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last light



7. Chapter 7: Arrival

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It was late March the Volturi were expected any day now. The déjà vou was stronger than before.

We were in the clearing waiting for them to come. Nessie and the baby were the only ones that slept the whole night. Jacob dosed of now and then for twenty minutes over all. He stayed in his wolf form all night he wanted to be ready if they attacked tonight. But they didn’t come. We knew that they would be here in the morning.

The next morning I put on the gift that Aro had sent me so many years ago. Edward helped me put on the golf size diamond with the gold roped chain. The gift was very beautiful. But what hid its beauty was the memory that I might have lost my daughter. For the second time in ten years the diamond nestled in to the hollow at the base of my throat.

The Volturi came like the first time. They did stop this time as they were planning to.

Aro was the first to speak. “Renesmee, dear look how much you’ve grown,” he said taking a step forward. “And look you have your child with you also. Who is the father?”

Nessie put one hand on Jacob’s shoulder. “Jacob is the father,” she told him.

This surprised Aro quite a bit. “A shape shifter as the father,” he said amazed.

“Aro, if you care to have anything that you want to be explained just touch one of our hands and you will know,” Carlisle said. I looked at him. “Accept Bella’s of course.”

“Of course,” he agreed.

Carlisle nodded

“I would like to see through Edward’s mind, if you do not mind,” he said.

Edward walked toward Aro and held out his hand. Aro eagerly grasped it. We all waited to see his reaction. When he was through reading Edward’s mind he looked at Edward and asked. “May I meet your grandson?”

“Ask his mother,” Edward said.

“Of course how rude it would be if I did not ask his mother. Renesmee may I meet your son?” Aro asked her.

“Yes you may,” she said.

She walked over to Aro with Billy Jr. cradled in her arms.

“Bella,” Edward called as he beckoned to me. I reached Edward at the same time Nessie did. “Aro knows our secret,” he told me.

“Our?” Aro asked confused. “I thought it was hers.”

“The rest of the family does not know it,” he confirmed.

Aro then turned his attention to Billy. “Hello young one,” he said.

“Boo,” Billy said as he looked up at him.

“May I read your mind?” Aro asked in his sugar sweet voice as he held out his hand.

Billy Jr. looked at him for a long moment then he spit at him. “You’re a fucking freak ass,” he told Aro.

“Billy,” Nessie said.

“It’s quite alright Renesmee children will be children,” Aro said as he whipped the spit off of his face. I hate to admit it but I was glad Billy spat at Aro in the face. “We will now take our vote to see if this child has a right to live.”

We went back to the rest of them. After Billy’s performance they probably all think that he shouldn’t live.

I didn’t pay attention to the voting I didn’t want to know till later. After they had finished voting Aro turned towered us.

“We have two options for you,” he started. “The first is that the child dies while the rest of you live. The second one is that the creators of the child die while the rest of you, including the child, live. These are your choices.”

We all deliberated that for a few minutes. I knew that most all of us wanted the child to die. There were only two who would give their life for him. My daughter and the one who was like a brother to me; but who also was my son-in-law.

“We would like to spare my daughters life,” Edward said.

“No,” Nessie said. “Take me instead.”

“Nessie you do not want this,” I told her. “You do not want to die. It would kill Jacob.”

“So let them take my son instead?” she asked.

“Nessie,” Edward said. “They would kill him either way.”

Aro came and took the beautiful child out of Nessie’s arms. “No,” she begged in a whisper.

Once their work was done they left.

Nessie ran back to the cottage and locked her self in her room. She did not come out at all for the rest of the day. And the next day. And the next. We knew she was mourning.

But she wasn’t just mourning she was starving her self. It was like that for weeks.

A few weeks after the Volturi had come; Jacob decided to check on Renesmee.

“Jacob that might not be the best idea,” I told him.

“I have not seen her in three weeks though,” he complained.

“I know. None of us have. She is grieving let her be,” I said. “She lost her child.”

“So did I,” Jacob said. “And you do not see me starving my self.”

I sighed. I should just let him go, he needed to see her. Maybe it would help if Jacob went and talked to her. Or just to sit there with her.

“Alright,” I said. He went into their room.

“Nessie?” Jacob asked.

“Yes,” she said. Her voice was horse with crying.

“Are you alright?” Jacob asked again. He was asking if she was alright. Was he insane she just lost her only baby?

“No,” she said.

“It’s okay Nessie we will try again,” he said. If Edward was here he would rip Jacob’s head off.

“You don’t get it do you?” she said.

“Get what? We have forever to have more children.”

“I am only able to have two children and I need to have them by next year or I . . . we do not get any more chances,” she said. “I have all ready had one. I,” she paused. “We only have one more chance.”

“I’m not fallowing,” he said.

“Jacob I’m half vampire. Vampire women cannot birth children,” she said slowly.

“So,” he said.

“So, I am only able to have a certain number of children,” she said.

“Oh,” he said. “And that number is two?”

“Right. That means we only have one more chance.”

“Then what are we sitting around here waiting for?” Jacob asked. Time for me to leave.

“Nessie, Jacob if you need me I’ll be at the house,” I called.

No answer.

“Nessie, Jake?” I asked.

My answer was a loud crashing boom. I suspected it was the lamp on the night stand. I hope nothing else gets broken. But with them I knew that I shouldn’t keep my hopes up, most of the time Esme and Alice had to come and re-decorate Nessie’s and Jake’s room because of all the destruction. They were worse then Edward was on our honeymoon.

“Carlisle,” I called when I got to the house.

“Yes,” he was by my side in a moment, the same moment that Edward was.

“Why didn’t you tell us that Nessie is only able to conceive two children?” I asked.

“She told you?” he asked.

“No. She told Jacob,” I said. Edward laughed.

You were ease dropping?” he asked.

“No, I over heard,” I said.

“I didn’t tell you two because Nessie asked me not to,” Carlisle said.

“Why would she do such a thing?” I asked, more to myself then to anyone else. Why would she not want Edward and me to know? Did we have the right know? Or did we not have a right to know? Well who ever knew would not tell us the answer.