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Rosalie's Baby

Emmett loves Rosalie. With all his heart and soul. He would do anything for her. So, when she asked – one little thing, so tiny… He could hardly refuse. Right? Never mind that it was immoral, never mind that it was wrong or that Carlisle would get mad. Never mind that no one in the house would ever agree… All Rosalie's ever wanted is a child. So when she finds a way of getting one... She begs Emmett to comply. Rosalie soon has a beautiful baby, all to herself. Her life is complete... What could possibly go wrong?

Just a teaser for now, this story probably won't be continued for a while, as I have so much other stuff to update!

1. Chapter 1

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Emmett loves Rosalie. With all his heart and soul. He would do anything for her. So, when she asked – one little thing, so tiny… He could hardly refuse. Right? Never mind that it was immoral, never mind that it was wrong or that Carlisle would get mad. Never mind that no one in the house would ever agree…

“Please Emmett. It’s such a little thing really – what’s one human’s life in the grand scheme of things? She’ll die soon anyway…”

“But will she- can she…?” He began hesitantly. Rosalie carried on as if she couldn’t hear him.

“And she looks so much like me – almost exactly like I did when I was human. Please Emmett, she’s perfect.” She pleaded, clutching at his strong arm tightly.

“But can she – will she be strong enough to- to do it?” He asked cautiously. Rosalie smelled an easy victory.

“Yes” Rosalie smiled, blissfully happy.

“And – she’s willing? She knows what will happen?”

“Would you like to speak to her yourself?”

“Yes. As a matter of fact I would.” He said. His wife’s face didn’t fall as he expected it to. Instead she smiled wider, and picked up the phone, speaking fluently in Dutch.

“Hallo, ja het is mevrouw Rosalie Cullen. Kunt u mevrouw Jantine Lansing mijn kamer binnen sturen? En vraag haar alstublieft of ze iets te eten of te drinken zou willen. Ja, ja, zet het op onze rekening. Dank u.” (Hello, yes, it is Mrs. Rosalie Cullen here; could you please send Ms. Jantine Lansing to my room now? And please ask her if she would like something to eat or drink. Yes, yes, put it on our bill. Thank you.) Moments later, there was a timid knock on the door. “Kom binnen!” (Come in!) A petite, blonde woman entered, clutching a steaming mug. Emmett noticed she did look remarkably like his beloved wife.“Hello Mej. Lansing.” Rosalie said, smiling warmly.

“Alstublieft, noem mij Jantine.” (Please, call me Jantine) The woman was nervous, but her voice was clear, determined.

“In that case, Jantine, please me Rosalie. This is my husband, Emmett. He would like to ask you some questions, if that is ok with you?” Rosalie asked, kindly, still in Dutch.

"Dat is fijn. Spreekt hij ook Nederlands?“ Jantine asked, slightly nervously. Emmett chuckled silently. Of course he spoke Dutch!

“Yes, he is fluent in many languages.” Rosalie glared at him, a look which said: ‘be nice’.

“Well good. What would you like to know, Mr. Cullen?” Jantine turned to him, her blue eyes rimmed by dark shadows. She didn’t look healthy enough to carry a baby, not even for a month.

“Do you know what you have agreed to do?” He began, slipping into the Dutch tongue without even thinking about it.

“Of course. Your wife wants a baby. She is infertile, because of the condition which you share. She wishes me to bear your child for her because we are close in appearance.” The tone of the conversation was oddly formal, like a business interview, Emmett noted.

“Has she told you anything else?” Rosalie rolled her eyes.

“She told me that the pregnancy would be short and violent, and that it would probably result in my death.” Jantine replied hesitantly.

“Does that not bother you?” Shock was plain on his face now. How could someone not care about having their life taken from them?

“I am dying Mr. Cullen. I will live only six months, at an estimate. And I have always wanted to travel. Your wife has promised to take me abroad if I do this for her.” Jantine gave him a bemused expression, as if he should’ve known that.

“Is there anything else you want? Anything else you would like to know?”

“Yes. How do we… do this? Do I need the Turkey baster?” She smirked, but Emmett could hear the slight rise in her heart rate, could smell the adrenaline, which gave her nervousness away.

“No. my husband is prepared to have intercourse with you, if you do not mind. It is… easier.” Rosalie cut in. She wouldn’t want anything to ruin the chances of Jantine getting pregnant.

“Ha! I do not mind! Your husband is gorgeous! What woman would say no?” Jantine winked at Rosalie, who for once didn’t become possessive of her husband, instead responding with a soft smile.

“It is dangerous. I could hurt you during…” Emmett protested. He didn’t have as good control as Edward, plus he was stronger… Much stronger. Jantine shrugged.

“If I die, I die. It is only a couple of months earlier than I would have anyhow. I have to nothing to live for!” She chuckled bitterly, clenching one hand into a fist.

“No family?” Emmett asked sympathetically. When he was human, he’d had a huge family – brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, the lot.

“No, I am an orphan. I have nobody.” Jantine shrugged again, as if it didn’t bother her.

“Are you certain this is what you want?” He asked finally, almost whispering.

“I can not have children of my own, when I know that they will be left in an orphanage to be raised. How can I deny this small thing to your wife? The child will be raised in loving home, spoiled beyond belief! He or she will have everything I wanted growing up, everything I could only dream of giving my children. Truth be told, I am honoured it is I your wife chose. Let me do this for you, please. I beg of you, let me be me the vessel for this joy.” Her words had that formal tone to it again, and Emmett realised that she, like Rosalie, was desperate to have a child… But she couldn’t, not with her condition.

Regretting the words even as he spoke them, yet somehow perversely pleased to have this opportunity, Emmett agreed. It may be morally wrong, but Jantine was willing, and he saw it as his duty to please his wife… No matter the method.