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Breaking Dawn

Breaking dawn summary, in poetry form.

Just something I cobbled together after I realised that I had a load of depressing poetry and only one cheerful one!

1. I ~ Breaking Dawn

Rating 4.3/5   Word Count 258   Review this Chapter

A choice had to be made.

A wild heart, it was tamed.

Two perfect lovers, at last are one.

She chose the moon above her sun.

The wolf’s heart broken, beyond repair?

Perhaps, without his lady fair.

The star-crossed lovers, married, wed.

On their honeymoon, they shared a bed.

A shock, a pain, a growing child.

A gift from god to the vampires mild?

He demands she save herself.

She calls his sister, using stealth.

Hurry home, to see Carlisle.

She sees her husband’s wishes as most vile!

She and her new sister protect the babe,

Sister determined to keep it safe.

More choices follow, the pack is torn.

For his heart’s love the wolf does mourn.

Then comes the terror of birth,

She almost loses her grip on earth.

Her love, he saves her, makes her heart beat.

Then changes her, whilst the wolf does meet:

Renesmee, new-born vampire baby.

In seven years, will be a young lady.

Nonetheless, her parents are mad.

He perhaps more, as the protective dad.

She accept her old flame’s love,

Now everyone’s all happy and stuff.

But this joy can never last.

The daughter grows, and time does pass.

Another vampire, a lost friend, sees.

Mother and daughter, together, hunting.

The rulers of the vampire world,

3 ancient vampires from days of old,

Arrive to fix the ‘problem’ they’ve heard,

From Irina, the female vampire spurned.

Her love didn’t care for her the same,

But she still felt lost love’s pain.

As such, she sought revenge on they,

Who she felt took her love away.

But all was well, the battle won,

The night is gone, now rises the sun.

Breaking Dawn.