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My Beautiful Rescue

Clarisse Ayaka Akita's had a nonchalant view towards life, just hoping to get out of Cambridge Grove her senior year, until Edward Cullen arrives and shows her how much more meaningful her life can be as it takes an erractic turn....

This story does not take place in Forks, and the main character is PURELY fictional! The story will switch points of views between Clarisse and Edward :)

2. Chapter 2: What Are You Doing Here?

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Edward's Point of View

"Alright, okāsan, I am going to bed now. Goodnight," Reese called out from her bathroom to her mother.

I quickly darted behind her curtains. I know it sounds incredibly creepy for me to be hiding in her curtains just to be in her prescence, but I could not help it. I could not bare to leave her side. I tried going home, but there was so much I wanted to know about her. I had already proceeded to make a fool out of myself by staring at her too much in the car, so I just decided to admire her here without her knowing. I usually know what humans are thinking, but I just cannot read Reese's mind. Carlisle told me that some humans have so much going on in their minds that they become good at hiding their most intimate thoughts from us vampires. Yet, I have never wanted to hear a human's thoughts so badly.

My heart froze as I saw her walking into her bedroom. Even though she was just wearing boyshorts and a loose white tee shirt, she was still the most beautiful girl I have ever laid my eyes on. She sighed and plopped onto her bed, curling into a ball and closing her eyes. She wasn't sleeping yet, just thinking. It seems as if I could read her thoughts only when she was relaxed, such as now. At the moment, she was thinking about what outfit to wear on the first day of school. Honestly, she could be wearing what she was wearing now and still be the most breathtaking creature in the world.

There was something about her that just drew me in, something I could not explain. Maybe it was the fact that I could not read her thoughts, which made me want to read them so much more. Maybe it was how candid and straightforward she was, or the fact that she had the most beautiful smile.

She was finally alseep. I stepped out from behind her curtains and sat beside her on her bed to take pleasure in her beauty up close. She looked so delicate, so peaceful, like a child almost. I brushed a few strands of her brown her from her forehead.

This is all what I know from spying on her for the past three hours: She has no father, which I know because Mrs. Akita was thinking over the sushi they had for dinner the whole time how she could buy Reese a car if "only her father had not abandoned the family." Reese was half Japanese, which was pretty obvious from her striking features. She had round, almond eyes that she inherited from her mother, and high cheekbones and a nose that people must have requested from plastic surgeons that she must have inherited from her father. I also learned that Reese had a beautiful singing voice, which I heard while she was singing in the shower...

My thoughts were interupted when I saw Reese snap her eyes open and stared at me. I froze. She stared at me with a look of shock and bewilderment in her eyes.

"Edward Cullen, what are you doing here?"