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The doctor in Seattle

This is a doctor who/twilight crossover. The doctor (David Tennant) and Rose land in Seattle during the newborn army's massacaring of the city, apart from the Cullens are there trying to stop it. If you haven't seen doctor who, look on my profile for a link to the official site. Contains spoilers to Eclipse (duh)

This is my first crossover so review and help me improve.

1. Chapter 1

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The Tardis was in motion again, heading for Seattle, Washington. On board were the Doctor and Rose Tyler, looking for a quiet day. Like that was ever going to happen!

The Tardis whistled to a stop on a rare sunny day in April, 2006. The Doctor skipped out the Tardis doors, followed closely by Rose.

“Ah, here we are then, Seattle. Just an average day in an ordinary American city” he turned grinning to Rose. “What do you think?” he asked.

“Isn’t this a bit…ordinary for you?” she asked, running a hand through her blonde hair.

“Well…” he paused “you’re the one who wanted a normal day” They set off walking through the city. The Doctor was going on about some kind of US history, but Rose wasn’t listening. She was people spotting. She noticed after a few minutes that no one was on their own; everyone was in groups of three or more. As they passed a newspaper stand, a headline caught her eye.

“Doctor!” she called loudly. He ran to take the paper from her hands.

“What?” he exclaimed “What? No, ah no no no no no” he was running his hands through his hands through his hair.

“Doctor what is it?” Rose asked desperately.

“Vampires” he whispered.

*doctor who theme tune plays*

The Doctor paid the man for the paper, and continued walking at a fast pace to an American diner. He bought them both a coffee whilst Rose went to find a table where they couldn’t be heard. They both sat down at the table opposite each other. The Doctor re-read the front page story while Rose drank her coffee in silence. The story was about a mass homicidal gang who had already murdered ten people.

“Doctor” he looked up at her. “What exactly are vampires, I mean, are they exactly what the myths say they are?”

“Not exactly” he said, putting down the paper and resting his elbows on the paper. “They are pale, and they drink blood, but other than that the myths are completely false.”

“You never said…”

“You never asked” he smiled “there’s this…family, a bit like royalty I suppose, the volturi they’re called. They keep the humans in the dark”

“Do they always kill” she asked worriedly.

“Not like this, but yes. I'm not sure if this is even the work of vampires or a homicidal gang. The vampires are normally very quiet, the volturi ensure that. This…” he gestured to the paper “is the kind of thing they routinely wipe out.”

“What do we do?” she asked him.

“Now, we wait. It’s sunny today so if any vampires are around they won’t be out until sundown.”

“But shouldn’t we get them while they’re sleepin’? I mean, won’t they be more dangerous at night?”

“They don’t sleep during the day, but in sunlight” he paused. Rose raised her eyebrows. The Doctor sighed “They sparkle” She laughed quietly. “No really, they sparkle like diamonds” he exclaimed indignantly.

“Ok, I believe you. How do we kill them?”

“We nothing” he said sternly. “You are going to wait in the Tardis; it’s too dangerous, especially if you’re un-armed.”

“But your not armed” she cried.

“I’ve got this” he said, holding up his sonic screwdriver.

“That doesn’t classify as a weapon, you said so yourself!”

“Yes, but it will help kill a vampire, if you have matches and something to start a fire.” He muttered the last bit, but Rose still heard him.

“Well, I can start the fire, that’s helpin’ and it aint dangerous.” She was desperate not to be left behind.

“Fine, but if you get hurt I’m holding you personally responsible”