually enjoy this.

A though hit me and I sank down in my seat. I would have to be a bridesmaid. That means I would have to walk down an eile with everybody staring at me. I could probably talk mom into letting me wear flats, she knew about my balance issues. Maybe the poor man who walked me would understand. If he knew me at all and if I knew him enough he would definably know about my grace, then I could clutch his arm in a death grip and support myself. Phew! Mom would probably pick somebody vaguely familiar to me.

Charlie probably wouldn’t come, social things weren’t really his thing. Neither are they mine. This Charlie thing will be awkward no matter what, I probably wouldn’t have to call him but I almost pitied Renee for that.

Huh. What should I get her as a wedding gift, I mean I don’t have to but it would be nice to. Maybe I would get her a new pair of shoes. She loves flip flops, I could get her a pair. It was nice, thoughtful, but not too expensive.

The wind from the open window played with my hair. The sun was out again as if it had never been away. All traces of the downpour were gone, not a single puddle. My kind of weather.

I closed my eyes and felt the sun on my eyelids. I let all thoughts leave me for a moment.