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eyes on f i r e ;`

Carmela Evans just can't get a break. From her abusive careless boyfriend, to the death of her mother, to having to move in with her jealous sister and her pedophile boyfriend. Suddenly, an unexpected pregnancy demolishes all her sorrows. She is taken to the hospital, where authorities are contacted and notified of the illegal acts of her sister Tamara, and her boyfriend Linkin. She is forced to move with her father, whom she's never met before, and his wife Linda. She is suddenly intrigued by Alex Jensen, the school’s “hot rod”. He is desired by every sane girl in the school, and yet he seems interested in Carmela. He wants to stay away from her, to keep her safe, but he doesn’t have the will. His alluring looks, his beautiful personality, and even his velvet voice seem to help Carmela fall madly in love with him. And even as broken as she is [ because of her past ] he seems to feel the same about her. She starts to have dreams, that are so realistic, clues are discovered, as well as the truth. Carmela can’t help but wonder, is she worrying about the wrong past?


3. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

There is something I see in you.
It might kill me.
I want it to be true.

On my next A day, I walked into my second period, Biology. Without the K B J Rebel crew. That was a major accomplishment, I had to admit I was eager to see what this biology class would bring me today. I walked into the class, fashionably late. I looked over at the mini desk I shared with Alex, some what resembling a love seat. He wasn't there. I thought this was just, him being absent. But in the back of my mind I had to think, was he avoiding me? Of course not, he didn't even know you Carmela. You are a foolish girl. Your sister was right about you. Everything is not about you!

"Alex Jensen, absent." The teacher said, looking at me like he knew I was the cause for this. I cleared my throat. This cycle repeated for the next A day as well.

It's not your fault Carmela. He's just absent, just to be absent. I told myself. I thought I stood correct, until Alex's absences started to become more frequent. I was paranoid, and in the back of my mind- maybe he already hated me. He should hate me. I was a horrible person. My home life, in my mind started to get worse. My father and his Asian Slave were starting to become more demanding and nosey.

They made me do the dishes. Usually that would not be a problem, but when you have purchased an automatic dish water, you shouldn't let your money go to waste. I don't wish to hear that crap about 'building character', it's plain stupid. My father kept trying to get personal with me lately, asking if I was sexually active. It was none of his business. When I wouldn't tell him, he tried to get the Asian Witch to talk to me, I just shooed her out of my room like the un important person she really is.

"Mommy, Tamara called me ugly again." The little girl had tears in her eyes. Her mother smiled and caressed her daughter's chubby cheeks.

"Your beautiful baby." The older woman said simply, speaking the truth. She knew the obstacles her daughter would have to face, she knew one day her daughter would live with out her. She also knew how fragile her daughter was, she hoped that the world didn't break her daughter like it broke her..

I walked into my Biology class, pretty sure that nothing special would happen. I would just have to ignore the KBJ&Rebel girls and look at Alex's seat, wondering where he was, and where ever he was, was it because of me? Or was he thinking of me? I looked at the back of the room, his brothers and sisters were her. I didn't even know this boy and he had my mind, completely chaotic. Even though, Alex Jensen enchanted me, I would never want to be in a relationship with him. Not saying that he would want to be in a relationship with the likes of me. Such a beautiful human being could be with possibly any one of his choice. It certainly wouldn't be me.

“Stop day dreaming. Your not a fucking fairy princess and your never gonna find your prince charming.” Tamara said passionately. My Mother had raised us as sisters, but that was something she would never be. Tamara’s mother, my auntie, was a drug addict. My mother, being the kind person she was, adopted her and treated her as her own.

She should have let Tamara rot.

I walked into the class room, another day, shocked. As soon as I walked into the class room, I was met by those icy blue orbs. Staring me down, seemingly trying to stare into my soul. God, he gave me chills on every inch of my body. I walked slowly, trying not to trip in front of him. You know.. not that I care what he thinks about me. I took a big breath, before I finally sat down. He wasn't looking at me any more, he was looking straight ahead. He suddenly turned to me,

"Hello." His deep voice spoke out, sending vibrations up and down my body. I avoided eye contact with him, "I'm sorry that it has taken so long to properly introduce myself, I'm Alex." He said, it took me a minute to take in what he just said. I finally looked him in his eyes, he was so- god I didn't even know. Gorgeous maybe?

"I'm.. Carmela." I replied. Right afterwards, the bell rang. Trying not to chuckle at the fact that I had almost forgotten my name.

"Okay, class has officially started. Pick your partners, and then you and your partner will finish the chart on your table." I secretly wanted Alex to ask me to be his partner, this way, I could try and figure him out a little.

"Carmela, would you like to be my partner?" He asked so formally, I couldn't help but to notice the way he talked. So formally, and weird. Maybe he was Mormon or something.

"Structure, Cell Wall. Prokaryotic Cell... Yes" He answered.

"Would you mind if I checked that?" I asked, he shook his head softly. I looked inside the Science book.

"That's correct." I observed.

"As was I." He said, looking up at me. I gently slid the paper to my side.

"Structure, Centrioles, Prokaryotic Cell, Yes, Typical Animal Eukaryotic Cell.. No"

"Can I check that?" He asked, I nodded. I slid the book over to his side. He didn’t even need it, I was amazed, he had rememorized that chart? He looked at our worksheet then up at me again.

"That's correct." He mumbled, still looking at the chart.

"As was I." I said with a little smile, he smiled. His teeth were pearly white, not an error in sight. But it seemed as if he had dull fangs, but a lot of people had teeth like that.

" Golgi Complex, Prokaryotic Cell, No." He filled it in, his handwriting also seemed as if it was cursive from the 1800's. Something from the Declaration of Independence.

"Would you like to check?" He asked with a half smile.

"No, I trust you." I said, over-exaggerating. How could I trust him when I hardly knew about him.

"You were gone.. a long time." I said, not finishing my sentence. He understood. He smiled mysteriously, his smile made me tingle in places I never knew existed.

"I was on a vacation, you know how that is." He said, I nodded. I had a feeling he was lying, but I also remembered that I did not know him. He owed me nothing, especially the truth. If he didn't want me knowing his where-abouts, that was fine with me.

"So how do you like the town?" He asked, referring to Coon Rapids, Minnesota.

"It's cold, and rainy. But I like the rain, and the cold" It was true, I have an infatuation with rain. But I didn't like how cold and dark it was all the time.

"So your the Sheriff's daughter?" He asked, something about him, gave me the impression that he was trying to look through my soul. I already had a problem with looking him into his beautiful eyes, but this made it more intimidating.

"Yes." I guess my father was well known, which was horrible for me, because people act like they know me.

"Did you live with your mother before?" He asked, getting a little to personal. But lying had recently become my friend. As it was his.

"No, I lived with my sister and her boyfriend. I decided to come live with my father." I asked, that's some what the truth. He didn't need to know why I had decided to come live with my father, all that mattered was that I was.

"Did you get along with your sister?" He asked, I chuckled nervously.

"Well, no, but who actually gets along with their siblings?" I said with a light smile, trying to hide the fact that I was lying.

"I'm sorry if I'm being to nosey, I'm just.. having a hard time trying to read you." He could say the simplest things, and they would sound so .. wonderful, just because they were coming out of his mouth.


"So how do you like living with your father?" He asked, walking me to my locker. I don't know how this conversation started, but it was him, asking me all these questions. I surprisingly didn't care, I needed to vent out to some one. Even if he really didn't care, he was giving me the impression that he was, and for now, I needed that. I needed to know at least some one cared.

"I don't like it that much, my father and his wife are smothering me, but hopefully I'll get used to it." I looked him in his eyes, I knew I wouldn't get used to it. As long as I didn't have my mother living with me I would never get used to this. Alex was much taller and bigger than me. He was so, enchanting.

I looked back up, his eyes were a dark black color. It shocked me, my eyes widened. While it was still absolutely beautiful on him, it was not his original eye color.

"Your eyes, they were light blue." I commented, he looked down. Seemingly trying to think of another one of those lies. Oh, how dear of friends were they.

"It's the.. fluorescence.. I-." He stopped himself and sighed, before quickly striding down the hall. I watched him walk. He had a nice bottom. I forgot about him and opened my locker, getting out my books. What was wrong with him? Why did his eyes change colors so quickly? Why didn't he tell me why? So many questions running through my head.

I was greeted by my black Solara 2007. It was my Dad's old car, and he gave it to me. It was a beautiful car, and it was one of the few things I was proud of. I stuck my key into my car, a cold breeze knocked my papers out of my hand, I cursed the weather and got down on my knees, gently picking up the papers. I felt some one watching me.

I seen Alex, looking at me with a strong stare. He wasn't even shy like most boys. They would stare out of the corner of the eye, but Alex, didn't care who saw him. I broke the stare, and looked at the side of me. I gave him one last look before forgetting that I left my worksheet in the classroom. Quickly deciding not to be lazy, I went back to get it. When I was close to the entrance, I heard a scream, then a gunshot.

Instead of running like a maniac, I froze. That would have been the smartest thing to do. Or maybe the dumbest, the gunman’s bullet would have been able to catch up with me.

Then I seen the alleged gunman, dark haired, with so much acne that it seemed to be attacking his face. He held a gun in his shaky hand, seemingly pointing the death device to me. I looked around, no one was paying attention to me at all. To busy trying to save their own lives. My breathing began to accelerate, I tried not to look him in the eye.

“All of you had made my life hell.” He breathed, tears falling down his bumpy face. “You make fun of me, ‘cause I’m different.” He bit his lip so hard, he drew blood. Now I knew why he was doing this, they pushed the poor boy til’ he fell.

“What? I’m new here-” He didn’t even let me finish. “Shut up! Your just like the rest of them. You think I‘m ugly.” He breathed, his breathing hardened, and I knew he was so close to shooting me.

“Put the gun down sweetheart. You don’t have to do this. I’m sorry they made fun of you. But your not ugly. Your handsome, and you seem like a sweet person. Your just going about this the wrong way. I get made fun of too. People who make fun of you are just trying to fill a void in their own life. Your fine just the way you are.” My speech came from the heart. My heart went out to this poor boy, and instead of worrying about my own life. I worried about him.

“You don’t want to do to much time for this. I’m not worth going to jail for.” I said, truthfully. “I’ve already shot some one.” He said simply, after that- every thing seemed to appear in slow motion. I was in two places, here, and in my past.

I seen my Mom’s face, my childhood. Tamara, and Linkin even. I then realized that I didn’t really have that much of a life. It was more like a tornado, happy and sad moments trying to fight each other down. I even got to see his long finger press downwards, I wondered where the bullet would shoot me, and if I would be alive long enough to make it to the hospital.

I wondered how Linda and my father would take it. I was suddenly worried for them. I realized that I didn’t hate them as much as I thought. I almost loved them even. I didn’t even get a chance to know them really. I would never really know them.

I seen a pale white hand, reaching forward, catching a small pebble like object, then letting it fall to the ground. The gunman and I, stared in shock. The pale white male quickly reached out and grabbed the gunman, and suddenly, the gunman was on the ground. It was more than weird. It was unrealistic. I didn’t even really see the male get the gunman down on the ground, he was to fast for my eyes. He took the gun and bent it until it looked like metal trash.

His speed was inhumane.

Alex had saved my life. Alex looked back at me, his eyes were a sudden red. Alex was all the way back into the parking lot. A long distance away. Alex shouldn’t have been able to know that I was in trouble. Alex shouldn’t have been able to catch that bullet. Alex shouldn’t have been able to bend that gun like it was playdoh. Alex’s eyes shouldn’t have been changing colors, from Icy blue, to black, to red.

But he did all of these things, with ease. My body fell to the ground, and I hit my head. Pain swallowed me whole until darkness had eaten me for leftovers.