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last light



11. Chapter 11: Death

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It was June twenty-eighth. Edward, me, and the rest of the Cullens were headed over to say ‘good-bye’ to Charlie.

The only think that kept me from screaming was Edward’s hand on mine.

Edward drove one-handed. Renesmee was in the back with, Alice and Jacob. In the car in front of us were Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme, and Jasper.

When we got to the hospital I took a deep breath, and headed toward Charlie’s room.

Sue was there with Seth and Leah. Billy was there also.

“Hey Charlie,” Jacob was the first to speak.

“Jacob?” Charlie asked. It hurt to see him in so much pain.

“Yeah,” Jacob said.

“Hi dad,” I said with a tight throat.

“Bella?” he whispered.

“Yeah it’s me,” I said as I chocked back a sob.

“Is there anyone else with you?” he asked me.

“The rest of the Cullens,” I said.

“We just came to say hi,” Carlisle said.

We sat with him for a while after Sue, Seth, Leah, and Billy had said bye.

Edward noticed that if I didn’t tell him now I would never be able to tell him again. “Guys let’s go,” he said. They left the room murmuring their ‘good-byes’.

“Dad,” I said after they had left. “I need to tell you something.”

“What is it?” he was whispering.

“You know how Jacob told you that he was a shape-shifter?”


“Well dad,” I took a deep breath. “I’m not human.”

“You look human,” he said.

“But I’m not. Dad, I’m a vampire, and so are the other Cullens. Well except for Renesmee. Dad I knew that Edward was a vampire that night I came back from Port Angels. Do you remember? You asked me how come I was home so early.”

“Yes, I remember.”

“I knew then that Edward and his family were vampires, but I didn’t know about Jacob yet. I found out about Jacob after Edward left. He didn’t tell me because he wasn’t aloud to tell me. I figured it out on my own.

“When Edward left it was because he wanted me to be human and be happy with a human male not a vampire male. It turns out I fall in love with people who are mythical creatures.

“When I left you to go back to Phoenix it was because I had a vampire running after me. I didn’t want to put you in danger so I left. Edward and his family came with me. I got all those injuries not by falling out of a window, but bye being attacked by a vampire.” I paused.

Charlie took a deep breath.

“When I told you I went to LA after Alice came to visit me, I really went to Italy to save Edward from killing himself. This royal vampire family called the Volturi said that since I knew too much that Edward had to kill me or change me into a vampire.

“Edward decided to change me. Well actually I made the decision for him; I wanted to be change so that I could spend forever with him.

“When Edward and I went on our honeymoon naturally we did what everyone dose on their honeymoon. I ended up getting pregnant with Renesmee.

“After I gave birth Edward changed me. That day when you saw me was my second day of being a vampire.”

“Wow,” Charlie said. “I knew that you were more than human, but a vampire.”

“Yeah. I understand dad if you don’t want to see me again.”

“Isabella Marie Swan Cullen,” he said with volume. “I will always love you no matter what you are. Don’t talk about me not seeing you again.”

“It doesn’t bother you?” I asked.

“No, Bella, it doesn’t.”

“I love you dad,” I said.

“I love you too. Sit with me for a while.”

I sat with him for a few hours.

“I love you Isabella,” he said after a few hours.

“I love you dad.” At the moment I said that I made my decision to change him. Alice wouldn’t know and neither would anyone else. By the time I changed him it would be too late for anyone to say anything (especially for Rosalie).

“Good-bye,” he said right before he closed his eyes.

I leaned down next to his head I was just about to bite him.

The monitor next to his bed went silent.

“No,” I cried. I could not contain the sob that broke from my chest now.

I sat there crying tear less sobs for a few minutes before Edward and Carlisle came into the room. Carlisle had changed into his medical uniform while I was with Charlie.

“Take her home,” Carlisle said to Edward.

Edward came over and picked me up. “Bella do you think you can walk to the car?” Edward asked me.

I wasn’t able to speak so I shook my head.

Edward carried me to the car. He placed me in the passenger seat. The next second we were speeding down the road.

Edward took us to where the trail started to take us to our meadow. He lifted me out of the car and started running. We soon reached the meadow.

Edward just held me in his arms. He knew that I wasn’t able to speak.