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Who's He?

In this story Bella is torn between two guys, but will she pick the right one?

I hope you like it. This is my first fan fic so please review!

14. 400 Nightmares

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Luckily Jake wasn’t back when I got home last night, in fact, he got home way after me. I stayed up, worrying about him, part of me worried that he had found out about me and Edward. When he did get home he looked really tired and went straight to bed without an explanation. I think he’s starting to fell the tension too, like I’ve been less interested in him lately. Which worried me that one day he would lash out and do something he would regret.

I tossed and turned recapping last nights events, if that’s what you call it. Something was defiantly wrong with Jake and I could sense it.

Then I got up and had a long cold shower, I needed to clear my head of whatever was bugging me. I stood under the freezing water for at least an hour, not worrying that I might get hyperthermia. I stood there motionless, not thinking about anything, being honest I couldn’t think of anything to think about. I felt like a dumb blonde. Great!

I stepped out the freezing spray, worrying that the coldness was causing loss of thought. I dried myself and put on a pair of dark jeans and oversized t-shirt, what a fashion god I was! I was somehow longing two, cold, vampire arms around my shoulders, suddenly my mood was lifted. Edward. The only greatest thing in my dull life.

I rushed for the door forgetting about breakfast and tried to pull it open, but it wouldn’t budge. I searched for the key in my coat pocket, but it wasn’t there, even though I swore it there last night. My eyes scanned the hall, for somewhere I could have put it down. My eyes then came across a note on the hall table, I picked it up. I was from Jake.


I’ve locked all the doors and windows, so you don’t go out of the house. The bloodsucker coven is worse than I anticipated, the female has a knack of quick escapes. I wanted you safe, and out of danger, because if you were taken away from me I would never forgive myself. I will be home at nine’ o’clock, I promise this time. Please look after yourself.

I love you.


Was this vampire coven dangerous enough to kill Jake? By the sounds of it there’s loads of them and only one Jake. What if he gets hurt? What if he doesn’t come back? What if he dies? Just because I wasn’t in love with him anymore, didn’t mean I didn’t still care for him, I loved him like a friend or brother. If Jake got hurt I would never forgive myself, this whole stupid mess is because of me anyway. What have I done?

I needed to tell Edward, even if they are enemies, maybe he could help Jake kill these evil bloodsuckers. I yanked hard on the door, it didn’t move. That’s right, it was locked, great! I couldn’t stay in here all day, I would kill myself with the worry.

I paced up and down the living room in thought, what could I do? If I broke one of the windows and ran to Jake I would be no help whatsoever, because I was a weak human. I couldn’t brake out and find Edward, because I didn’t even know where he lived. I couldn’t run down the street hoping he would come because these careless bloodsuckers might get me. God, please give me strength.

Without thought or warning I suddenly broke into tears, I felt so worthless. Just some fragile little human, not even a pretty one. I could feel my t-shirt becoming soaked with my wet, salty, tears, I needed to do something, anything to help. I stood up and put my chin the air with my shoulders back and stood tall. I did the only thing which would give me strength and determination through these troubling times, even if I did look like a complete idiot while I did it. I raised my stiff hand to my face and saluted.

“I am an American,” I said loud and clearly. “I am proud to be an American. We don’t give up, we keep fighting and pushing through the bad time. I’ve never heard of a American which gives up and breaks down in front of everyone. Come on! Be a man (or woman) and face what is happening. Even if you do the littlest of things you will still be helping. Work!” Even though I did feel like a complete plonker, it did help and it gave me more determination.

I ran to the kitchen window and started banging franticly, with hope Edward would hear me.

“Help! Edward! Help! Edward!” I chanted loudly, with luck he would hear me. I new he was listening, he was always there, even if I didn’t want him to be. Come on vampire help! “Edward!” I screamed like my life depended on it and I think it did.

Suddenly I heard glass smash in the living room, like a window breaking. Well he could have entered a little more gracefully, but it didn’t matter at least Edward was here. I ran to the living room and was surprised by what I saw, stood in front of me was the opposite of what I was expecting. Stood in-font of the couch, in a perfect line was two males and a female. They were beyond beautiful, with blood red eyes and pale skin to the extreme…wait…it was them! Victoria, Laurent and James, Jake must have been after them, they sabotaged my mother and where almost in all of my nightmares. Filthy, no good, bloodsuckers!

My heart rate increased and my breath quickened, I took a step back and somehow knew there was no way out of this.

“Thanks for banging on the window,” James spoke up, “Otherwise we would be still searching for you.”

Victoria looked me up and down. “Not what I was expecting, but better.”

“Yes, not at all like your mother,” Laurent walked forward and brushed the loose strands off hair off my worried face.

I opened my mouth but no words came out, like someone had ripped my voice box out of my throat. Laurent’s hands caressed my face as if we were in love, ha, far from it. I don’t know how I could be laughing, even in my head, at such a worrying time, I would be dead within the next hour.

“You would make a perfect newborn, I could picture you with us now,” James’s friendly voice made me even more nervous. He too stepped forward and brushed his cold fingers over my lips.

I dare not move, well I couldn’t, my legs seemed to have lost all memory of movement. I was froze, like some statue at a museum so everyone could come to stare and touch you, trust me, not a nice feeling.

“Why don’t we just change her already? I cant wait to see the new her,” Victoria’s voice was brimming with excitement, like a child at a toy store. The complete opposite to my emotions, I would be dead soon and there’s nothing I could do about it.


At least death is peaceful, mine wouldn’t be. According to Jake’s description I would have to face three day of complete agony, and after that my new life would be even harder. I would try and eat every human I saw (or smelt), the indescribable thirst would be forever with me. At least I’ve had a good life so far, nineteen years is more than enough. I’ll never experience true love but at least I’ve come close.

James lowered his cold lips to my throat, they felt nothing like Edwards, but I shouldn’t compare when I’m about to die. He brushed them back and forth, while inhaling my smell.

I couldn’t be sorry for myself anymore, I had to except that the new Bella would be nothing like the old one. She would be evil and seductive, if I met her on the street today I would probably run away screaming. I took a deep breath and said goodbye to my old easy life, for it would be no more.

I could feel James cold, sharp teeth lower and rest on my neck. My heart was beating so fast that it was moving my whole body. It didn’t seem to put James off though, he tightened his grip on my arm to keep me still. The pain of his hand already was unbelievable, what would the three days of pain be like if I couldn’t take this.

Then his pointed teeth puncture my skin, like 400 nightmares put together. I said a silent prayer and let out the most ferocious scream of pain. Goodbye life…goodbye love…goodbye Edward…