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My Beautiful Rescue

Clarisse Ayaka Akita's had a nonchalant view towards life, just hoping to get out of Cambridge Grove her senior year, until Edward Cullen arrives and shows her how much more meaningful her life can be as it takes an erractic turn....

This story does not take place in Forks, and the main character is PURELY fictional! The story will switch points of views between Clarisse and Edward :)

3. Chapter 3: You're a WHAT?

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Reese's Point of View:

"Reese, let me explain. I've was just..."

"Wait, Edward, what are you doing in my room? How did you get in here? Why are you here?" I had so many other questions I wanted to ask him, but my mind was still spinning from the fact that he was here. With me. In my room.

Edward hesitated before muttering, "I don't think you'd understand."

"Well, you're in my room, and I could press charges for stalking. I think you should explain yourself, mister," I told him impatiently.

Edward laughed and said, "I pray you're joking, but yes, I do have some explaining to do."

We sat in silence for another minute before he spoke again. "Well, believe it or not, I have the ability to teleport. I also have the ability to read minds and I never sleep."

I kept my gaze on him and pretended to look unfazed. He stared back with the same serious look on his face. I managed to choke out a weak laugh and said, "Funny, real funny. I suppose you have super human strenghth and x-ray vision too?"

"Actually, x-ray vision sounds pretty cool, but I don't have that. I also suck blood."

I laughed nervously and looked over at him to make sure that he was kidding. He didn't look like he was kidding.

"Um, Edward, I think you've been watching way too many episodes of X-Men," I told him with a hint of nervousness in my voice.

Edward shook his head and sighed, "I knew you would not understand unless I showed you."

He stood up and lifted my bed up with one hand, with me on it. I shrieked and screamed, "PUT ME DOWN!"

Edward placed my bed back on the floor and sped to my door in a blur so quickly, I swore he teleported there. Wait, what am I thinking? Humans don't can't teleport...

"Edward, what is all this? How do you have these powers? Are you a super mutant or something?" I asked alarmingly.

He smirked and sat down on my bed next to me. "Try a vampire, my dear."

My eyes must've bulged out of my head. "You're a WHAT?"

"I knew you humans wouldn't understand," Edward tsked tsked as he shook his head.

"WE humans? Excuse me, I do not go sucking people's blood and all that, so don't you tsk tsk me, sir! Is that why you came here, to suck my blood?" I exclaimed as I scooted away from him. Because you know, no matter how hot he was, I wouldn't want him to suck my blood. I mean, I still have to go to college and marry James Franco, I could not afford to die.

Edward scooted next to me and put his hand on my neck. I froze at his icy cold touch. His touch sent a brilliant rush through my warm body. Move, you idiot! He's going to suck your blood and you can kiss you dream of going to Tokyo goodbye, my mind told me, but I was too fixated on him to move. He stroked my necked with his fingers and stopped at my pulse. He slowly moved his mouth to my neck. Oh gosh, I'm going to die. He's going to suck my blood, and my mother is going to come here in the morning to find me dead. I closed my eyes to ease the pain but to my surprise, he kissed my neck instead of biting it. His frozen kiss sent a tingle down my spine.

"Trust me, Clarisse, if I was going to bite you, I would have done it so quickly you would not even be talking to me right now. I consider myself a vegetarian, I only drink animal blood," Edward said as he stroked the place where he kissed my neck.

"Ummmmm....ahhh...ummm..." I found it hard to form words when he was stroking my neck so nicely, so soothingly....

"Look, you do not have to say anything, Reese. I'll explain everything. Everyone in my family is a vampire, but we don't hunt humans, so do not worry about a mob of angry vampires coming to hunt you down. I really wanted to get to know you better, so I teleported myself to your room to observe you. I was just going to watch you sleep, that's all," Edward explained as he stopped stroking my neck, to my dissapointment.

"So, you were stalking me?" I asked jokingly.

"Yeah, sure, you can call it that. So, I am guessing you want me to stop stalking you and go home?" Edward asked as he got up.

To my surprise, I reached out and grabbed his hand. "No, Edward, stay here with me tonight." Aw man, now he thinks I'm desperate and clingy!

He sat back down as I let go of his hand. "Well, I really do not have anything better to do, so why not? Plus, I've always wanted to see how someone look when they slept. Scoot over and make room on your bed," Edward said with a smile as I made room for him.

I laid down and was surprised when he proceeded to lay down next to me. I pulled the blankets up over us and turned towards him.

"Um, since you can read minds, I'm guessing you know how incredibly gorgeous I think you are and you're freaked out by how much I was thinking about you the whole time?"

Edward laughed and stroked my hair. "Well now, I meant to tell you that I can read most people's minds, but somehow I can't read yours. It seems to be burdened with too many thoughts and too complex. Thanks for telling me what's on your mind, though."

Usually, I'd freak out knowing that a guy I liked knew I liked him, but I was so at ease with him here that I didn't worry. I closed my eyes and scooted closer to him, and I was surprised when he put his arms around me and kissed the top of my head.

"I do not know why, Clarisse Ayaka Akita, but I feel as if I have known you forever. I feel so at ease being here with you, though I know how dangerous it is for me," Edward said as he stroked my back.

I was getting strangely aroused by the feeling of his cold touch. I wasn't sure if I should reply, because then he might stop with the stroking. I decided to pretend that I was asleep.

"I'm not going to stop stroking your back if you talk, you know."

"I thought you couldn't read minds, huh?" I asked Edward as I opened my eyes and smiled at him teasingly.

Edward continued stroking my back and said, "It seems as if I can only read your mind when you're at ease, like now."

"Oh, really, now? Okay then, I'm going to think of something, and you're going to tell me what I'm thinking of," I replied.

I closed my eyes and imagined Edward kissing me on the lips with his gorgeous mouth. I tried to feel the coldness with his lips on mine, the feeling that it would send through me.

"You can think with your eyes open," Edward told me as I opened my eyes, just in time for him to kiss me. I closed them again to enjoy every second of the sensation. Oh, and it was even better than I had imagined.