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Nessie's Secret

Renesmee Cullen falls in love with Jacob Black just as she does in Breaking Dawn, but in a much different manner. It takes place at Forks High, Nessie is a sophomore, and so is Jake. But, neither of them are vampires/werewolves. But Renesmee still has her "pretty pictures" ability. Imagine them as if they were in Bella and Edward's time frame from Twilight.


1. Chapter 01: The Secret

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I absolutely hate my life. I thought to myself, as I walked away from Mike Newton who JUST asked me to yet another school dance. Everytime too. And honestly, I wouldn't mind going with Mike Newton either.

It was my parents and their stupid rules.

I was basically forbidden to date anyone until I found the perfecct person. One who, in my father's words, "Was trustworthy, so he won't blow our secret."

That secret being my special abilities to place pictures into someone's mind. Pictures meaning my thoughts and everything I'm basically thinking about. My father Edward was so uptight about it. I could never understand it. No one should think different of me, if anything, I think it's pretty cool. Except for the fact that I'm not allowed to touch anyone's face with my hand at all.

I probably looked depressed...again, because my best friend Angela came up and sa next to me on the bench outside of school.

Angela was the only one outside my family who knew of my abilities. I could go to her with this kind of stuff.

"You okay?" she asked me.

I looked at her. "Everytime..." I said in just a barely audible and hoarse whisper. I felt a single tear drop down my face. I looked up for a moment, staring at the clouds, wishing it would become night already so I could go to sleep and feel numb for at least 8 hours. "I can't touch anyone, Angela. You don't know how hard it is..." I said.

This wasn't the first time. That's why I felt so emotional. I've turned down at least 6 guys in the past month, all because of this stupid power. I hated it.

Angela just nodded. "You ready to walk home, or did you just want to walk by yourself?" I loved Angela.

I smiled. "Thanks, Ang. I'm just going to sit here for a little while..."

"Okay then. Bye Ness." she said waving over her shoulder.

I sat on the bench for a good half hour or so before I heard someone come out of the school. I didn't want to seem too weird so I got up, and started to walk to the street.

"CRAP! My science book!" I said to myself, and turned on my heel to run back inside and get it. But just as I was running, I crashed into someone, and fell back ward. "OW!" I said hiting the ground hard.

"I-I'm sorry Nessie! Are you okay?" I heard a boy's voice say. I big, dark hand was stretched out toward me.

I grabbed it and he pulled me up. "Yeah, ow. Yeah, I'm fine." I said brushing the dirt off my pants before I looked up.

A tall, dark haired boy was standing in front of me, still holding my hand.

"Sorry." he said, embarassed when I looked down at our hands. "I'm Jacob Black. And you are...?"

God Renesmee, say something! He'll think differently of your silence if you don't!

I'm Renesmee Cullen. you can call me Nessie though." I said flashing my teeth.

He smiled too. "Oh yeah, you're the girl who beat the school record for the long jump!" he said.

I looked down, embarassed. "Yeah...that's me."

When I looked back up, I took the opportunity to look him over. He was gorgeous. He had black hair, cut short. He had dark skin which made his extremely white teeth shine bright. He was tall, about six foot or so.

"I've never seen you around here before." I said.

"Oh really? Maybe you just didn't look hard enough." he chuckled.

I smiled. "Maybe. But even so, I know mostly everyone."

"Mostly." he said flahing his bright teeth at me, once again. A car pulled up to the curb, and beeped. "Um, that's my ride...it was nice to meet you Nessie. See you around."

"Yeah...see you." I said as he walked to the car, and opened the door, stepping in.

Nessie, get over it. It could never happen. Rules.

"Rules..." I repeated aloud, beginning my walk home from school.

I walked into the house, and began to walk up the steps.

"Yet another?" Alice said appearing at the top in fornt of me.

"UGH!" I groaned, making a face at her. she just laughed.

"Nessie, relax. Okay? What happened?" Alice said grasping my shoulders, and staring me in the eye. I looked down.

"Mike Newton asked me to the dance, and I really wanted to go, but I can't Alice! I can't do anything." I began to cry. "And then I met JAke and-" I was cut off.

"Jake? Who's Jake?" Alice asked letting me go, and placing her hands on her hips.

"Jacob Black. I met him after school today. He's really nice, and sweet, and funny, and I like him ALOT. I can't even touch him Alice. You don't know what that's like..." I said letting another tear fall.

"I'm sorry. Go upstairs and try and get some rest, I know it's early. but it'll make you feel better for a while." she said nodding.

"Okay," I said walking up the steps. "Night." I laughed.

When I got to me room, I plopped down on my glorious bed and sighed.

I sat and thought about Jacob for a while, and how much I truly hated the way my life was right now, and then I drifted off to sleep.

It was nighttime, the stars illuminating the sky like a million candles in the dark. I sat curled up against Jacob's chest, his arm around my shoulders. He was so warm, and the grass beneathe me felt freezing.bI sighed and stared up at him. He stopped tracing patterns on my arm and said, "Show me."

Without an argument, I placed my hand against his cheek, and shoved my thoughts through my fingertips into his head. Bright colors an thoughts were racing through his head I imagined.

"Beautiful." he said taking my hand from his cheek and placing it against his chest. He leaned in and kissed my lips so gently, it was almost like a father, but it sent fire rushing through my veins for the first time ever.

I wished so badly that one day, all of that could actually be true.