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Crossover of Twilight and Underworld.


1. Hunting

Rating 3.8/5   Word Count 793   Review this Chapter

Edward’s POV

Alice, Rosalie, Jasper, and I were all shopping downtown. We had lost a bet and now had to accompany the girls on an all day shopping trip. Joy. I mean really, what kind of person shops all day?

“Pick up the pace Edward!” Rosalie exclaimed at least a good ten feet away from me. “We still have to go to the vintage shop over there.” She said pointing down the street. I moaned. Jasper smirked at my side. He was used to this sort of thing, he shopped with Alice all the time.

“We picked a good day to shop.” Alice said in her singsong voice. “There are sales everywhere.” Jasper shot her a look disbelieving.

“Oh, come on Alice.” He said, “We all know you had a vision.” She through him a look and I laughed. She hit me.

“Ouch.” I huffed. She smirked and strutted off. She was about to run after Rosalie but stopped and looked up. She gasped.

“Oh My God.” We all looked up.

Bella’s POV

I sat on top of the steeple, next to the gargoyle. Selene and I looked down at the crowd below us. We were hunting, but not humans. No. We were hunting Lykens.

“There.” I said spotting one in the crowd. My vampire sense could smell him. Even from all the way up here. Selene looked over at Logan and waved him down. He nodded and he and his men dropped.

“Come on.” Selene gestured to me. We both jumped off the building and landed on the pavement feet first. Another vampire skill, I’ve learned. “He’s heading into the subway.” She said. We followed him across the street and down into the subway. Logan’s men were already down there in their positions. Selene stood in the middle and I stood at the bottom of the stairs off to the side. There were people getting on and off the train.

The Lykan was all the way at the other end of the room, he looked like he was following someone, but the crowd was too thick to make out who. It didn’t matter anyways; he was probably just hunting for food, or revenge. Either way he was dead.

I got a whiff of something sweet smelling. Another vampire. I looked over at Selene she shot me a look saying that she had smelt it too. I nodded at her saying that I would take care of it. I put my back up against the corner and waited for them to descend the stairs. Then one of them reached the bottom and I whipped around and pointed my gun at them.

Edward’s POV

We followed Bella down into the subway. Alice reached the bottom first, but just as her foot touched the floor Bella whipped around pointing a huge black gun at us. Her face looked determined. She wore all Black. Her shirt was black with a leather Jacket with the zipper only half way zipped. She had on shorts with a stripped looking skirt covering them. Her huge Go Go boots finishing the outfit off. She was gorgeous.

“Bella Wait!” Alice Exclaimed holding her hands up defensively. Bella lowered her gun with surprise.

“Alice?” she asked unsure. “How…why…” She looked over all of us and her eyes stopped when she saw me.

“Let us explain.” Alice said. Bella focused on her again still stunned. She relaxed and but kept the gun out.

“Fine.” But before Alice could even utter a word a noise broke out behind Bella. Bella spun around.

Bella’s POV

“Shit” I muttered. I examined the scene in front of me. Logan was crouching down barring his teeth at the now changed Lykan. People were scattering franticly about. I had missed something. I turned back to the Cullens. “I’ll be right back.” I ran over to where Selene was fighting a huge Black one.

He ran down into the tunnel when he saw me coming. Selene and I exchanged a glance and we took off after him. It was dark n the tunnel, but the Lykens scent was still in the air. He was heading east. We followed.

After about Ten minutes we heard a sound behind us and we slipped behind a wall. We heard the figures approaching, and we whipped around pointing our guns at them. I let out an annoyed sigh as I saw them. They had followed us. I through Selene a look shaking my head letting her know not to shot them. She narrowed her eyes at them, but lowered her gun.

“You guys can’t sneak up on us like that.” I warned them. “We could have killed you.” They all starred at me dumbstruck as if wanting to say something. Then we heard a growl.