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eyes on f i r e ;`

Carmela Evans just can't get a break. From her abusive careless boyfriend, to the death of her mother, to having to move in with her jealous sister and her pedophile boyfriend. Suddenly, an unexpected pregnancy demolishes all her sorrows. She is taken to the hospital, where authorities are contacted and notified of the illegal acts of her sister Tamara, and her boyfriend Linkin. She is forced to move with her father, whom she's never met before, and his wife Linda. She is suddenly intrigued by Alex Jensen, the school’s “hot rod”. He is desired by every sane girl in the school, and yet he seems interested in Carmela. He wants to stay away from her, to keep her safe, but he doesn’t have the will. His alluring looks, his beautiful personality, and even his velvet voice seem to help Carmela fall madly in love with him. And even as broken as she is [ because of her past ] he seems to feel the same about her. She starts to have dreams, that are so realistic, clues are discovered, as well as the truth. Carmela can’t help but wonder, is she worrying about the wrong past?


1. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

How did we get here?
When I used to know you so well

"Fuck you Devin!" Carmela spat out, with hard tears falling down her high structured cheek bones.

"Yeah whatever bitch." He shot out hurtfully. Carmela felt like she deserved an explanation. She deserved that much. She deserved his respect. She wanted him to get down on his knees and beg for her to come back to him. She knew that wouldn't be happening. Not any time soon. She wondered how she let herself fall into this predicament, again. Her catching her sorry boyfriend cheating on her.

"Karma's gonna kill your black ass!" Carmela screamed, hoping her words would be true. Devin had literally killed a piece of her soul. She wanted to get even. Devin walked out to his yard, where she was.

"Get the fuck off my property Carmela!" He vigorously pushed her unto the side-walk, making her fall and roughly land on her bottom. She didn't even have the strength to get up, her heart was weak, she was weak. She had always caught Devin cheating on her, but something about this time was different. She knew, this would be the last time. She kneeled her knees in the air and put her head down in them, holding her knees. She let the tears fall down on her blue Denim jeans.

"It's over bitch. Don't text me, don't call me. Don't come by my fucking house. It's over." Devin said, his words freezing Carmela's heart. How could some one she loved undeniably, deny her? She knew this moment would haunt her forever. She was nothing without Devin, at least that's how she felt.

Suddenly all of her anger, transformed into vulnerability. Was he seriously breaking up with her? He knew about the condition she was in, the condition he helped to make. She couldn’t raise a baby by herself. She knew if her sister found out, the sister would kill the baby, once again.

He promised her she would be able to move in, they would be a big happy family. What a fool she was to have believed that. She believed in him, she believed that he could change for the better, at least that’s what he told her.

"Devin, please. Let's talk." She lifted her head up, trying to get the strength to lift her weak body up. He pushed her away from him. She couldn’t do this, live life, with out him.

"Get the fuck away from me. You got two seconds to get away from my house." He said coldly, going inside. She found it funny how she caught him cheating and she was begging for another chance.

Love had made her a fool.

Love had cheated on her with her family members. Love hit her every now and then when she had gotten 'out of line'. Love had taken her heart away from her and stomped on it. Love had made her pregnant. And Alone. She started the long walk back home.

It was dark, and she was alone, physically and emotionally. She walked home, deciding if death was the answer. How was she suppose to live without him? Without her mother. Devin was there for her when her mother died. With Devin gone, who could be there for her now? Surely not her hateful sister, and Linkin. She knew she would be home late, she wondered what Tamara would allow Linkin to do to her today. After what just happened, she wouldn’t even try to fight it. She was to weak to fight.

She felt a sudden stomach-ache, nothing serious. She knew that the seemingly rapid growing baby in her stomach had something to do with it. She wondered how her baby’s condition was, she knew she was pregnant. That was it. She never bothered to go to the doctor, her sister would kill her, besides, she had no transportation. Devin was suppose to be there for her, he was suppose to be there for her and his baby.

Or maybe her sister was right, she was nothing but a spoiled slut who needed to be tamed. In her sister's eyes, their Mother spoiled Carmela from the real world, and made everything look wonderful, when it really wasn't. Tamara was right. Their Mother did nothing but ruin Carmela, make her weak.

Her stomach hurts.
More like burns.

She wished her father didn't abandon her, she wished that she had a full family, who loved her. With a white picket fence, and a good boyfriend who didn't use her for some every now and then pussy. She wished she had kept her abstinence vow. She wished she didn't let Devin talk her into discontinuing her two passions, singing and dancing. She wished she didn’t allow him to make her stop singing in the church choir, to stop going to church overall.

"Ow!" She screamed out-loud, the pain felt like it was going to burst out of her stomach. She looked down, she felt like she had peed on herself. She put her hand down in her vaginal area, she seen blood. Devin made her loose her baby. Her world felt dizzy, maybe she did this, from worrying about Devin to much. She had killed her baby. She felt her weak legs fall to the floor. She hit her head, hard. She slowly started to feel her eyes close. She hoped no one would find her, leaving her to die.


"Where am I?" She asked, she was in an un-familiar place, she looked down at the hospital bracelet. she seen all the un-familiar faces, wishing they weren't there. She started to panic.

"Who are you people?" She looked around, panicking. This is where the authorities decided to step in,

"It's okay sweet heart, some of us are from CPS, and most are hospital staff."

"Child.. Protective Services?" She asked in an astonished tone, oh god, they knew. Her heart dropped.

"Yes, we did some tests, and asked some questions. Your sister and Linkin Gray will not be hurting you any longer." She felt the sudden urge to cry, not of sadness. But how reassuring the woman sounded, she was, but not in front of these people.

"Who am I going to live with?" She asked, she heard about the girl homes, or the adoption homes, half of those kids didn’t get adopted, they continued to live their horrible life in the adoption homes until they were liable to take care of themselves.

"This is where this man comes in." The white nurse pointed to a caramel complexioned man.

"Who are you?" She asked him, scared of the answer. She suddenly realized how this man reflected herself, this was the man her mother had cried out for when she thought no one was listening. This was the man who had abandoned her when she was born.

"I'm your father."




"Hi, I'm a new student here from Arizona." I said politely, with a new smile. Hoping they couldn't see past my phony act.

"Your, Carmela Evans right?" The lady smiled, I gave her a gentle smile.

"Yes." I gently took my schedule from her.

"Welcome to Centennial High." She said like a Robot, I gave her a nice gesture and walked off.

"Are you new?" A random girl asked, she was a pretty blonde with blue eyes. She was skinny, and perfect. I hated her almost instantly.

"Yeah." I said, looking around.

"It's sort of a small school, when you've been here for three years you tend to know everyone. But hi I'm Rebecca. My friends call me Rebel." She said, she looked like a sweet girl, I wondered how she earned that title.

"I'm Carmela, no cool nick-name here." I said simply, she laughed, obnoxiously, as if it was the funniest joke ever. I gave her a slight smile before almost walking off, she stepped in front of me.

"Wait, you haven't met the rest of my friends." She said, she was really trying to make friends with me. She walked me over to her little group, it was diverse. All of her friends were beautiful, and white. With the exception of one Hispanic beauty, I didn’t belong in this crowd. I would be the ugly duckling.

"This is Kayla, we call her K. This is Bianca. We call her B, and this is Jamie. We call her J." She said, I found it funny how all of their nick-names were a letter. But I kept it to myself, and just smiled.

"And guys this is Carmela."

"Oh my gosh your gorgeous." K stated, I didn't like when people gave me compliments, simply because I knew they were lying. They were making fun of me.

"Thanks." I said dully. The bell rang, we strangely all had the same first period- Biology. They walked with me to class, once we got in there I tried to wonder off but they insisted that I sat by them.

"That's James, he's the jock. He has the thing for chocolate. One of the sexiest guys at this school. Best smile ever." B said, I chuckled. Almost coincidentally, he smiled, showing off his beautiful teeth. I was in awe, he was indeed beautiful.

He was the type of guy that a nerdy girl had a crush on for years, before she gained the courage to talk to him. I stared at him for a couple of more seconds, taking in his exotic look. His tanned skin and hazel honey nut brown eyes made his features look so soft.

“Dang girl. Any second now you’ll be drooling.” Rebel laughed, quickly, my eyes snapped to her. They all laughed at me, I blushed, and looked away. “Sorry.” I apologized quietly.

"That's the Jensen family." K stated, every one got quiet. I look

"What's wrong with them?" I asked, looking at the side of me, at them. There was four of them, they were all white, and extremely pale. Almost the color of a full moon, I studied all of them, their eyes, the color of a golden topaz. I stared in awe, they were all beautiful. Their faces, as smooth and soft as porcelain, with blonde vibrant hair. That’s until my eyes reached the real beauty, the one sitting at the end.

He took my breath away. He looked straight ahead, his eyes, the color of artic ice. His posture made it seem like he was waiting for something bad, something important to happen. He was as pale as the others, but more beautiful. For a split second, I rubbed my eyes to make sure that I wasn’t imagining him, but he was still there.

"They are just weird. Something about them just isn't right, I can't put my finger on it." B said, I looked back, feeling like I couldn't look away. The one with the dark hair was gorgeous, as was the rest of them.

"Whose the guy with the dark hair?" I whispered. Hoping he didn’t hear me.

"That's Alex, he's rather attractive isn't he? He's really picky, out of the three years he's went here he hasn't dated any girls, maybe he's gay or something." B said, they all laughed. I didn't find it funny.

"Trust me, you don't have a chance, your gorgeous and all but he doesn't date black girls." My eyes shot up at B, they all chuckled. K hit her.

"You are so rude!" She laughed, I ignored her and looked at the side of me. Alex was looking down, playing with something. He had broad shoulders and a muscular built body, his skin was as pale as the moon, there wasn't a zit or pimple in sight. He looked up at me, I surprisingly didn't move my eyes. He kept my attention. His ocean blue eyes gave me chills. The bell rang, and shocked me.

"Okay class, we have a new student. Stand up Carmela." I shyly stood up. I hated being the center of attention.

"Hello Carmela, I'm Mr. Thomas. Where ya from?"

"Arizona." I said simply, I was not about to give this man my biography.

"Okay, well I see your shy so I'll stop. Everyone get into your assigned seats." Every one groaned, he motioned me to come stand by him. Alex and I locked eyes as he walked by. He looked at me like he knew me, I didn't know if that was good or bad.

"Okay, the only vacant seat is the one next to Alex. Alex raise your hands." Alex did as he was told. He stared at me the whole time, I wondered if this "chemistry" was real or was I making it up in my mind. That had to be the case, maybe he was staring at my face because of how ugly I was.

I didn’t like that idea, so I turned my back to the class. Asking the teacher if there was any other seat, he shook his head and quickly shooed me.

I sat down, looking at ‘Alex’ through my peripheral vision. He looked so uncomfortable, it made me uncomfortable. He was stiff, and he seemed to be looking at me with out any hesitation of embarrassment. I wasn’t bold enough to look him in his face, so I sat there, pondering about what he might have wanted.

Finally, I gained the courage to stare him in his face. The look he gave me was pure, I don’t know. An emotion to strong for me to read. But that was it, a strong emotion. He exhaled quietly, and after that it seemed like he wasn’t breathing.

Suddenly, that emotion changed. And it was something warm, vigorous and warm. He looked relieved to see me, happy even. But this emotion didn’t touch his face, he still had the same stiff facial expression. I could only see it in his eyes. He studied my face in shock, as if he had seen my face a million times before.

This idea caused my stomach to leap. Finally he looked away, and I guess that was my cue to look away to, but I didn’t. My eyes felt glued to him, he was so, beautiful. The whole class period was so tense, so strange. It was like we were talking to each other in our minds. He sat at the edge of his chair, looking uncomfortable. It caused me to be uncomfortable. Occasionally, I found myself cleverly smelling my own arm pits to check if I was the cause for his weird actions.

But I smelled like my deodorant. A second before the bell rang, he quickly got up, walking with so much speed he caused my papers to fly. I growled under my breath and kneeled down to get the fallen papers, when I looked up, I seen a figure hovering over me. I screamed lightly,

“I’m sorry.” The beautiful man chuckled, James. I had forgotten all about him. I was shocked that he was actually talking to me. Wait, why was he talking to me?

“It’s fine.” I sighed, relieved it wasn’t some one I didn’t want to see. He bent down to help me collect the rest of my papers, finally, we both grew back to our normal heights. He was much taller than me.

“I’m James.” He introduced himself, I smiled lightly. “I’m Carmela.” He said, it seemed like my name reminded him of memories. “I knew a Carmela.” He commented quietly, I nodded, not really interested. She was probably more beautiful than me. “I actually had a crush on her.” I nodded. “Interesting.” I said, even though it was the exact opposite.

"Mind if I walk you to your class Carmela?" He asked, I shook my head. He gave me my papers back, I put them inside my text book and held them close to my chest.

"So do you miss Arizona?" He asked as we exited the class. I was surprised he was actually listening to the introduction the teacher gave me.

"No, to many memories." I said, trying not to think back.

"Ohh, so your a mysterious girl." He chuckled, I smiled, even though I tried so hard not to.

“Yeah, I guess so.” I said, looking at his beautiful face.

We both looked ahead of us, it was Alex, and the principle.

"I'm sorry but you will just have to stick with Biology" The principle said, I looked back at him.

“Thank you.” He said politely, even though he didn’t get what he wanted. He quickly started to go about his way, his skin brushing past mine in the act, I jumped at the feel of him.

Freezing cold.

He looked back at me, with some kind of stare. I didn't know how to interpret it. I didn't know how to interpret him.

"Oh, that's Alex. Don't worry, he's just weird." James said, he chuckled, I guess the polite thing would be to chuckle.

I looked back at Alex, and seen him looking back at me while walking forward. I looked forward and continued my walk with 'James.'