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Moving Forward

A few weeks before the wedding Bella has a startling memory that could change everything. I dreamed of hall lights and unfamiliar faces, darkness and feeling small and helpless. I woke with a start. May contain triggers


1. What Alice Saw

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Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight.

Chapter One:

What Alice Saw

I sat in front of my computer, reviewing emails from the designer of the fashion line I'm starting. It may drive people crazy, but fashion and clothing design are an enjoyable hobby. It's constantly changing -an advantage, from my point of view - and the point is not to be wearing what's fashionable now, but to be wearing what will be fashionable next, which appeals to me, since so much of my life is spent looking at the future. It's a fun creative outlet for me. One of the problems with living forever and not sleeping is finding interesting ways to pass the time.

I had just opened a photo of the designers latest creation (a blue, off the shoulder tea length dress) when a quick vision obscured my view of the screen. It was Bella, in her room and she was very upset. Tears streamed down her cheeks and her shoulders heaved as though she were sobbing. I frowned. As was so often the case with non-vampires, the vision was cloudy, and the sound muted. It sound like she was saying "Why didn't she tell me?" but I couldn't be sure. I tried to focus on the alarm clock next to the bed. Odd. The clock said '3:30'. The room was fully dark, so it must be 3:30am.

Why on earth would Bella be awake in the middle of then night? I thought most humans slept all night? Bella certainly had on other nights when we'd had "sleep"overs together. Edward was in the room with her, sitting on her bed. is face was still and expressionless, giving me no clue as to what was happening. I thought about it for minute and realized that if his face was expressionless while he was with Bella, it probably wasn't good, but could be caused by anything. Edward was prone to over reaction, after all.

I tried to scan Bella's immediate future for a hint, and got nothing. Sleeping, eating and all the usual boring human stuff. The only break in the routine was that she was coming over for a visit tomorrow night. I stopped looking there. While I knew in theory that Edward and Bella were "practicing" before the wedding night, it wasn't something that I wanted to see. When I checked Edward's future I got a little hint. It was earlier the same night, judging by Edward's clothes and Bella's pyjamas. She was asleep in this vision, but was moving around mumbling and Edward was hovering over her indecisively. I knew that Bella talked in her sleep, but this was different. She looked sad, and scared. In the vision, Bella's eyes snapped open and Edward said something about a dream.

A dream! I'd forgotten about those. Not being able to remember my human life was a disadvantage when it came to Bella. If my human life would have been any help, it wasn't normal either mumbled a tiny voice in my head. I pushed it aside and got back to my visions. If it was a dream, maybe it was normal for Bella to be awake then? I thought about it for a minute, and got no answer. Deciding that I wouldn't get anything else tonight, I returned to my designs. If it was important, I'd get another vision. If it wasn't, then there was no reason to upset my over reactive brother.


I saw nothing else about Bella until just before she arrived the next evening, and then it was just a vision of her truck struggling up the long driveway.

"Edward," I thought, "Bella will be here in two minutes and twenty-five seconds." I was pretty sure he'd be listening. Sure enough he came straight downstairs just as the rumbling of Bella's disgusting noisy old truck came into our earshot. Edward sighed deeply at the sound, and a vision of him begging (again) to buy Bella a new car flashed before my eyes. Not surprisingly, stubborn Bella refused. Edward, who'd obviously watched with me, sighed again.

"Did you honestly expect anything else?" I asked, curious.

"No," he said morosely, "she loves that truck like a sibling. And Rose, you know she'll suspect us if anything happened to it." He turned towards Rosalie, who was sitting on the couch, flipping through a magazine. Rose shrugged.

"Let me know if you change your mind. You know I could do it so that she could take it to mechanic afterwards, and no one would suspect."

"I know Rose," Edward said, "It just doesn't seem right to lie to her like that."

Rosalie snorted. We'd had this argument before. Rose had a lot of respect for classic vehicles, but from her point of view it was foolish for Edward to expend so much effort to keep Bella alive, and then let her drive around without modern safety features. In theory I agree with her, but knew better than she did just how stubborn Bella could be. But then, Rosalie was very stubborn too.... I scanned the future quickly to see what the outcome would be if Rosalie got Bella a new car, but it just made Bella mad and resentful. She really did love that truck.

Emmett had obviously heard the truck coming up the drive, and ran out to meet Bella before Edward could "steal" her and take her upstairs. "Bella!" he yelled as he grabbed her out of the truck and into a massive bear hug. Rose snorted again. "One of these days he's going to figure out that she's not a toy for his amusement and it's going to be a big shock for him."

"You mean like the first time she beats him at arm wrestling?" Jasper came up behind me and put his arms around my waist. "I'd say the same thing about you, but I think you are too devious to understand that Bella isn't just your new toy."

I gave a fake pout. "I know that Bella is her own person, I just don't understand why she feels the need to dress like a hobo sometimes."

Jasper laughed. "Do people still say "hobo?" he asked seriously.

I was going to stick my tongue out him but was distracted by Carlisle and Esme. "We're heading out to hunt. Enjoy your evening!" Carlisle grabbed Esme's hand, and they opened the door. Emmett was still holding Bella in a bear hug with her feet dangling.

We all heard him ask, "So have you managed to deflower my little brother yet?" Bella blushed beet red, and Edward scowled, but did not launch himself at Emmett. I laughed as I realized that Emmett was using Bella as a shield to protect himself from Edward.

"Emmett, let her go," Esme scolded gently.

"What?" Emmett pretended to be oblivious to Bella's embarrassment, but he let her go.

As soon as Bella's feet hit the ground Edward grabbed her by the hand and they took off upstairs. Seconds later I heard Edward's fancy stereo come on and knew we'd seen the last of them for awhile. Emmett headed back inside, and Jasper followed. There was a game on tonight that they wanted to watch. I went with, thinking that I'd rather sit with Jasper and watch a boring sports game then do anything else. Plus it's fun to tease Emmett with hints about the results of the game...

While I was sitting there, I pulled out the binder I've been using to keep all the details for the wedding straight. I took a moment to admire how nicely all the colours matched and looked forward to see how beautifully the tables would look.

"Proud of yourself are you?" Jasper whispered in my ear.

"And what if I am?" I grinned before kissing him.

We'd been watching the silly game for about half an hour when Emmett whistled. "Sounds like it's game time upstairs." Without even looking up, Rosalie smacked the back of his head.

"Shut up, ass."

Now that he'd called my attention to it, I could hear it too... under the music which Edward had turned up- the sounds of people getting intimate. Jasper smiled. "Yeah, because Edward has never had to listen to Emmett making God knows what kind of noises in a "personal moment"."

Emmett frowned. He didn't like Rose telling him off. "Shut up Jasper."

"Gonna make me?"

I decided it was time to intervene. My inner vision was telling me that if I didn't the boys were going to break the coffee table... again. "Video game challenges only Jasper. You know what Esme said the last time you two broke the coffee table..."

Jasper opened his mouth but before he was able to answer we all heard a shriek coming from Edward's room. Everyone got up to go and see what was wrong, while I quickly ran through Bella's available futures.

"Stop! Everyone, stop." They did. Thank goodness they all trust my sight so much. It’s much easier to explain when I don’t have to convince them to listen first "Edward's got it under control. Come and sit back down." Again, I was dealing with cloudy visions, but it was crystal clear that if we all trooped upstairs the only thing that would happen was that Bella would be hideously embarrassed. I wondered what was going on, but all I saw was Bella and Edward coming down to watch a movie.

"We're all going to watch a movie, so sit down and get comfortable." Edward and Bella came down the stairs as I stood to pick a DVD.


It wasn't until later, after Edward had taken Bella home, and after a "personal moment" of my own with Jasper that the vision hit. It was the missing piece of the visions that I'd seen yesterday, suddenly clear as day. I was horrified by what I saw. I couldn't believe it.

"Alice. Alice!" Jasper... calling my name.

"Oh, it's horrible Jasper." I wailed.

"What do you see?"


"What's happening?"

"She's so upset."

"Why is she upset?"

"She's had a memory...."

"When will she have the memory?"

My eyes cleared and I looked at the clock. "It's too late... it'll start soon."

There was nothing else I could do. Jasper held me tight and I took a deep breath as an artificial calm washed over me. All I could do was wait, and be there for Bella later.