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Who's He?

In this story Bella is torn between two guys, but will she pick the right one?

I hope you like it. This is my first fan fic so please review!

13. "You Are My Life Now"

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The dark-haired man, still smiling, stepped towards Carlisle.

“We thought we heard a game,” he said in a relaxed voice with the slightest of French accents. “I’m Laurent, these are Victoria and James.” He gestured towards the vampires beside him.

“I’m Carlisle. This is my family, Emmett and Jasper, Rosalie, Esme and Alice, Edward and Bella.” He pointed us out in groups, deliberately not calling attention to individuals. I felt a shock when he said my name.

“Do you have room for a few more players?” Laurent asked sociably.

Carlisle matched Laurent’s friendly tone. “Actually, we were just finishing up. But we’d certainly be interested another time. Are you planning to stay in the area for long?”

“We’re heading north, in fact, but we were curious to see who’s in the neighbourhood. We haven’t run into any company in a long time.”

“No, this region is usually quite empty except from us and the occasional visitor, like yourselves.”

The tense atmosphere had subsided to a casual conversation; I guessed that Jasper was using his peculiar gift to control the situation.

“What’s your hunting range?”

I confused and dazed, what had I just dreamed of? What……then it hit me. Laurent, Victoria and James had been in my dream they were talking to Edwards family casually, some of his family I hadn’t even seen in real life yet. Carlisle was talking to Laurent as if he was a long lost friend, like he had known him for years, but at the same time didn’t know him at all.

The three vampires and Edwards family seemed to have a lot in common visually. They both had pale skin, different color eyes than a human would have, dark purple circles under their eyes, incredibly beautiful. They were all traits that made Edward recognisable, apart from his reserved personality.

The diary. Mom’s diary. Laurent, Victoria and James are all unnatural vampires, their evil, un-human-like, vampires. Renee said that the three of them were very much alike, yet different in their own way. They were perfect and never messed up once.

That described Edward perfectly. He seemed to be there all the time and you couldn’t call his actions exactly human-like. Did that mean…was he…he couldn’t…but he was…no…but he had…why? The seven letter word hit me in an instant.


Was Edward a vampire, a bloodsucking leech? He couldn’t be.

Edward claims he’s in love with me, why wouldn’t he tell me the biggest secret in his life. If he did love me then surely he would tell me by now, I’ve told him everything about me in our unusual meetings.

I sat up fast and adjusted my eyes to the daylight pouring in through the window. I flipped the covers off me and pulled clothes out of the dresser, franticly. I needed to know if my thoughts were actually true, that I wasn’t just going insane again. I pulled on some tired jeans and a big t-shirt, then ran downstairs. On my rush towards the door, a letter on the table caught my eye:


Sorry about not seeing you much this honeymoon, I’ve been really caught up. I promise I’ll make it up to you soon. Gone out hunting, this coven is really worries me, Bella. They seem a real threat, I need to get them before they end up killing the whole village.

Love you.

See you soon.

Jacob xxx

In my worry about my forbidden love I had forgotten my actual husband. What a wife I was! Jake really cared about me and was even killing some bloodsuckers for my own safety but how do I repay him? By sneaking off behind his back falling his love with the enemy.

How could you help if you were truly in love, you couldn’t just live the rest of your life a lie. At least I couldn’t. How am I doing it now? I was sneaking off like this and leaving Jake thinking that I was still madly in love with him. I should be put in love prison.

I walked over to the front door, not wanting to think about the subject any more. I needed to confront Edward and see what his secret was, because I know he’s hiding something, I just don’t know what. I grabbed my shoes and slammed the door as I walked out of it.

In full thought mode I hadn’t noticed what was right beyond me. Leaning again a Volvo was Edward and he was wearing a smile which reached from ear to ear. Oh, I couldn’t put up with this now. I ran off down the road knowing that he would follow me.

I ran as fast as I could down the road and into the forest, desperately wanting to be somewhere where no human existence could find me. Human existence, ha, if that’s what you called it, the words brought laughter to my lips. Somehow I ran without tripping, which, personally, should be put in a record book, although I did have close encounters.

Soon I found myself in the meadow, delighted and out-of-breath, I didn’t know if I could have run for any longer without fainting. I faced the clearing and saw Edward behind me, confusion lay heavy in his eyes.

“Bella wh-.” I cut him off before he even had a chance to speak. I wanted to save the lovey-dovey stuff until later, when everything was cleared.

“Edward,” I began too afraid that if I told him, he would get the wrong impression and hate me. “We can be honest with each other, right?”

“Yes,” Edward said mechanically.

“Well do you have any secrets that I should know?”

“Isn’t what you know about me enough?”

“Edward,” I didn’t want to pressure him, so that he walked off thinking I’m some lunatic. “A couple of weeks ago I accidentally found my Mom’s diary and ashamed, I found myself reading it. She claimed to have neighbours which she rarely saw. She saw them one day though, described them as incredibly beautiful with pale white skin and deep red eyes.” Edward became ridged. “She introduced herself to the male one day, called himself Laurent. They went to a restaurant together, the waitress, Amelia, couldn’t take her eyes off him. After they had ordered, Laurent went to the rest room, Ren-Mom distinctly remembers to have heard a scream coming from where Laurent had just entered.” Edward became even more ridged. “He came back with red eyes, even though Rene-Mom said they where black when they had arrived at the restaurant. When Renee-Mom questioned him about the scream he said he heard nothing, although she new she wasn’t going insane. Laurent left the restaurant with plate of food untouched.

“After that Renee got to know Laurent much better, she was introduced to his roommates, James and Victoria, the three of them shared a great friendship. When she went round theres’ one day, to ask them if they wanted to go to a convention with her, although she overheard a conversation between the them. Something about me becoming part of their newborn army.” Edward took a worried step towards me. “The next few weeks where great for Renee she had finally made some great friends which she new she could rely on. It wasn’t until they said that they were leaving did she break down. The three of them kept insisting that they saw me because they though we would get along fine, ha.

“Jake told me who they were after that, they said they were the immortal enemy. Don’t go near them. He told me their traits and what their behaviour is like. We had to change our honeymoon from Jacksonville to here, knowing that they new I was going there.

“I had finally forgot about them….” With that Edward became more relaxed, it wasn’t until I said the words that followed he went stiff again. “Until last night. I had a very vivid dream. You and your family, some of which I hadn’t even seen yet, where at a baseball game. There was you, Carlisle, Rosalie and Alice, then there was the ones you haven’t even mentioned, Esme, Jasper and Emmett.” Edward gasped loudly, probably because I had got the names right. How? “Laurent, Victoria and James where also there. Laurent was talking to Carlisle, as if they had known each other for eternity, ha.

“It wasn’t until I woke up that I noticed how similar your family and Laurent, Victoria and James are. Pale skin to the extreme, perfect ness, deep purple circles under your eyes and other inhuman features.

“Edward why didn’t you tell me by now? Haven’t you worked out that when I did tell my husband I loved someone else, he would tell me exactly what you were and why I shouldn’t see you. He already did tell me, I just didn’t put together the jigsaw. He told me there was a safe coven in Forks so it would be fine for me to stay here. When I saw you I thought you weren’t human like, I should have thought of it earlier.

“I cant blame you for not telling me, why would you, with the regret that I might tell someone else. I can totally understand, but if you are what I think, would you tell me now because, if your not this whole speech would have been incredibly embarrassing.” I hid my face then with regret that this whole lecture was completely untrue and the thought of my scarlet face.

“Bella…,” Edward walked slowly towards me sympathetically, until we were within 20cm; his liquid topaz eyes filled with regret.

“Bella, I wanted to tell you, I just couldn’t find the right way to say it. I could bear the idea of you sprinting away in fear. I didn’t want you to see me as a monster. Bella, please forgive me.” He held me cautiously, like I might lash out at any moment.

I placed my head on his cold, hard chest, desperately wanting to be in his loving arms. Even though he has just reviled that he is some bloodsucking vampire, all I wanted to do was be in his safe arms. The one place in the world which I felt I could stay forever and never get tired.

“I do,” I lifted my head so I was looking into his butterscotch eyes, “and it doesn’t make me love you less.”

With that he cradled my chin in his hands and lightly pecked my lips. My heart beat hard against my chest as if it was about to pop out at any moment, but I didn’t care.

“I love you and I love you for totally understanding, even though this huge mess was caused by me anyway. You don’t know how much regret I have for not telling you earlier.” It looked like he would never get over not telling me sooner. “You are my life now. You have to know that I will never hurt you, Bella.” Edward stared into my eyes.

“Don’t think like that, I trust you will never hurt me,” I said and squeezed him tightly.

We stayed like that , rapped in each others embrace, without moving or talking, just enjoying the love we have for one another. After a while I brought my head up from his chest to look at the night sky. Night sky!?! How long have I been like this? All day! Jake could already be home and worrying.

“I better be getting home,” I said quickly, spoiling the incredible moment.

“Let me take you,” Edward held out his hand, which I took. Surprisingly instead of walking he lifted me onto his back and ran at an impressive speed, towards the cottage. Edward was fast - faster than Jake, which was unbelievable.

It took at two minutes at the minimum to get back to the cottage, while all the way I felt like I might throw up. Edward lifted me off his back and placed me back, safely on the ground.

“Thank-you, Bella,” I would of said something after that but he was gone, faster than he was here.

I stood still for a while trying to except what I had just heard, whatever it was I was sure it was love and I liked it.