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Who's He?

In this story Bella is torn between two guys, but will she pick the right one?

I hope you like it. This is my first fan fic so please review!

15. Eternity

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Then his pointed teeth punctured my skin, like 400 hundred nightmares put together. I said a silent prayer and let out the most ferocious scream of pain. Goodbye life…goodbye love…goodbye Edward…

The burning pain sent fire raging around ever inch of my body, I screamed and fell to the ground. James laughing was the last thing I saw as I closed my eyes, I tried to block out the pain. But how could you block out pain? It was like being thrown in a roaring fire, the only downside was it wasn’t instant death. I would have to be stuck in this agony for three days, although it would feel like more. I let out another terrifying scream and gripped my hands around my burning neck.

I heard loud crash, but didn’t think anything of it, the three of them were probably tearing the house to pieces. What would you do if you had to wait three days? Obviously that was their idea of fun. I didn’t open my eyes to watch what was going on around me, to be honest I couldn’t bare to open my eyes. I knew that these three people were the people I was going to spend eternity with, I couldn’t bare to look at them.

The noise suddenly got louder and I could here things crashing and smashing into walls. What the hell where they doing? They’ve already taken me away from Jake, they didn’t have to take his house as well. At least leave the new plasma TV.

I was brought back to the pain when it increased, you couldn’t possibly imagine the amount of pain I was in, never. I let out another (famous) scream as my legs became numb. Then I felt two cold, familiar arms curl around my torso, as I was lifted off the ground. My eyes burst open as I recognised the unforgettable smell, Edward was stood over me swiftly walking towards the remains of the front door. I kept my mouth shut though, for if I opened it all that would come out would be cries of pain.

His beautiful face was filled with worry and concern, his perfect featured screwed up. Before we left the house I managed to get a glimpse behind me, stood there pinning James, Victoria and Laurent against the wall, was Edward’s family members. Exactly like in my dream, there was Jasper, Emmett, Alice and Rosalie, did they know? Of course they did, Edward wasn’t a liar like me.

When we got out of the house Edward broke into a sprit, my chest was burning, and my arms had now gone numb too. I couldn’t face another minute of this unbelievable pain, but I knew it was too late. No-one, even Edward, could help me now, I was going to become one of them and there was nothing I could do about it. I closed my eyes and tried to block everything out, my thoughts and the burning pain. It hit me then, if I was a bloodsucking leech, would Edward just leave me and never come back, would he run, would I be alone for eternity. Jake defiantly wouldn’t want to be with me anymore, we would be mortal enemies. He would probably kill me though, how could he leave me ‘living‘? At least it would block out the pain of Edward leaving. Pain. The burning pain was now brought back to my mind…it hurt so much…make it go away.

I opened my eyes to see what was happening. I was laid down on a long table, Edward and Carlisle were stood over me, there brows knotted with concern. Carlisle was muttering something to Edward in a low voice, so my ears couldn’t hear and Edward was replying back in a low, harsh tone.

The burning increased so my whole body was now paralyzed, I couldn’t move a muscle. I knew now that Edward wasn’t going to save me, if he was going to he would of done it by now. I had no hope. I closed my eyes and waited, I didn’t know what for, but I waited anyway. I waited for more pain, for more suffering, for the changing to take place, for the three agonizing days ahead. But, mostly I waited for Edward to stay with me, I didn’t want him to leave, he would be the only thing in my new life. Jake would leave and detest me for the rest of eternity, he would be living forever too.

Suddenly the pain increased on my neck, in the exact place James had bitten me. I screamed loudly in agony, I thought the worst would of come, but this was nothing compared to what had come. This was the worst of the worst, I would rather be stabbed with a blunt knife 10,000 than be here now. This was worse than anything I’ve ever encountered (or dreamt) in my life. The pain sent terrifying ripples all through my body. How could I put up with this? I screamed again, with hope that the pain would go away.

Surprisingly it did, the burning cooled until it felt there wasn’t a fire inside me anymore. There was no longer fire, just pain but very little. My neck was the only part of my body which hurt, but I didn’t care this was heaven compared to what had happened. This was like heaven compared to hell, angels compared to devils. This is paradise.

I waited for all the pain to go away, until there was a slight throb in my throat, but that didn’t put me off. Slowly I opened my eyes to the dazzling light, it shone in rays through the window. Edward jumped up then, his face close to mine. He was still here, he didn’t leave me. Delight filled me and Edward must if saw it too because he smiled. His liquid topaz eyes filled with happiness, and a crooked smile lingered on his beautiful lips.

We didn’t speak for a while just staring deeply into each others eyes. Words couldn’t describe how happy I was that he didn’t leave, even though I was sure he would.

“Bella, I’m so sorry I didn’t get there quicker,” his said ashamed.

“You don’t have to apologize. They have always been looking for me ever since last year. I was expecting it.” My voice was quiet with lack of words.

He stroked the left side of my face with his hand. Worry entered me when I couldn’t feel the temperature difference, I could no longer feel his ice cold touch. What had happened? Had time suddenly passed while I was in pain, was I already a vampire?

I brought my hand quickly to the bottom of my face, it was ice cold. Just like Edwards touch and there was (what felt like) an uncompleted semi- circle on the left side of my neck.

“I didn’t get to you on time. The left side of your neck has gone cold and you will have a permanent scar.” Edward saw me touching my neck. “But the rest of you remains human.”

I was reassured then. “Don’t leave me,” I begged and brushed my fingers up and down his arm.

“I would never dream of it,” he said and lowered his lips to mine. He kissed me gently, his lips brushing mine. This is the light at the end of the tunnel, Edward.

I was sure now that he wasn’t going to leave me, he had sealed it with a kiss. But what would I do about Jake? He would surely notice the icy, white patch of skin on my neck and the scar. Tomorrow I will tell him that I couldn’t be with him anymore, that it wasn’t working out. I wouldn’t tell him about Edward though, I didn’t want to make him feel worse. What will he do? Will he lash out and phase, hurting me along the way? Would he sink away into depression and live a lonely life? Would he ever forgive me? There was one question which I could answer though. Would I feel any better? No.

I begged Edward to let me go home after that, I said I need time to tell Jake I was no longer in love with him. He drove me home, but Jake’s car wasn’t in the drive way when I got back. The front window was smashed and there was only half of a front door. I don’t know if I can face walking inside and looking at the remains of a broken house, of a broken heart.

Edward drove off and I slowly walked in the front door. The living room had a shredded couch and chair, the TV screen was smashed in and torn books were scattered all over the floor. My blood was splattered all over the new carpet, my stomach automatically turned over.

The kitchen looked better, with only a smashed window and a broken table. The glass lay all over the kitchen, in cuts that could pierce the skin. I couldn’t face to look at the rest of the house and made my way upstairs and into bed. It was late, but I couldn’t be bothered to change out of my clothes, so I just kicked of my shoes.

I tossed and turned trying to sleep, but nothing would work. I was so tired, but I couldn’t keep my eyes closed for longer than 10 seconds. In the end I just decided to lay and look up at the ceiling, re-capping my mess of a life.

I heard a car park outside and the front door creek open. Jake must be home, what would he make of the remains of his house? The stairs cracked when he walked up them and the door slammed when he entered the bedroom.

I didn’t move my eyes off the ceiling to look at him, although I did adjust my hair to hide my scar. Jake rummaged around before sliding into bed next to me.

“What happened?” he murmured, knowing I was awake.

He was unaware that the bloodsuckers had been to kill me, so what would I say? I couldn’t tell him that Edward had saved me, or any other vampire for that matter. I couldn’t tell him I was going to become a vampire, or that I was luckily saved.

“It’s complicated,” I answered, not looking into his eyes. I didn’t want to lie to his face, it felt so wrong.

“Bells,” he said and touched my arm. “We don’t tell each other anything anymore. Why cant you trust me?”

“They came,” I said slowly and turned to face him. “The bloodsuckers.”

He looked stunned, partly because I was still alive. “What?” His brow screwed up.

“They broke in and James bit me. I couldn’t remember anything after that, I woke up unchanged here.” I turned my head completely away, I couldn’t stand myself for lying to him like this.

He gently moved my head back so that I was looking into my eyes, I his warm hand brushed across my ice-cold, scarred, neck. He shivered and his eyes filled with water.

“I’m so sorry, Bells. I should have been more careful. You do realise I’ll never forgive myself.”

I brought my hands and wiped away his tears, but didn’t say anything. For I knew I could lie like this anymore. Then I slowly turned away, and fell asleep, not wanting to hurt him any longer. I needed to tell him. Soon.