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Crossover of Twilight and Underworld.


4. Don't give up

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 552   Review this Chapter

Bella’s POV

We looked out of the four story mansion window. Selene went first and jumped, landing on her feet as always. Next I had Rosalie go; she almost landed on her face due to her trying to fix her hair on the way down. Alice went next, Jasper, and then Edward. He stopped though before jumped.

“Bella I have to tell you something.” He said. I swallowed not really anxious to hear what it was.

“Yes?” He breathed and lifted his hand to my cheek. I flinched, but not from how cold it was but out of surprise. I hadn’t been touched like that in centuries, well besides Craven.


“Don’t Edward.” I said interrupting. “Please don’t.” I jumped out the window.

Edward’s POV

I starred out of the passenger seat window as Selene drove. I had decided to ride with her after the Bella incident. She had told me to stop, why? The look in her eyes was sad, as if she was hurting.

“She still loves you.” I lifted my head up startled by her voice.

“Excuse me?” I asked trying to fit the words together. She glanced over at me.

“She still loves you.” She repeated. I sighed and shook my head.

“How do you know?” she smirked.

“I’ve known Bella for four hundred years Edward.” she said. “I think after all that time of knowing her not to think of any other guy…” she paused and looked at my expression. It was a blank one, unwilling to believe her. “Edward I’m not saying that she hasn’t had offers, because yeah she has. Loads of them, you heard yourself. Craven wants her, more than he wants me.” I shook my head again.

“She made it clear that she doesn’t want anything to do with me.” I said looking out the rear view mirror at Bella’s car. Selene sighed.

“That’s how she is Edward.” I raised a brow at her confused. The Bella I used to know didn’t usually play hard to get. “You see we are trained not to get too close to somebody Edward. That way we can’t fall in love and have it interfere with our work.” She paused turning on her left turning signal. “She just needs time Edward, but don’t give up on her. She’s been through a lot.” She pleaded.

I turned to look out the window again trying not to think about it. It was just too hard to think about Bella right now. Not knowing whether she still wanted me was devastating. Yeah, Selene says she still does but something like that has to be said by Bella herself, otherwise it means nothing.

Alice’s POV

I watched as Bella drove the car. She was going at an enormous speed, faster than the old Bella would go. Way faster.

“Bella” I started. She turned her head to the back seat “What exactly are we doing?” she turned back to the road.

“We are going to the guy’s house that the Lykens were following. We want to know why their following him.” She answered. “See Lykens don’t usually follow humans around a crowded place unless they need something from them. That is no a good thing, because they could be recruiting more of their kind.” I nodded understanding.

“I see.”