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last light



2. Chapter 2: Waiting

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We all were sitting around waiting for Jacob to come back. He had been gone for twelve hours, now. Nessie started to think the worst. She, finally, had it with the silence.

“What if something happened? What if he’s hurt?” She was worried.

“Nessie, I’m sure he’s fine.” Esme soothed her.

“Alice, can you see anything?” Rosalie asked

“I’m trying to, but all I see is blackness.” Alice responded.

“Try harder!” Nessie was getting frustrated.

“Renesmee, do not talk to your aunt like that.” Edward scolded, his voice not as velvety as usual.

**Ring** **Ring**


“Bella?” It was Charlie.

“Hi, Dad.” Charlie had terrible timing.

“Sorry to call so late.”

“Oh, it’s no problem.” I don’t sleep; Charlie could call me at two in the morning and I wouldn’t care.

“I just got off the phone with Billy. He said that he doesn’t know were Paul and Rachel are. I called you because Jacob and Paul are friends, and maybe he knows were Paul and Rachel are?”

Now, I know that Billy knows just about as much as we do.

"I don’t know dad. Jacob’s been gone since this morning. He had something to do. But, I’m sure wherever Jacob is, so is Paul. I don’t know about Rachel. Tell Billy to ask Emily or Kim. They probably know.”

“Oh, Billy said he tried to call Emily and Kim but they were gone. He, also, said that he couldn’t get ahold of any of Paul and Rachel’s friends, in case they knew.”

“I don’t know anyway else I can help.” I told him.

“That’s okay.” he said .“Call Billy back and tell him to call me tomorrow if he still doesn’t know, okay?”


“Tell Sue I say ‘Hi’, ‘kay?”

“Tell the family I say ‘Hi’, too; Especially, Nessie. Bye, Bella.”

“Bye dad.” I hung up the phone.“Charlie says ‘Hi’.”

“That’s nice.” Edward said as he looked at the clock. I did the same. It was ½ past ten.

“It’s late, Nessie. Let’s go back to the cottage and get you to bed. You must be exhausted.” I was trying to give her an escape that she didn’t seem to notice.

“No. I want to stay and wait for Jacob.” she whined.

“Nessie, if he comes home late, where do you think he’ll go: to the cottage or here?” I asked. She knew the answer and so did everyone else.

“Okay.” Edward, Nessie and I went back to our cottage. When we got there, Nessie burst into tears.

“Something bad happened! I know it did!” she gasped, in between sobs.

“You don’t know that, for sure. Maybe, he fell asleep in his wolf form, and that’s why he’s not here.” I tried to comfort her.

“No, something’s wrong. I can feel it!” she protested.

“Sh. Sh. He’s fine. Jacob’s fine.” I looked at Edward. He was looking outside. He was, probably, trying to see if he could read Jacob’s mind. But, from the look on his face, Jacob was too far out. Every now and then Edward would get a flicker of something, but it turned out to be nothing important. All it was was a wolf coming to say Jacob loved Nessie. Edward would repeat it just so Nessie would be comforted, but it didn’t comfort her.

A few hours later, Nessie, finally, went to sleep. I knew it would be better for her to be asleep, because she could escape the worries that she was facing now; the worries that made her think the worst happened to Jacob. Sleep would be better, because she could dream that Jacob was there, sleeping next to her. I sat on the bed next to her as she slept.

“Edward, what was Jacob thinking before he left?” I asked, now, because, if it was bad, I didn’t want Renesmee to hear it.

“All I heard, and all he was thinking, was that someone had gone missing.” We sat in silence on the bed next to Renesmee. You could tell she was pregnant, now. She would only be pregnant for a little while. Maybe, only a month and a half: Longer then me, but shorter than humans.

I looked at Edward. He seemed like he was unconscious, too. The look on his face reminded me about the time I told him I was pregnant. The look was too far away for a human to look like that. He had the glassy stare that made him look like he was a sculpture with topaz eyes. We sat there, all night, never saying any thing, just looking at Renesmee.

The next morning, Jacob came back. He looked as if he hadn’t slept in sixty hours. He really needed some sleep.

“Nessie!” Jacob came bursting into the room.

“Jacob!” she sighed, with relief.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

I thought it was weird that Jacob was asking that, and not Renesmee. She was the one that was worrying about him. She was the one who was here, not knowing if Jacob was coming back. She was the one who was worried sick. Then, it made sense something terrible had happened to one of the wolves’ soul mates. Jacob’s last thought before he ran out side was that someone had gone missing. Was one of them missing? And, if so, which one? Or, were they all gone?

“Yes, why?” she answered not knowing what was going on.

“Claire’s gone missing and so have Rachel and Kim,” he said. “All of them. Including Emily. We were looking for them but I couldn’t concentrate. I was worried that you might go missing, too. Quil said that he had turned around for ten seconds and when he turned back… Claire was gone.”

“We have to tell the family.” Edward said. “They need to know. And, someone has to be with Renesmee at all times to make sure that nothing goes wrong… with the fetus.” he forced the word through his teeth. “And. to make sure she doesn’t go missing, too.”

A howl that sounded the same as last night came, again, but it was more then one wolf this time. It was a chorus of wolves with the same heartbreaking howl.

“I have to go.” Jacob said “I might not see you for a few days.”

“I love you.” Nessie said with tears in her eyes.

“I love you, too. Take care of her, please?” Jacob begged in a whisper. Of course we would take care of her. We were her parents.

“We will. She won’t be alone for a moment.” Edward promised. “None of us want her to go missing, too.”

Right before Jacob phased, Nessie said “Wait!” She ran over to him and practically attacked his lips with hers. “I love you. Be careful.” Jacob and Nessie kissed, one more time. “Be careful. Be safe.” she said. With that being said, Jacob phased and left the cottage. Nessie stood in the rain looking after Jacob until he disappeared, completely.

“He says he loves you, Nessie.” Edward said.

“I miss him, already.” she whispered.

“It’s hard for you two to be away from each other.” I said. It wasn’t a question it was a statement. You could tell from the look on her face she hated it when Jacob left.

Nessie walked over and placed her hand on my arm. The picture in my head was a picture of a bleeding rose. It reminded me of how I felt when Edward left me; of how I thought I would never see him again. From the picture in my head, I knew she felt the same way I did when Edward left. But, Nessie knew that she would see Jacob again. I didn’t know if I would see Edward, again and that was the only difference between the two feelings. I knew that after she showed me the picture that I needed to tell her about the time Edward left, and about how I fell in love with Jacob. I just didn’t have enough courage to do it now. But she needed to know… now.

I pushed my shield out so that Edward could read my mind. As I pushed it out, I realized that it was easier but still difficult. From the look on Edward’s face, I knew it was working.

The look on Edward’s face was a look of surprise, pain, understanding, and agreement.

“Nessie, I need to tell you something.” Edward said.

I didn’t want to correct Edward, but if I didn’t, we both would be lying to Renesmee. I knew the reason he said that he had to tell her something was because he didn’t want me to have to tell her. He didn’t want me to revisit the time when he was gone. And, I didn’t want to revisit the time he was gone, either. But, I have never lied to Renesmee and I wasn’t going to start now. So, I forced the words out.

We need to tell you something.” I corrected, as I stepped over to Edward and took his hand. As I said this, through my teeth, Edward looked at me. A moment of silent communication past through us.

“I want to tell her.” I whispered so low that Renesmee couldn’t hear. I didn’t want to… but I needed to.