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Who's He?

In this story Bella is torn between two guys, but will she pick the right one?

I hope you like it. This is my first fan fic so please review!

2. The Diary

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After food and Leah helping to the toilet four times, Charlie made a speech.

“I can remember when Bells was little, even then she was more of an adult than I was. She used to dress up in Renee’s clothes and pretend she was a Mom for the day, doing the laundry, cleaning, cooking.

I can even remember Jake when he was little, although he was the complete opposite of Bella. He was always looking for some prank to play. I remember coming round Billy’s house one day to watch the came and afterwards going to the A&E because I had my butt glued to the chair. All I’m saying is after watching Jacob since he was little to now my Bells couldn’t have picked a better man to marry.”

A ripple of applause found its way around the room as single tear made its way to my eye, but I quickly wiped it away with the back of my hand before Jake saw.

“Ok, ok, my turn”, Sam, Jake’s best man stood up. He is a werewolf like Jake, Embry, Quil, Leah and others of his friends. I know what you think, ‘What was I thinking marrying a Werewolf’. But I truly do love Jake and I know he would never hurt me.

Sam carried on, “Although me and Jake haven’t been friends for a long time we know each other like we were brothers, and I know that Jake won’t let Bella down and that he cares for her with all of his heart. I remember the first day I saw Jake, he gave me the evil glare and walked off. When Quil and Embry introduced me to him we got along like a house on fire. But with every sentence that he spoke Bella would crop up in there somewhere, and he would always relate the things that other people said to Bella too. I just thought it was damn annoying.

So hopefully now he’s married he can finally shut up and talk about something normal.”

Again a ripple of applause found its way across the room with just a hint of laughter too. But it made me realise just how much Jake loved me. There was a one year age gap but I don’t think that really mattered.

Next it was Jake’s turn, he gave me a big grin and stood up.

“I know you probably expecting me to say something funny, but when I think of Bella I just can’t think of anything funny to say, except for her great deal of clumsiness.” Jake turned his head towards me and winked. “Dad has known Charlie since they where in Collage, but although Bella used to see my sisters quite a lot, I never saw her until two years ago.

She had come here from Jacksonville to move in with Charlie. Although I had never seen Bella I had heard a lot about her from Billy. I figured it was a nice to give Charlie Billy’s old truck for Bella, instead of taking it to the junk yard.

That day when me and Dad came round to see how Charlie and his new arrival where doing, was the first of one of the greatest days in my life. When Bella walked out of the house to come and greet me and Billy she looked like a supermodel although she was in a big Yankee’s T-shirt.

From that day on every time I saw Bells I would make a big effort to impress her and act the best gentleman as possible. And, hey it worked.

Bells I love you and I am so pleased I married you because I couldn’t of married anyone better.”

I clapped my hands the loudest I could as Jake sat down and threw my arms around him. He looked and my face and wiped away the tears.

“Hey we don’t want any of that”, he whispered. “You’re next”.

I took a deep breath and slowly stood up. I was shaking, but I tried not to do anything clumsy, even though I know I will.

“I never really thought I would get a husband”, I began. “No one really took an interest in me at school. I always thought I was too mature. But when Jake came along he really did care for me. Although me and Jake are nothing alike, he’s funny, talkative and just plain annoying. I care too much about others and less about myself. But I really do love Jake with all my heart and never, I really do mean never, will I let him down. Because I know that he is the one and only guy for me.”

As the applause wound it’s way around the room I found myself blushing. I sat down and Jake whispered in my ear.

“ I love you too Mrs Isabella Black”, and kissed me on the cheek.

It sounded funny hearing my name like that. But I knew that I would never get tired of it.

After the disco and me falling over more than once, it was 11:00pm.

Renee came over to us “Come on you two love birds”, she said. “You’ve got a plane to catch.” She quickly shoved me and Jake up the stairs and into the hotel bedroom. “ I’ve laid your clothes out on the bed and all the rest are packed. Drop your wedding clothes in my room once you’ve got changed and your taxi will be waiting out-front in 15 minutes. Hurry up,” and then she was gone.

“Well we better do what she said, we don’t want a fight”, he implied, smiling. He suddenly smashed his lips into mine as he hugged me tightly. But we suddenly stopped as we heard: “NOW!” coming from outside, and it sounded like Renee’s voice.

“Told you she would be good in a fight”, Jake whispered.

I laughed but not daring to speak unless she heard again. I walked over to the vanity mirror which stood in the corner of the big room. I removed the lilac flower clips which were in my hair letting it fall to my shoulders, then I quickly brushed it and scooped it all into one big pony tail.

After that I went into the bath room and washed all the make-up off my face, I was amazed at how much Claire had put on me, it was like paint. I walked over to the towel and wiped my face dry.

When I came out of the bathroom Jake was standing there dress and ready with the bags all in one hands.

“Hurry up, slow coach”, he laughed.

“But its not fair you have an advantage, you big werewolf man”, I replied.

“Or maybe you are just really slow”.

“Am not”, I said as I walked quickly to my clothes.

I swiftly put them on and headed to the door where Jake was waiting outside. Then I locked the door and took our wedding clothes out of his hands.

“We need to drop these at Renee’s room”, I ordered.

“Yes ma‘am”, he said.

He lifted me into his arm’s and quickly walked to Renee’s room at the end of the corridor. I kind of got used to the whole ‘things will be much quicker if I just carry you’ thing, but could never get properly around how fast he was.

It was faster than human speed, faster than car speed even. Jake could go around 150mph and was also super strong too. Yep, strong enough to rip a whole tree out of the ground in seconds. So carrying me and the bags now is really nothing to him.

He opened Renee’s door and slipped me off his arms onto the ground. I placed the clothes onto the bed, and headed to the door, but just when I was turning something caught my eye, which I know shouldn’t have. I walked over to the big black book that lay open on the table next to Renee’s bed.

The book was covered in scribbles and doodles of what I guessed was random stuff , and next to the doodle’s there where captions. No, this wasn’t a sketch book, this was a dairy.

I know I shouldn’t read it, but how could I not, it was so inviting. The first entry was over a year ago. It read:

30th February

It’s been years since me and Phil first moved into Jacksonville, it was after I broke up with Charlie. Don’t go there. Phil’s my boyfriend, we’ve been dating for one and a half years. But in all the two years I have lived here the house next door has been permanently empty. Aimee two houses down from me, says the owner’s live there but rarely ever stay in the house. She says they are not normal, they don’t make conversation or eye contact let alone make friends.

I wonder what they are really like. Is it really them who don’t try to make friends? Or is it the people in Jacksonville who don’t make an effort to like them?

All I know is at the moment I feel pretty sorry for them.

Renee XXX

The second entry read:

1st March

When I came in earlier, from going to the grocery store the house next door (the one I mentioned on the 30th) had the curtains open and the front lawn was cut. There even was a door mat put out saying ’WELCOME’ on it. The owner’s must be back. They must be pretty friendly if they have a mat saying ‘WELCOME’. So far I haven’t seen them, its right what Aimee said, they hardly ever come out. I really wish I do get to make conversation with them because no-one else seems to.

Renee XXX

I know I shouldn’t have but I read on. I wanted to know what was wrong with the people next door and why they hardly ever stayed there. The next entry read:

7th March

I have finally saw the people who live next door. It was around 5’o’clock when I was just about to head inside, after a days long work of gardening. It was dropping dark so I figured I couldn’t stay out much longer. Three of them came out of the house. They all looked the same but completely different at the same time. The first one to come out was a tall, long black haired man; he looked no older than 26. He wore faded denim, blue jeans with a woven brown belt, he had on a unbuttoned green checked shirt with a unbuttoned orange suit jacket. It was strange because although he was fully clothed he wore no shoes. Even when he was walking on the gravel and stones he didn’t seem to care. The second one to come out from the house was a long blonde haired man, although his hair was tied up, unlike the first; he couldn’t have been over 24. He wore light blue, denim jeans with holes in with a camouflage green belt. He also wore a brown leather jacket that had different badges all over. The third one to come out of the house followed closely after the second man. She was a long red haired woman, strangely her hair was covered in leaves., she wore dark blue, denim jeans with a jewelled string belt, she had on a green t-shirt saying ‘KISS ME I’M IRISH’ with a big fur coat over the top. She wore fishnet gloves with bracelets covering them and round her neck hung necklaces. Like the other two men she was not wearing any shoes either. There car stood out front there house, it was black with faded windows and spikes on the wheels. The second man and the woman got in the front seats and the first man got in the back. Then they drove off fast, faster than my car could probably drive if I slammed my foot on the pedal. And they were gone.

I probably know why they don’t have any friends now. Because they act like there higher than everyone else, like they are much better than anyone here. I bet you if you put all of them in a fight with Phil, Phil would probably win. When I see them next though I am going to make conversation, even if they are stuck up.

Renee XXX

9th March

When I was collecting the mail this morning I saw the tall, dark, long haired man standing out side the house next door. He was wearing the exact same as he did yesterday, he was even wearing it in the exact same way. Its like he never took it off to go to bed. Well maybe he never went to bed, you know kids these days out partying every night. He was sitting on the deck chair on the front lawn of the house. He was looking down the road, as if he was waiting for someone to come. He didn’t move the whole time he was sitting there, he didn’t even blink, in fact I couldn’t even see he chest rising and falling as he breathed. I was going to make conversation, he looked pretty board. I put the mail on the table just inside the house then closed the door. He turned his head straight at me and gave me the funniest of looks, I couldn’t pin point the exact emotion behind it, it was a mix between happiness, confusion and expectation. I walked over to the fence which separated our two front gardens. I then took a deep breath and started talking:

“Um. Hello. I’m Renee, I live next door” I began. “I’ve lived here for two years and haven’t seen you here. Are you new”. Obviously I new he wasn’t new, I just wanted to be polite. He wouldn’t want to know I’ve been going around asking about him and his friends.

He turned his head to look in my direction and took a deep breath. “ I’m Laurent”, he answered. “And no I’m not new, I’ve lived here for five years but haven’t visited much. I don’t like the sun, as you can see,” he said as he looked into the cloudy sky.

“Well if you ever want to go to lunch one day, as neighbours, I’m always around.” I offered.

“Um”, he looked down the road again. “Sure, my friends won’t be back for a couple of hours”.

“Well there’s a restaurant, called Lizzie’s, down the road its pretty nice,” I offered.

“Yes of course,” Laurent said. As if he had forgotten about it.

“I’ll go and get my stuff” I said. I rushed inside and grabbed my purse that lay on my bed. He seemed nice, if you got into conversation he was harmless. I don’t know what Aimee was talking about. I went into the kitchen.

“Phil,” I called out. “I’m going to lunch with Laurent, the nice man next door”.

“Ok,” he called back. “I’m going to baseball practice in 10 minutes.”

“Good luck!” I wished him before walking out of the front door. Laurent was already standing there. I walked up to the gate and opened it. “Ready,” I said.

“So am I,” Laurent replied.

We walked up the road in complete silence. I tried to make conversation but I couldn’t think of anything to say, the only question that did pop to mind was ’I noticed you weren’t wearing any shoes yesterday, why aren’t you wearing any now either?’ but I knew that was way too rude. I definitely knew he wasn’t poor because he had the most expensive house in the village. And looking through the window at the décor inside, that must be more expensive than all of my belongings put together. I turned my head and looked at his face. I hadn’t really noticed it before but his face was beautiful. I know I must not think like that, I’ve got a boyfriend, but he was really beautiful. His lips were full and his nose was perfectly straight and he had the most beautiful, black eyes I had ever seen. His skin was perfectly flawless. But the only fault his face had was the big purple circles he had under his eyes, like he hadn’t slept in 2 days.

When we finally had got to the restaurant he opened the door for me and I walked in before thanking him. We sat down at the table and the waitress came up to us.

“Hi I’m Amelia,” she began. “And I’ll be your waitress for toady. What can I get you.” She wasn’t looking at me, she was staring at Laurent.

“I’ll have the pesto pasta, please,” I said trying to get her attention. But she didn’t turn he head, she just scribbled on her pad, without looking.

“And you will have,” she said to Laurent.

“The same,” he said gesturing towards me.

“OK,” she giggled and walked off.

“Excuse me,” Laurent said. “I need the rest room.” He smiled and got up gracefully from his seat. He walked to the back of the restaurant and through a door. Seconds later I heard a earpeircing scream coming from the back of the restaurant, where Laurent had just walked. Had he got hurt? I was going to get up and have a look, before he came out. I took a sigh of relief. And he sat back down. But I noticed something looked different about him. Instead of his jet black eyes, they where dark red. He must of inserted contact lenses.

“Did you hear that scream?” I asked.

“No,” he answered.

“Oh,” I replied. I must have been paranoid.

“So….” he began. “Tell me about yourself”.

“Um…. I’m Renee. Divorced. But I’ve got a boyfriend now. I live in Jacksonville. Um…I’ve got a daughter…” I said everything that came to my head. I’m not really sure what he expected me to say.

“A daughter,” he sounded interested.

“Yeah, she‘s 19 and called Bella.,” I said.

“It must have been hard on her when you and Charlie divorced,” he sounded interested.

Yeah, but she coped quite well, she never moaned and you never caught her crying,” I said. Then I realized. “I never told you my old husbands name.”

“Yes you did.” He said sounding relaxed. But I could have sworn that I didn’t mention Charlie at all. I haven’t even mentioned him to Aimee down the road.

“Well, Bella’s engaged to a lovely boy called Jacob,” I carried on forgetting the whole Charlie business. “He’s one year younger than her, but I think they are truly in love. She never really had a boyfriend while she was at school.”

“Oh. Where did they meet,” Laurent said, like he was truly liked what I was telling him.

“Well Charlie and Billy, that’s Jacobs dad, new each other from collage. So when Bella moved to Forks, to live with Charlie, two years ago, Jacob gave Bella Billy’s old pick up truck because he couldn’t drive it any more. And it hit off from there.” I said.

“Well Bella seems interesting,” he said. “I would like to meet her one day. She must be a lot like you.”

“Yeah, she is coming down to Jacksonville for her honeymoon next spring. I could bring her to see you,” I suggested. “It would be great.”

“Yes that would be great,” he smiled. Then the food came, but instead of the staring, Amelia, who said she was going to be our waitress all night ,it was someone completely different.

“Hello,” she said, a little bit nervous. “I’m Jenni and I’ll be your waitress for tonight. Amelia seems to have disappeared.” Jenni didn’t stare at Laurent like Amelia did. She just smiled and put our pesto pasta in front of us. Then she walked off.

“I saw you coming out of your house the other day with 2 other people. Do they live there too?” I know it sounded rude, but it just came out. I shoved a mouthful of pasta in my mouth to prevent that happening again.

“They are my 2 room-mates, James and Victoria. They live with me at the house too, we go everywhere together, I think its because we are so much alike,” he said, as if he new I was going to ask that question.

For the next 15 minutes it was silent. While I shovelled food in my mouth Laurent just sat there and hadn’t even touched his.

“Aren’t you going to eat anything?” I finally said.

“No,” he looked at me head on. “I think I’ve lost my appetite, all of a sudden.”

When I had finished my pasta and paid for the food, as Laurent hadn’t touched his we walked back home in silence.

“Bye,” I said as I came to my front house gate. “It was lovely having lunch with you.”

“Bye,” Laurent said, as he came to his front gate. “It was lovely having lunch with you too. And do remember to tell Bella about coming to visit me, I would love seeing her.” I nodded and made my way inside.

The other people I have talked to about Laurent, James and Victoria are totally wrong. Laurent is lovely and I’m sure the other too will be the same. Maybe Aimee felt jealous because they are so good looking.

Renee XXX

11th March

I have decided to invite James, Victoria and Laurent to the monthly ’Hippy convention’ which is being held at the town hall, on the 18th of March. I want to show Aimee what the people next door are really like.

That morning at 11:00am I went next door and rang the door bell, hoping someone would be in. The same second the red headed lady, which I suspected to be Victoria, answered the door. Its like she was waiting on the other side, hoping someone would knock. Like Laurent she was wearing exactly the same clothes as I had seen her in the first time I saw her. The minute she saw my face a huge grin crossed hers.

“Hello,” I said. “I’m Renee from next door.”

“Renee,” she said slowly. “I’m Victoria. Laurent has told me so much about you. Please come in.”

I walked into their house. The walls where painted white and the curtains weren’t open, funny because it seems like the sunniest day of the year, and there was a big black, wool rug spread out on the floor. In one corner was a old fashioned radio and in the other a coffee table with a huge vase of yellow roses. There where two sofa’s and a chair that was black, there was also a massive fire place in one corner with a roaring flame, above the fire place was a portrait of a girl. It looked like Victoria, but at the same time it was completely different, she had flaming red hair and the same lips and nose as Victoria. But she also had a wonderful tan with light blue eyes but Victoria had pale white skin with dark red eyes like Laurent, maybe they had the same contacts. This woman above the fire place must have been a relative of Victoria, maybe a twin sister.

“Sit down, please make yourself at home,” she gestured towards the couch. “I’ll go and get Laurent and James,” and she walked out of the room. I sat down on the sofa and stared into the roaring flame of the fire. Outside the room I could faintly hear Laurent’s voice, so I easdropped, I couldn’t help it.

“Bella sounds strong and brave,” he began. “She would be even better when she’s changed. She could join our newborn ar-.”

“Shhhhh,” I heard Victoria enter the room and speak. “She’s here.” I wonder what Laurent was talking about, something to do with Bella, changing and newborns. What on earth did he mean. Then Laurent, James and Victoria entered the room.

“Hello,” the long, blonde headed man said. “I’m James.”

“Hi, I’m Renee,” I got up and held my hand out in front of me, expecting James to shake it but he just ignored it. Suddenly without thinking the words came blurting out my mouth. “What were you saying about Bella and Newborns.” Laurent and James looked at each other expecting me not to have heard what they were talking about.

“We think…” Laurent began, “Bella would be great on this new Xbox game we found.” I eyed there front room.

“But you don’t even have an Xbox,” I eyed again, “Come to mention it ,you don’t even have a TV”.

“Well…..” James began, “We’re getting one.”

“So, what did you come for?” Victoria said quickly, changing the subject.

“Oh,” I said forgetting what I had come for. “I have come to invite you all to my annual monthly hippy convention.”

A huge smile crossed James face, “we would love to come, when is it?”

“On the 18th,” I said.

“Great,” Laurent said.

“Well better be off,” I said and headed out the door. I had the feeling that they were being too friendly, like they wanted something out of me. All the time they never stopped smiling and it was giving me the creeps. I headed to the door and walked out.

I want to get to know them better and see if there always that friendly. I would love it if we were to become friends.

Renee XXX

15th March

Sorry I haven’t wrote in four days, I had come down with a fever. I couldn’t move out of bed . Phil had to cancel one of his games to look after me. Every time I see him I have to thank him for being so kind. I think I’m all better now though.

Renee XXX

17th March

I went shopping today and got the cutest top for the hippy convention. Aimee, Hollie and Angharads going to be there. I can introduce them to James, Laurent and Victoria, I hope they get along.

Renee XXX

18th March

I got up at 6:00 am to make sure I was ready for the convention, it starts at 11:00 am. I’m so happy Phil is back to playing his ball again instead of taking care of me.

Victoria, James and Laurent came round at 10:30 am.

“Are we in time?” Laurent asked.

“Just in time,” I replied. “If you get in the car then we can go.”

I grabbed my stuff and headed towards the Camper Van. Nearly all the way there the conversation was about Bella, they seemed very interested in her.

“So is Bella very girly?” Victoria asked.

“No,” I said. “She doesn’t wear a lot of dresses or skirts, never wears make-up and couldn’t care less about her hair.”

“So I take it she’s very sporty then,” James said.

“Not unless you call falling over a sport,” I replied. “We tend to keep her away from anything remotely to do with sports, she’ll only find a way of hurting herself. Not that she tries to hurt herself, she tries not to hurt herself but in the end of the day she’ll be in A&E. She’s very clumsy.”

“Oh,” James replied in return. Not sounding too pleased. The pointless questioning about Bella went on for half and hour until we finally got there. In the distance I could see Hollie, Aimee and Angharad.

“I’ve got some friends I want you to meet,” I said to James, Victoria and Laurent.

“Ok,” said Laurent not sounding too sure. We walked over to the massive peace sign where the three of them was standing; Aimee gave me an evil glare as if to say, ‘Why the hell have you brought them’ and then she nudged Hollie. Hollie turned around, looked at James, and then carried on her conversation with Angharad.

“Hi,” I said. “Aimee, Angharad and Hollie this is James, Victoria and Laurent. James, Victoria and Laurent this is Aimee, Angharad and Hollie.”

Angharad jumped over to James and said: “Hi, I’m Angharad,” then battered her eye lashes as if she wanted to hook-up with him.

“I’m James,” he said and took one step back. Angharad pounced on him again, telling him her whole life story.

“I used to live in Wales but then moved to Jacksonville because I liked the accents. Yay! Don’t worry my hair is naturally bright red. Yay! Some people think its fake, but its not. I’m not one of them girls who have false hair, teeth, boobs, cheeks or hamsters. Did I tell you I have a hamster. Yay! He’s called Sponge bob. Now don’t think of me as the freak who watches Sponge bob….OMG! Did you watch the one the other day where Patrick goes ‘Look Sponge bob I’m a star fish’ and then he goes ‘I know’.” The she burst out laughing. “It was so funny.”

“Yeah I’m sure it was,” James replied. Then Angharad held her arms up.

“Do you want any money?” She said and smiled.

James took two steps back this time. “Um…… I need to go to the rest room.” And then he was off. I suspect that was just a ploy to get away from Angharad, everyone does that.

“The lecture starts in 10 minutes, we’re going,” Aimee said sourly as she left towards the big hall.

10 seconds later James arrived, “Is she gone?” He asked anxiously.

“Yes,” I laughed. “We better go, the convention starts in 10 minutes. Although we better not sit next to Aimee.”

“Or Angharad,” James added. We made our way into the big hall and sat at the back where no-one could see us and give us harsh glares. After about 5 minutes of waiting in silences the lights went down and a woman came bounding onstage. She had her long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail and was wearing a long flowery dress, bright red wedges and matching red lipstick. She walked up to the microphone and started talking. She said her name was Amber and she had moved here from England because people where so much friendlier (which I agreed with). She then went into a long talk about hippies which was far more interesting than the previous boring man we had last year. When she had finally finished we headed home and unlike the drive here, the drive on the way home was pretty much silent.

I can’t wait until Bella comes next year and gets to meet James, Victoria and Laurent because I think they would become perfect friends, and the friendship would last for years.

Renee XXX

19th March

When I woke up this morning there was a letter posted through our front door and on the front it simply said ’Renee’. I opened it eagerly like a child with its Christmas presents because I knew that it was hand posted. The handwriting inside was really neat like they had spent a long time to perfect it. It read:

‘To Renee,

Thank-you so much for inviting us to the hippy convention yesterday, we had a great time. Although James is still freaked out from your hyper friend Angharad. We have some bad news to tell you. Please could you come round at 10:00am.

James, Laurent and Victoria. X’

It was 9:54am so I quickly put a pop-tart in the microwave oven, ate it, then headed out the door. As I walked up there front lawn which lead to their house I wondered why the 3 of them where always so perfect. I had to make a list in my head.

· Always polite

· Never tripped or stumbled

· There house was always spotless

· Nothing was ever out of place

· They talked perfectly

· They never got anything wrong

· And always new something was going to happen before it actually did.I knocked 3 times, only 1 second passed and James was at the door.

“Hello,” he said with a wide grin. “Please come in.” And he gestured me inside. Victoria was behind him.

“Would you like a drink?” she questioned.

“No,” I replied gratefully. “I’m fine.”

“Please sit down then,” she offered. I went into the living room and sat down on the small chair in the corner. Victoria, James and Laurent sat down on the long couch on the other side of the wall.

“Here’s the bad news,” Laurent said getting on with it. “We have to move to Seattle. We don’t like the climate here. But please we would really like to see your daughter she sounds like she would get along with us. And we don’t have many friends.” How could they move? They had only just come.

“Well I’m sure your new life will be great.” I said as got off the chair and walked straight out the door before they could stop me. I went straight upstairs and lay on the bed looking up at the ceiling. Not sure what to think.

I didn’t know why I was acting like a child. I hadn’t known them for long so why was I getting upset? But I knew the exact answer to that. Because they where the only real friends I had in Jacksonville. Aimee is stuck up and snobby and only befriends you because she can become popular, like a cheerleader in high school. Hollie is always looking for a fight and only really becomes your friend so when she gets angry or upset she has someone to take it out on. Angharad only becomes your friend so she doesn’t feel alone because she knows that no-one really likes her because she is too hyper and controlling. Caus’ when you like her she wont let you go and she’s stuck your friend for life.

Renee XXX

I placed the big black book down. I had no idea that my mother had found such good friends, she normally tells me the littlest of things so why didn’t she tell me this? And why where they always asking about me? I’m not special in anyway. I don’t think.

Then Jacob walked over to me interrupting my thoughts.

“What are you reading?” he said eyeing the big black book. “Can I see?” Should I let him read it? It was my mothers and I shouldn’t even be reading it myself. It was her own private journal. I suddenly felt a surge of pain pang through me. How could I read this. She would never do such thing to me.

“Um….. I don’t think so. Its Renee’s, I’m not even sure why I’m reading it. I shouldn’t be.” I replied.

“Well, if you say so,” He said unaware what was really in there. There was loads of unanswered questions popping up in my head. From how Renee described them they don’t sound human. How can they be so perfect?

“Is there something in there I should see?” Jake looked at my puzzled face.

“No,” I said. They are probably humans just the really weird ones you read in books. But then what if Renee goes back to see them they might not be so kind. “Um, Jake, can humans be perfect.”

“What do you mean?” he replied.

“You know. Beautiful. Neat homes. Every move is graceful. Seem to know what your thinking. Polite. Talk perfectly.” I listed.

“Well……. What’s in that book?” but before I could answer he snatched it out of my hands and opened it reading quickly and turning the page every 30 seconds. 5 minutes later he had finished and looked stunned. “ They sound like… They…James…Victoria…Laurent…Vam…” I grabbed Jacob.

“Jacob, what’s wrong?” I said not sure what to make of the whole thing. “Answer me.”

“Bella no matter what Renee says do not go and see these people.” He demanded.

“But-,” before I could finish I heard a car horn honk outside.

“Get in the cab,” Jake ordered.

“But-” I didn’t get to finish.

“I’ll tell you on the plane.” And lifted me onto his back, then we walked swiftly out of the hotel into the cab that was waiting outside.