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Who's He?

In this story Bella is torn between two guys, but will she pick the right one?

I hope you like it. This is my first fan fic so please review!

1. The Wedding

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I can’t believe I’m actually going to do this. I have my rules and this is one of them: Only get married when I’m 25 or older. Renee got married when she was 22 and look were that had got her. I know she loved Charlie at the time but as she say’s “You don’t love anyone if your younger than 25, you just think you do”. But what can I say I’m doing it now and I’m only 19. But I truly do love Jacob. He’s the only one I’ve ever met that I has truly loved me for my personality not just my looks. Although I don’t know what the boy’s who did like me for my looks ( Mike, Taylor, Eric) ever saw. All I see is a 5 ft 4 dwarf with tattered brown hair and muddy brown eyes and don’t even have to start on my figure because I don’t have one.

Right know I don’t think I can stand to turn around and look at myself in the mirror. I feel like a clown in this dress, I’ll probably just fall over the train anyway. At least Emily did my hair all nice because I don’t know how I would have been able to do it all myself. But I can’t say the same about the make-up that Claire put on me I’m probably just wipe my face and it will all smudge. Ok I can face it know, the worst I can do is die of embarrassment. I close my eyes and hold my breathe as I turn slowly towards the mirror. No, no, I can

’t do it. I know I’ll just stand here with my eyes closed for 25 minutes till someone comes and finds me, by then I’ll probably just be having a panic attack. No I’ll let Jacob down if I don’t come out soon. I’ll open my eyes on the count of three. One…, two, three. Oh I look… different. My hair is wrapped neatly in a big bun on the back of my head with the occasional strand coming down. I am right Emily did do a great job. Well I probably new that already she always looks good, but I can’t compare myself to her I know that would just lower my self esteem. And my make-up well that looks great too. Clair did a good job even thought she bought the palest foundation in the shop and I still look like I’ve been lying under a sun bed non-stop for fourteen days. And my dress well of course it looks lovely its Renee’s. She says I can have it because she’ll never need it. She quotes “I’ve got a new boyfriend, he’s called Phil. I’m not getting married again though, that was a big mistake. No, its just going to be a really long relationship”. Although I could never look as lovely as her in it. I am officially 5ft 6 now with these heels Kim brought me. I said no and protested by she practically attacked me and shoved them on my feet. Although she is not a Werewolf like Jacob, Leah, Seth etc. she can put up a good fight.

Then Leah rushes in. She’s in her perfect looking lilac dress that I let her pick herself seems as I have no fashion sense whatsoever.

“Bella”, she says out-of-breath. “Come on your already five minutes late and Jake is starting to look let down”.“Ok” I mutter it though, I don’t want her to hear the doubt in my voice.

I slowly walk out the room and meet Charlie waiting for me by the door.

He look’s at me pleased and says, “You look wonderful, are you having doubts?”

He’s been saying that ever since I told him the news that me and Jacob were getting married. It’s not that Charlie doesn’t like him, its just that he thinks I have to be over 30 to get married.“No”, I lie.

Then we started walking up the corridor towards the room where Jacob was waiting with my future.

As we enter the big room all heads turn and look at me. I see Jessica’s face in the crowd she doesn’t look happy for me though, more as a ‘Why has she got married before me’ look. And then there is Angela’s she’s got her tissue to her face looking as if she’s going to cry at any moment. And there’s Mike’s but he’s not looking at me, he’s staring at Jacob intensely. If Mike had superpowers to kill someone with a look, Jake would be dead by now.

Charlie unhooks his arm from mine and kisses me on the head before he slips away into the audience. Then my heart starts to beat faster when I realise I’ve got no-one to comfort me, or even prevent me from falling. I look at Jake he’s got the biggest smile, that makes me feel and inch better. Then I look at Lauren’s face, (I don’t even know how she got here) who’s giving me the strongest stare and without my knee’s warning me they give way and I suddenly fall to the floor, in mid stride. Jake was the first one I saw rush over to me, followed be Charlie, Renee and Leah. Charlie grabs one arm and Jake grabs the other, they tug me from the ground. Oh my god, have I just ruined my own wedding. I hope Jake

’s not upset.

“I’m fine, I’m fine”, I mutter.

“Are you sure?”, Charlie said, sounding concerned.

“Yeah”, I whisper. “Jake get back up there”.With that, he suddenly rushes up to where he was standing originally. I take a deep breath and start walking again, this time not looking at the faces around me, only Jake

’s. He gives me an encouraging smile. I try to give one back, but my lips won’t seem to move from there normal position.

I finally reach the podium where the Vicar is standing and take Jake’s hand.

“I knew you couldn’t do it”, he whisper’s.

“ Do what?” I whispered back.

“Walk down the isle without falling over”, he whisper’s playfully.“I can’t walk anywhere without falling over”, I whisper truthfully.

The Vicar gets his book ready in his hands and Jake squeezes mine.

“We are gathered here today to bind two people’s love for one another into one family.” the Vicar begins.I hear a faint

“Yay” from the back I suspect it’s Billy.

“Will you please repeat after me”, the Vicar nods towards Jake. “I will take…”

“I will take…” Jake repeats.

“Isabella Marie Swan…”, the Vicar continues.

“Isabella Marie Swan…”, Jake repeats with a little laugh.

“To have and to hold as my lawfully wedded wife”, the Vicar says, not sounding too impressed.

“To have as my wife”, Jake repeats with a slightly louder laugh. He had always thought it would be funny to annoy a Vicar. He saw it on South Park and couldn’t stop laughing for hours.

I gave Jake a nudge and that just made him laugh louder.

The Vicar nodded towards me and said “Will you please repeat after me.” He was heavily emphasizing the ’repeat’. “I will take…”

“I…I will take…” I repeat nervously.

“Jacob Epriham Black…”, the Vicar say’s.

“J…Jacob Epriham Black…” I stutter. Jake squeezes my hand a bit harder.

“To have and to hold as my lawfully wedded husband”, The Vicar continues.

“T…to have and to hold as my l…lawfully wedded husband”, I say even more nervous.

“Now…” The Vicar carried on. “If any person has any disagreement over whether these two should not be joined in holy matrimony please speak now.”

Suddenly there was a loud should from the back. “JUST GET ON WITH IT!”.

I looked round and there was Quil making mocking faces. I turned back round and elbowed Jacob in the ribs. He should have controlled his friends, though Jacob was laughing too. So I elbowed him again.

The Vicar said his last words “You may now kiss the Bride”.

Jacob pulled me in close, cradling my torso and smashed his lips into mine. It lasted for two seconds until I heard wolf-whistling from the back then I ripped my lips of his. Then suddenly Jake pulled me onto his back and ran down the isle shouting:

“To the reception”.