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eyes on f i r e ;`

Carmela Evans just can't get a break. From her abusive careless boyfriend, to the death of her mother, to having to move in with her jealous sister and her pedophile boyfriend. Suddenly, an unexpected pregnancy demolishes all her sorrows. She is taken to the hospital, where authorities are contacted and notified of the illegal acts of her sister Tamara, and her boyfriend Linkin. She is forced to move with her father, whom she's never met before, and his wife Linda. She is suddenly intrigued by Alex Jensen, the school’s “hot rod”. He is desired by every sane girl in the school, and yet he seems interested in Carmela. He wants to stay away from her, to keep her safe, but he doesn’t have the will. His alluring looks, his beautiful personality, and even his velvet voice seem to help Carmela fall madly in love with him. And even as broken as she is [ because of her past ] he seems to feel the same about her. She starts to have dreams, that are so realistic, clues are discovered, as well as the truth. Carmela can’t help but wonder, is she worrying about the wrong past?


2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Not ever gonna own what's mine

"So how was your day of school honey?" My father asked, slicing his steak with the dull knife. I didn't feel like talking to him, I never felt like talking to him. There was nothing to talk about. I would talk to him when he decided to tell me why he left his family. Now that, was something to talk about. Wouldn't you agree?

"It was okay." I said simply, hoping he would get the idea that I liked to eat in silence.

"No description?" His wife Linda said, now this bitch I didn't like. She tried to be my mother, and I would always and only have one mother. She was six feet under the ground.

"No." I replied coldly, she cleared her throat and looked at my father. Linda was an Asian woman with blue contacts and big breasts. I'm guessing my father bought them for her for Christmas or something.

"So how did your day go babe?" She asked my father, lightly chewing on her steak. I never knew how his day was, or what he even did. He was the town sheriff, so he probably did various things, various things I didn't care about.

"It was good. Anne died." He said, Linda's eyes shot up at him.

"Oh my god, how?" She asked, intrigued by this. I bet Linda didn't give a rats ass about this Anne woman. Something about Linda I didn't take liking in.

"She must have been attacked by some kind of animal. We found her body in a weird position. Her neck and stomach had bite marks on them. Something drained her of her blood." For the first time ever, my father had gotten my attention. I was definitely creeped out. That scenario seemed to familiar to me..

"Oh my gosh, that's terrible." Linda said, generating some fake ass tears. Bitch made me sick. We suddenly heard the doorbell ring, my father got up and answered it. Leaving Linda and I, in a room-alone.

"So, see any boys?" She asked immaturely.

"Of course I seen boys. I don't go to an all girl school Linda." I replied, making a cold eye contact with her.

"Linda, look who it is!" My father shouted out in happiness, Linda rushed to the door. I played with my food, this shit was nasty. Linda put some kind of Chinese sauce on it.

"Aww sweet heart I haven't seen you in forever." Linda's little puny Asian voice shouted out.

"Carmela! We have company!" He shouted from the dining room, I went and dumped my food in the trash can and put my plate in the automatic dish washer. I walked into the Dining Room. I smiled- a little.

"Hey girl." James got up and politely gave me a hug.

"Hi." I said simply, wishing he acted like he didn't know me. So my father wouldn't try to have a "talk" with me.

"Oh that's right, you two do go to the same school!" My father said, like a dumb ass. God these people made me sick.

"You two used to make mud-pies together." The old native American man said, this man was James’ grandfather? Now that I think of it, he did have dark hair and dark eyes. He probably tanned easily too.

"Oh wow, your that Carmela. That’s crazy." He said, it was not crazy. I'll tell you what's crazy, living with a man you hardly knew, and to feel like you have to call him father. I, too remembered the mud-pies. But making mud pies weren't crazy to me. It was disgusting.

"God, she's gorgeous Michael." The old native American man said to my father, my father smiled widely.

"Yes, she's just as beautiful as her grandmother." He boasted, this was weird for me. James agreed. I hated being the center of attention. I didn't deserve to be talked about in such a wonderful manner.

I deserved to die that night.

"Well I'm sleepy. I'll be on my way upstairs, nice to meet you mr-" The old man loudly interrupted me.

"Call me Uncle Carl." The old native man said, I think not. Like my father, you have done nothing for me to earn the title of a family member.

"Okay Mr. Carl. See you at school tomorrow James." I said, walking upstairs. I felt as if every one in the room was watching me, I didn't liked to be watched, either.

I wasn't always like this.

I used to be a great dancer, smiled all the time. I used to have a high self of esteem. I had a lot of friends, and I was always the center of attention.

Until he changed me, he taught me how I should be. How I am now, even though I'm far away from him, he implanted his methods inside of my brain and to this day that's where they shall stay. I dragged my pants down my legs. I looked at the scars he gave me. His name was like poison, after I had gotten out of the hospital I vowed to never speak of him again. "He Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken" Sort of like Harry Potter.

In a way, he reminded me of Voldemort. He was an evil person, whom I had gotten away from. And the scars that were scattered across my body, are reminders that I had somehow, beat him.

But there is one difference, Harry Potter's scar was evidence of bravery, mine were just, evidence of stupidity and fright.

I put my hair down, my hair was the only thing I was proud of. As a black woman, I was very proud of my hair. It was jet black and straight, it fell down to the middle of my back. If something were to ever happen to my hair, I would be nothing.

I pulled off my shirt and stood in front of the mirror. God how I had changed over the years. I seen a brown long-haired monster staring back at me. With slanted brown eyes, whose eye lashes were so long, it seems as if they reached her eye-lids. Her high structured cheek bones, with full and pouty lips. Her body had a 5'4 frame, thick, size 38 D cup. Some people would think of it as a blessing, but sometimes I wished I could get rid of them. She also had thick thighs and the butt to go along with it, which usually would have been a good thing, but look at her. She had been hurt so many times, she had no self value, she had no one to love her for her. She didn't have any family. She wasn't cunning or clever. She was not intelligent, nothing was special about her. she was.. me.

I pealed off my bra and underwear, and wrapped up my hair. I decided to take a shower, secretly wishing that you could just scrub off your past with soap and water. If only, I climbed into the tub and turned on the leaky faucet, I pushed the curtains forward and started my shower. I closed my eyes and sighed at the small drops of hot water hitting my brown skin.

I thought about Alex, how weird and intriguing he was. He was able to hold my attention with his looks alone. How mysterious he was, made me wonder what he was thinking each and every moment I seen him. I felt drawn to him. Whenever I seen a crowd of people I found myself looking for his face. If I were to find him, I would make a sigh or relief.

I slowly opened my eyes, I felt someone behind me. I seen a 6'2 shadow with dark jet black hair in the reflection of the shower head. My body tingled, I turned around in one swift movement. No one was there, I had goose bumps. Surprisingly, not of fear, but of anger. My eyes must have been playing tricks on me. I couldn't trust any one in this world, not even myself.

Not in the mood to bathe myself anymore, I stepped out of the shower, slowly drying one leg, then the other. I let down my hair and shook it. Deciding that I wasn't going to do anything to it. I put on some fresh clothes and went into the sleeping portion of my room. I seen a fresh apple lying on my bed. I picked it up. This must have been sort kind of weird joke. The apple was a color of dark red, it looked like it had belonged to Snow White. The stem, poking out of the apple was yellow. I definitely had never seen an apple like this before. I tossed it in the trash,

like I had did my life.