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Forever and Always: A Twilight Fanfiction

Amelia Skye Jeffris is moving to a new town. Upon arriving at her new school, she notices a mysterious family and longs to know more.


1. Chapter 1

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“We’re moving!” my mom and dad said in unison. Thank God they said it after we were done eating. I might have choked on my food.
“What?” my older sister asked.
“Oh…how nice…” I lied.
Again? Great.
“I know what you’re thinking, but I promise, it’s not like that this time!” Dad said.
We move around a lot. We’ve lived in Topeka, Kansas for five years now. That’s a new record. Well, record busted.
“We are moving to a cozy little town called Stockdale. It’s in New York. I’ve read that there is a tiny, K-12 school right in town!” Mom said.
“We’re going to New York and we’re not even going to the city? Ugh!” my sister, Jade, whined as she stormed away from the dinner table. A few seconds later, we heard a slam.
Mom and Dad looked at each other nervously.
“Um…that went well.” Dad said, trying to lighten the mood. A stressed look from Mom indicated his failure.
“What do you think, honey?” Mom said to me.
“I dunno, Mom.” I mumbled.
“Your mother and I figured that this would be a bit easier for you. You’ll get a fresh start at a new school, just in time for ninth grade!” Dad said, almost convincingly. He was avoiding the fact that I don’t have any friends to leave behind. Another fail.
“We’ll let you sleep on it, okay Mia?” Mom said, surprisingly soothingly.
What’s the point? We’re moving anyways.
“Okay, Mom. G’night. Love you.” I said to my parents before sauntering to my room.
Here we go, another opportunity for me, Amelia Skye Jeffris, to live a lonely life. I’m a freak. Not kidding. I still read books by Lemony Snicket and Roald Dahl. I love Harry Potter with a burning passion. I watch Gilmore Girls faithfully. I’m not cool. I spend all of my free time playing Solitaire and writing crappy Harry Potter Fan Fiction. As I said, I’m a freak.
I never made one friend these past five years in Topeka. Yeah, yeah, Topeka. Huge place, you know? Leave it to me to have no friends. Oh, wait, there was one! Jackie Fletcher. Fourth Grade. First year in Topeka. She was the only person who would talk to me. She moved to India three weeks in to the year. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. Nobody knows. It was probably me. I think I’m the most unlucky person in the universe.
Anyways, going on. This will be much harder on my sister, Jade. Unlike me, she has friends. She has been the cheerleading captain at our school since she was a Freshman. She has a hot boyfriend that every girl (minus me) wants. It’s insanity. If she survives this movie, I’ll slap myself in the face.
Not even bothering to put my pajamas on, I lay down on my bed. In the middle of a thought, I drift off to sleep….
Three weeks later….
“Mom told me to tell you to hurry up. We have to go.” I said to Jade. She clearly wasn’t listening, though. Too busy making out with Jace. Ew.
As I walk away, I hear them promise to each other that they will always stay in love. Yeah right. Knowing Jade, she’ll have a new man within two days. Jace certainly won’t have any trouble either. I can see it now. Hundreds of girls lining up at his locker to offer their shoulders for him to cry on.
“LET’S GO!” Dad yelled to Jade.
No reply.
“JADE GERTRUDE! Get your butt down here NOW!” he yelled. He was in for it. Jade HATES her middle name. I don’t even know if Jace knows it. Well, guess he does now.
“DAD!!” Jade gasped in embarrassment.
“Gertrude? I thought you said your middle name was Gina?” Jace asked her as he followed her down the stairs.
“Umm…” Jade stalled.
Here it comes.
“What happened to honesty, Jade?” Jace demanded.
I have a constant soap opera in my house.
“I’m so sorry, baby! Please forgive me!” Jade cried.
I think I’m going to be sick.
“Good bye, Jade.” Jace said calmly as he walked out the door.
There goes boyfriend number five. Yeah, your calculations are right. One hot guy a year for my perfect sister.
“Hmph. He didn’t deserve me anyways.” Jade said as she strutted out to the car.
Dad rolled his eyes and walked to the car behind her.
I took one last look around the house. It looked so empty.
“Bye.” I said to nothing.