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Who's He?

In this story Bella is torn between two guys, but will she pick the right one?

I hope you like it. This is my first fan fic so please review!

16. Thank-You

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Guilt flooded me all night, no matter how hard I tried there was no hope of me getting to sleep. The thought of Jake sleeping next to me, unaware that I was no longer in love with him, sent shivers down my spine. I was an evil, self-centred person, how can I live like this? What I was doing can be technically classed as cheating, which would technically make me a slut. I couldn’t lie like this anymore, the guilt was just building up inside me.

I rolled over to face Jake, his perfect face was smiling, like he was having the best dream ever, his eyes fluttered as he breathed. Without thinking I tapped him on the shoulder, I needed to tell him and get it over with

“Yeah,” he crocked, with his eyes still closed.

“Jake, I need to tell you something,” my voice was thick. The nervousness was building up too, what was he going to do when I told him?

“Cant it wait ‘till morning?” his voice was filled with anger by waking him.


He opened his eyes then, knowing it was serious. His eyes were big, and he looked like he had never been woken from sleep. “What is it Bells?” He said and stroked my shoulder, to reassure he was there for my problems.

“Jake,” I sat up and he followed. I looked into his big black eyes, they were filled with permanent love that would always be there. “You do know I love you, right?”

He didn’t speak, instead he just sat there silently, his hands cupping my broken arm.

Could I really say this to him now? He would have a broken heart that would never mend, there would always be a permanent hole. One single tear made its way down my cheek, I didn’t bother wiping it away.

“Through this past week I found out more about you and me. Jake I love you so much, but…more as a bother, I cant see you as my husband any more.”

He froze, every part of his body was still, He didn’t know how to react and I didn’t know how to react by him not reacting. Tears and betrayal filled his warm black eyes, he moved his eyes down and away from my face, not wanting me to see him cry. Then he slowly dropped his hand away from my arm and curled it on his lap.

I couldn’t stand seeing him like this, all the life drained out of every part of his body. Salty tears were running down his cheeks and he began to sob, this shouldn’t be, I cant be here now. I suddenly felt like I had no right in this house anymore, everything was suddenly so unfamiliar.

“I need to go,” I stuttered, not knowing what to make of the situation.

I rapidly got off the bed and went round to give him a ‘I’m so sorry’ hug, But Jake didn’t move a muscle, he just froze in a stiff position. I grabbed the big bag by the door and starting shoving all my clothes in it. I knew that the more I was in here, the more Jake would suffer.

It took me two minutes to grab all my stuff and walk out the door. The night was cold and there was a freezing breeze. Dark grey clouds covered the moon, making it invisible to the human eye, so that the night was jet black. I dug my hands deep in my pockets and walked along the road, in hope that I would come across a hotel or bed’n‘breakfast.

What I had just done was beyond evil, but somehow, I couldn’t find a better way I could of done it. Jake didn’t phase, he also didn’t break-down, but that was no exception for all the pain I have caused him. He would never get over this, and probably would never heal.

I stopped and stared down at my hand, on it remained the shiny gold wedding ring. With anger at myself, I violently ripped it off my finger and threw it into the forest beside the road. I know it’s mean, but I needed to forget all evidence about this marriage. Throughout it all I have been is mean and self-centred, I’ve done Jake no good. Could you possibly think of meaner wife than me?…Don’t answer that.

After thirty minutes I hadn’t come across anywhere that I could sleep for the night, (even though it was nearly over) so I slept on a bench. I know I made me look homeless and worthless, but I was tired and I hadn’t slept all night. The worry of Jake had kept me up, but now I had got it all off my chest it made me feel a lot better. I could finally do whatever I want with my life and not have the worry of Jake bringing me down, (not that he ever did). I fell asleep like that, picturing all the endless possibilities of what I could achieve.

I freaked out when I found out I wasn’t in the same place that I had fell asleep. The room was incredibly light, with nearly all of the walls being windows. Along one wall was a massive collection of records and CD’s, like he/she had been collecting for years. I was laid on a white couch, which had a furry blanket thrown over one side.

It only just clicked where I was, when I smelt the incredible, familiar smell, I was at Edwards house. How did he find me? Well he was my personal stalker, so that explained that one. I couldn’t believe him, he’s so kind and thoughtful and always there.

I really had no idea what I saw wrong about being Jake’s wife, but something didn’t click in my soul when I was around him. My heart didn’t beat faster, or my knee’s didn’t start to knock, like they did when I saw Edward. The whole atmosphere when I was around him felt forced and fake. I know its mean but I was somehow relived that me and Jake had finished.

I saw Edward in the doorway then, his beautiful lips curled into a crooked smile and his molten brown eyes sparkling. He was leaning against the door frame with his legs crossed.

“Good morning,” he said, like there was no reason to question why I was here and not still on that bench.

And I answered like there was no reason to question why I was here and not still on that bench. “Good morning.”

He walked closer and sat down on the couch next to me, gently stroking the palm of my hand.

“I told Jake that we weren’t meant to be. He didn’t take it so good, but then again it could have been worse,” I broke the loved silence. Edwards eyes produced the slightest amount of joy and relief, we could finally be together without hiding.

“I guessed,” his musical voice replied. He leaned closer and gently kissed my lips.

My heart began to beat fast, like it was about to pop out of my chest at any moment, but I didn’t care. Just the thought of being here with Edward sent me flying into space.

I jumped back when there was a fierce knock on the door, whoever it was was very eager to come in. It sounded like the door would be knocked down if someone didn’t open the door soon.

I looked at Edward, his face was reserved like he was reading their thoughts carefully, his eyes then became wide with concern.

“Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be back soon,” Edward demanded hastily and swiftly walked to the door.

“Who is-.”

“No-one.” Edward said before I even finished what I was saying. He seemed caught up and distant all of a sudden, whoever is at the door must be important.

My mind roamed then. What if it’s the evil bloodsuckers friend out the kill me. What if it’s the bloodsuckers friend out to kill Edward. Adrenaline started pumping round my body and my heart’s beat increased. I paced the room quickly wanting all this worry to be over, maybe its just the postman. Yeah, right! Whoever it was wasn’t a nice person, I new this day wouldn’t be over quickly.

“YOU!!!” I heard a familiar voice coming from downstairs, and it wasn’t Edward’s.

The voice sounded incredibly angry, like he was about to erupt, and change into some giant beast. Jake. That’s why Edward looked so worried. Jake was here, how did he find out? Worry mounted up inside me, I couldn’t stay stuck in this bedroom, I needed to see what was happening.

Without thinking of the consequences, I rushed down the stairs and into the room which I heard the voice coming from. When I got there neither of them were there, only Alice and Jasper stood in the middle with their brow’s creased.

“Where are they?” I asked with too much demand. I didn’t mean for it to come out like that, I sounded so impolite.

“It‘s dangerous,” Alice replied, with a worried tone.

“Please,” I begged.

“Outside,” Jasper said directly.

“Thank-you,” I tried to sound thankful, but I sounded fake.

I hurried out the door and onto the road, faintly I could crashing. Were they fighting? Please say they weren’t fighting, if they were only one would make it alive. I ran into the forest opposite the road and headed straight forward, it didn’t take me long to find them. I hid behind the nearest tree and watched them, Jake had Edward pinned to the floor.

“You filthy bloodsucker. How could you take my wife?” He said between breaths.

“She preferred me.” Edward rammed Jake into a tree and caused it to fall down.

I couldn’t look at this, they were hurting each other so badly. I knew that I couldn’t stop them, they wouldn’t listen to me, no matter how hard I tried.

“Your going to kill her, aren’t you?!?” Jake shouted.

“No.” Edward roared back in detest.

I cant listen to them fight, its wrong. So I ran, as far away from this wretched town as possible, all its done is cause me pain and grief. I sobbed and sobbed until I came to where I could go no further and broke down in tears.

How could I do this to someone, I have caused this fight, between my two loves. My best friend and true love were fighting each other to death, I know what these creatures do. They don’t fight and give up like normal humans, they fight until one of them is dead.

I stood up and faced the aggressive blowing wind, that hit my face with impact. It stung my eyes until I was crying again, sobbing like a baby. I was standing on the edge of, what seemed like, the tallest cliff ever. It overlooked the sapphire ocean, which glimmered in the sun. I knew what I was going to do, and this time I wasn’t going to back out.

Edward and Jake were going to fight each other until one of them was gone, and I could never forgive myself. For if Edward died I would always blame Jake, and if Jake died I would always blame Edward. Knowing that they were fighting over me caused a knot in my stomach, I have betrayed both of them greatly.

The wind picked up causing my t-shirt to flap behind me, and my hair to be thrown backwards. I curled my toes around the cliff edge and took a deep breath. I have had a fairly-good life and would never regret it, because in it I had found a best friend and a love. I would never regret the decision I was about to make either, it would be better in the long run. I took another breath and jumped, letting the sapphire water submerge me in its waves.

Thank-you life.

Thank-you friendship.

Thank-you love…