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Nothing But Time

Sequel to 'The New Kids' When Renesmee leaves Owen, he goes to extreme measures to get her back.


1. Chapter 1

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Shrouded black figures marched toward me in a tightly regimented line, and I knew it was all over. I clutched the brown fur of Jacobs back and look at my mother through tear streaked eyes. Would I ever see her again?

I woke up gasping and couldn't tell if this dream was just a replay of my early childhood memories, or a picture of what was to come. I shuddered in my bed, waiting for my father. He always heard my bad dreams, and was quick to comfort me. A split second after I woke up, he was there.

"Are you alright, love?" he asked, sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Yeah, it was just a dream...I'm okay," I tried to reassure him. Jake stirred lightly next to me, but I didn't want him to wake. He would worry about me if he knew of my disturbing dreams.

"Any new developments?" I asked my father as he got up to leave.

"Not really, he's still on his way to London, but so are Carmen and Eleazar. Alice can't tell yet how it's going to play out, there are too many decisions left to be made."

I could tell how unsure he was by the tone of his voice, though he was trying not to let it show. He had no idea if this was going to work, and I wished he wouldn't put on a brave face for me. He smiled a little in response to my thoughts, and closed the door behind him on his way out.

I yawned widely and curled myself into Jacobs side as his arm wrapped instinctively around my waist. The heat of his body was comforting, and I was thankful that I was warmer than humans. If I ran any cooler, laying here next to him would surely be stifling. I wouldn't mind it though, being far from his touch now was unacceptable.

Unacceptable because we might not have much time left. We'd only been an official couple for less than a week, and already we were facing disaster. My human ex-boyfriend, Owen, was determined to become a vampire, no matter the cost. He was on his way to Volterra, Italy at this very moment, not aware that his actions would be the end of my family. I obviously blamed myself, with good reason. Trying to be normal and have normal relationships had backfired hideously.

I was wide awake now, and too keyed up to sleep, though I'd only gotten a couple of hours in the past two days. I paused to listen to what was going on in the house around me; Mom and Dad were in the music room, my father quietly playing his piano. Aunt Alice, Uncle Jasper, Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme were out hunting, while Aunt Rose and Uncle Em were occupied in their room. They weren't being as quiet as usual, so they must have thought that I was back asleep. I resisted the urge to gag or snicker, I didn't want them to hear me.

Out back, Garrett, Kate and Tanya were discussing what their part in the coming confrontation would be. They would stand with us no matter what, of course, but they weren't sure how to best protect Carmen and Eleazar from becoming tainted by their involvement should they not succeed in stopping Owen. I had a feeling they knew there was no way to protect them.

I refused to think of what would happen if he wasn't stopped. I would surely have a mental breakdown. Instead I laid quietly and thought about Jake, and how happy I was to finally be with him. How odd that what I'd spent years fighting against ended up making me the happiest I'd ever been. I touched his face in the darkness, thinking of our first blissful kisses from before we'd known about our impending doom. He told me that when I did this while he was sleeping, he often saw my thoughts as dreams...I would be sure to give him sweet dreams tonight. I knew it was working when he smiled and pulled me closer.

I spent the rest of the night with my hands pressed to Jake's face, watching his unconscious reactions to some of my favorite memories. It was a good way to occupy myself. The clouds outside were just turning a lighter shade of gray when I heard Aunt Alice rush through the back door.

"Edward, Bella," She called.

I heard the rest of the family gathering around her as my parents rushed from the music room. "What is it Alice?" my mother asked. My father was silent, he'd already seen what she was now telling the others.

"He's landed in London. He was hoping to just hop a flight straight to Italy, but the family friends he was set up to stay with met him unexpectedly at the airport. He's going to have to stay put for a little while. A few days, perhaps."

I heard several relieved sighs, mine included. If Owen was stuck in London for a few days, it would give Carmen and Eleazar a better chance to track him down and stop him. All they needed to do was tell him what would become of me and my family were he to go to the Volturi, and I was positive that would stop him. I'd had no idea when I showed him the Italian vampires who scared me so badly that his view of them would not be the same. I'd left out the worst of my memories of them, to spare him. Instead he'd somehow gotten the impression that they were the ones he should run to instead of away from.

"Do you still see him making it to Italy?" Aunt Rose murmured to Alice.

"Yes," she sighed. "It's hazier now...not as definite, but still there. I can't see where the failure comes though...how he'll evade Carmen and Eleazar. He's purposely not making any decisions now, not refining his plan on how to get to Italy. He knows too much about how I see things."

I grimaced. My fault, my fault, all my fault. I couldn't take it. I buried my face in Jacobs chest and let myself sob. All the exhaustion and stress pressed down on me at once and I just let myself give into it. I heard my mother make a move to come comfort me, but my father stopped her. He knew that I just wanted Jake in this moment, too ashamed to face the rest of my family.

Jake woke with a start when a particularly loud cry broke in my throat. "Nessie, baby...baby what's wrong? Did something happen?"

I shook my head, "Nothing...bad...really..." the words broke between my sobs. I sat up and forced myself to try and breath normally with long deep breaths. After a moment I was able to talk in coherent sentences. "He's in London, staying there for a few days."

"That's a good thing, isn't it? He's not going straight to Volterra...that should help, right?"

"It should help, but Aunt Alice still sees him making it there. He knows too much..." My lip started quivering. "He knows too much...because of me."

He shook his head vigorously. "Ness, you've got to quit beating yourself up. Your family encouraged your relationship with him, no one is to blame for this...if anyone had foreseen this outcome do you think they would have let things get so far?"

He was right, to an extent. My father had known everything that I'd told Owen, and he never took any exception to it. None of us had known that Owen was capable of such an irrational response. "Thanks Jake," I told him. He really did make me feel a tiny bit better.

"You've got to sleep," he told me. "I promise I'll wake you up the second there is any new news."

"You swear?"

"I swear," he smiled and kissed my forehead.

Sleep was looking better every second, all the crying had exhausted me. Hoping that I was too tired to have anymore nightmares, I climbed under the covers. Jake laid next to me, resting his cheek lightly against the top of my head until I drifted off.



I sat up quickly and nearly knocked my head into Jacobs. "Geeze Jake," I muttered sleepily. "What's going on?"

"Somethings happening, I told you I'd wake you up."

"Oh!" I swung my legs over the side of the bed and darted downstairs, Jake following closely behind.

Everyone was standing in the kitchen, an unusual place for them to be. I saw why they were gathered here when I spotted my dad bent over the stove, cracking eggs into a pan. He was making me breakfast...or a midnight snack. I eyed the clock that was built into the oven, it was nearly eleven, I'd slept all day and half the night.

He smiled tightly when I walked in. "I'm glad you got some sleep, Nessie. You needed it."

"Yeah...thanks for the food Dad," I said as he set a plate in front of me and slid 3 over easy eggs onto it. "So what's going on?"

"I was finally able to pinpoint where Owen is staying, Carmen and Eleazar are on their way right now, we're just waiting," Aunt Alice said.

I was suddenly aware of the tense atmosphere, everyone on pins and needles waiting for the phone to ring or for a change in Alice's vision. The only sound was my fork scraping across the plate, and it unnerved me. As I was finishing my last bites, I nearly fell off the stool I was perched on when the home phone started trilling.

Grandpa Carlisle had it to his ear before the first ring had ended.

"Hello?" His voice was low... stressed. His expression and stance relaxed when he heard the voice on the other end of the line. "Sorry, wrong number."

He put the phone back on the hook and took a deep breath. Everyone returned to breathing normally, but the tension did not dissipate.

After a few more minutes I couldn't bear the charged silence anymore. I got up and took my plate to the sink, ignoring Jake when he offered to wash it for me. I let the hot water rush over my hands long after I was done cleaning the dish, the sound of the water was better than silence. Just as I was turning off the faucet, I heard Aunt Alice and my father gasp in unison. The phone rang not a second later. I knew it wasn't going to be good news, I could tell by the empty look on Dad's face.

I could hear Grandpa Carlisle speaking quietly on the phone, but I wasn't listening to the words. I couldn't focus on anything except the wordless communication that was flowing between my father and my aunt. Their faces never changed into a more comforting expression.

I heard the phone click off and I turned my attention to Grandpa Carlisle at once. "He wasn't there," he said bleakly.

"But how?" Uncle Jasper started. Aunt Alice saw him there, how could he not be?

"I got it wrong," she said. "He was there, but I can see now that he tricked me. He was just running out for breakfast with a friend, he intended on going back....He's on his way to the airport instead. Call Carmen...tell her to get there as fast as possible. He's leaving out of terminal 5 at Heathrow."

Tanya spoke for only a second before flipping her phone closed, and then all was silent again. More waiting.

It didn't take as long this time, only about 30 minutes. Grandpa Carlisle picked up the ringing phone, and put it on speaker so we could all hear.

"I...I don't think this is going to work!" Carmen's voice was soft, muffled by the bustling of the airport around her.

"Why, Carmen? What's wrong?" Kate asked.

"He hasn't seen us, but he's wary. He must suspect he's being followed. He's sitting at his gate now, right in a patch of sunlight. It's too crowded for us to approach him."

Of course it was sunny, I groaned inwardly. The weather couldn't help us just one tiny bit?

Eleazar came on the phone then, his voice urgent and slightly panicked. "It is imperative that we stop this boy. If the Volturi suspect what his talent might be, we'll be in much bigger trouble than we anticipated."

His talent? I'd never really thought about what Owen might be able to do as a vampire, but by the sound of Eleazar's voice it was something powerful.

"What do you think he can do?" my father asked.

"I've never seen anything like it. He'd be the ultimate weapon...I'm almost positive that he can adopt the powers of others, take it from them almost...as long as he is close enough. He also seems to have a fairly good idea of when some sort of power is being used on him. I'm having a hard time getting a good idea of how extensive it might be...he's using it now."

"I'm confused," Grandma Esme stated.

"We all are," Garrett responded.

"He's doing it all unconsciously...so its hard to define, like a sixth sense," Eleazar explained. "Its not exactly a shield. More like he senses that I'm near....knows what I'm doing, and is working to stop it. I suspect that if he were one of us, he would be able to fully take it from me and use it. That isn't such a big deal with my power...but imagine if he could do that to Kate, Bella or Alice."

"It's how he knew I could read his mind," my father gasped.

"But he didn't stop you from reading it..." Aunt Rose questioned.

"It was before he knew anything about us, now he knows...he's more attuned to things he wasn't before."

I was frozen on the floor as I listened, thinking about Owen as an 'ultimate weapon'. It sent chills up my spine. Would the Volturi know what they had on their hands?

"He's moving into the shade...they're boarding," Eleazar said quickly.

"Approach him slowly," I heard Grandpa Carlisle tell him. "In the most non threatening way possible, tell him you have someone on the phone for him, it wouldn't do to talk about the Volturi with so many people standing around."

"It's so crowded," I heard Carmen say. It sounded like Eleazar had left the phone on, but dropped it to his side as he moved through the crowds to where Owen stood. I could hear the buzz of other conversations in the background.

"He's spotted us," Eleazar moaned.

"Owen! Wait, please!" I heard Carmen shriek. Now I could hear people grumble and protest as they pushed their way through the crowd. My heart stopped when I heard the next words.

"I'm sorry, sir. Your ticket?"

"I'm not on this flight...it was sold out, but I'm on a flight to Rome with this airline. There is a friend of ours who just boarded without some very pertinent information. He's a minor, and..."

Eleazar was cut short by the gate attendant, "I'm sorry, you cannot pass beyond this point without a ticket."

"It's no use," Aunt Alice said. Her voice was totally devoid of any emotion. "It's too late."