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Who's He?

In this story Bella is torn between two guys, but will she pick the right one?

I hope you like it. This is my first fan fic so please review!

5. La Push

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I dreamt of the boy in the parking lot that night. We were at high school, like Forks High, (I had seen it on the way to our hike). I was 17 again and sitting next to the beautiful copper haired boy in biology. He was totally beautiful, like nothing I had ever seen before. Although it looked like he felt entirely different. He was on the edge of his seat, as far away from me as possible. He had his hand over his mouth, as if I smelled. Suddenly the bell went causing me to jump violently.

I awoke shivering. I had no cover on me and Jake was all the way on the other side of the bed. I shifted over and put my arm around him, hoping it would warm me up. I tried to go back to sleep but my mind was constantly wondering about that boy I had seen the previous day. I looked at the clock on my bed side table, it read: 06:08 AM. I figured I should get up, I couldn’t get back to sleep anyway. I didn’t wake Jake as I pulled random clothes out of the dresser.

After I had a shower I headed down to the kitchen to make breakfast for us. I put the radio on and cracked some eggs into a frying pan.

It’s going to be hot hot hot today, folks.

One of the rare sunny days in Forks.

Make sure you put on the sun block.

The radio blared out at me unexpectedly. I turned it down and took the eggs out of the pan. I was surprised at the weather, I had only been to Forks once, apart from this, and it had been rainy all week. I thought we could go to that beach down the road at La Push. And if that boy from the parking lot there I could see his six pack! WHAT!!! Why the hell was I thinking like this. Never in my life had I thought like this! I do know now that something is seriously wrong with me.

I went over to the sink to splash some cold water on my face, to try and calm my mind down. I then heard Jake coming down the stairs.

“Hello gorgeous,” he said, as he came over and hugged me.

I returned the hug and pecked him on the cheek.

“I’ve made breakfast,” I held up both of our plates. Mine only had one egg, but Jakes has four, werewolves can really eat.

“Thank-you,” he took his plate and sat down at the table to eat it. I followed.

“So I was thinking was could go down to the La Push beach today. What do you think?” I offered.

“Sure, baby. It was your turn to choose anyway,” he replied.

“Great because it said is was going to be really hot today.”

After breakfast and we drove down to La Push. The beach was crammed with people, since the sun was the hottest people had ever seen down here. I searched around the beach twice to see if there was anyone there that I remotely new. I suddenly felt a pang of disappointment as I realized there was no-one, not even the copper haired boy that was in my dream.

Me and Jake found a spot near the water and set up our beach towels. Jake was already in the water, splashing around like he was six, before I even sat down. I got changed in the beach toilets and soon got in the water with him. I couldn’t believe how cold it was, like being plunged in a bucket full of ice, so I tried to stay as close to Jake as I possibly could. He pulled me on his back and started to swim, I felt like I was on a dolphin. We did this for half an hour.

After that I decided to get out, seems as I looked like a prune. I lied on my beach towel and didn’t put any sun-block on, because, hey, I look like a albino! Oh, god, I just wish I would get a inch of colour on me; nineteen years of trying and nothing.

I pulled my copy of Wuthering Heights out of the beach bag and started to read, but somehow I ended up falling asleep.

I dreamt I was running as fast as I could down a dark alley. I looked behind me, two dark haired men were running after me. I had to get away. But somehow they caught up and got a hold of each of my arms. They started slipping my coat off. I couldn’t run, I would just fall over anyway. My heart was defiantly going to pop out of my chest, it was beating so hard. I tried to struggle out of their grip, but couldn’t. After 30 seconds I freed my arm from one of the men’s grip. Then punched him in the stomach with my free hand. The bigger man tightened his grip on both of my arms, there was no way I could get out this time. I looked at the big Port Angeles sign that stood in front of me. I knew now I was surely going to die. But just when I thought that would be the end of me, a bright light came, causing me to squeeze my eyes shut. It was the head lights to a shiny silver Volvo. A man stepped out…

“Bells, Bells,” I was awoken by Jake shaking me violently by my shoulder.

“Yes,” I answered sleepily.

“You wanna play volley ball. I found these guys down the beach they have a net set up and everything. They asked if we wanted to play. So do ya?,” his voice was brimming with excitement.

“Yeah, sure,” I answered. Jake helped me up.

Was he being idiotic? How could he ask if I wanted to play volley ball, he knew that if I was in his team then they would surely lose. I am probably the worst person in the world to be in a sports team with.

“Um…Jake. You do know that I’m really bad at walking, never mind sports, or have you just suddenly forgot that I fall over thin air?” I wasn’t sure what he was really playing at.

“No I haven’t forgot, how could I! You know I love you an everything, but your going in the other team. See they said that you could play too but only if you were in the other team to me. You know to make it fair. See, thought they were being clever, but they have really made the biggest mistake of their lives. Ha ha.” Jake was filled with glee.

Suddenly four boys came in front of us. They weren’t exactly muscular, but still had some muscle on them (of course not as much as Jake).

“You picked a fine girl J,” one guy came forward and play-punched Jake on the shoulder. He had short, spiky blonde hair and dull blue eyes, which seemed to have a sparkle to them.

“I know,” Jake replied on return.

“Hi my names Eric,” another guy pushed in front of the first one eagerly and shook my hand. “You’ll be on my team. And you are?”

“Oh. Hi. I’m Bella.”

“I’m Mike,” the short blonde haired boy came forward again and shook my hand this time.

“Hi,” I said not knowing what to say.

“I’m Taylor,” the guy with most muscle came forward. He took my hand,(which I expected him to shake), and kissed it. Pleasant! “And this is Ben.” he pointed to the other boy in the corner, he didn’t have any muscle on him at all, all I could see where bones. He pushed his thick lenses glasses up his nose and waved at me.

I waved back feeling a bit sorry for him.

“Lets go!” Taylor shouted and ran to the net.

This should be good, me, playing volley ball, great combination. I feel so sorry for Eric actually thinks having me on his team is a good thing. When we came over to the pitch I grabbed Eric’s arm.

“Please don’t pass the ball to me, I’m not very good at sports,” I pleaded.

“Don’t be silly, I’m sure your just being modest. You’ll be the first one to get the ball,” he replied. Was he crazy!?! I’m not being modest, I’m being truthful!

“Oh great!” I murmured to myself. I looked around at my team, I had Eric and Ben. Oh god I feel soooooo sorry for them.

Taylor blew the whistle and Eric placed the ball into my hands.

“Make it good,” he whispered.

I looked through the net and saw Jake had a victory smile on his face.

Without looking I chucked the ball, it didn’t go over the net, it hit the net, I didn’t even get it over! Oh, I’m really good at this. The ball bounced back off the net and walloped my in the face. I fell to the ground in pain.

Jake was the first one I saw over me, followed by Eric and Mike.

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” I tried to say but it only came out as a whisper.

“Oh baby, you can sit off,” Jake said.

“No, I’m fine. I can stay on,” I urged. Why was I saying that? If I were to stay on, I’m bound to just hurt someone else.

“Let her stay on if she wants to,” Taylor said, he also had the victory smile on his face.

Jake helped me up and over to the net.

“You ok?” he whispered in my ear.

“Yeah, I’m fine you don’t worry about me,” I said.

Jake hurried over to the other side of the net again. Then Mike blew the whistle, but this time Ben was the one to serve the ball he threw it over and Taylor punched it back. The game didn’t look that hard, I mean all you do is throw a ball over the net. How easy is that! I could do that….I think.

I saw the ball fly over the net at me, I could do this. All I have to do is punch it over the other side. That couldn’t be that hard.

“I’ve got it,” I shouted. I ran backwards, Taylor had thrown it pretty far. As I ran I caught my foot on the box that separated the volley ball pitch from the beach. I fell backwards onto rocks and twigs that lay scattered from the tree’s.

The spiky rocks lay jaggered upwards, I could feel them puncturing the skin of my skin. Hot, sticky, blood poured from my open wound; my stomach turned. Oh no, blood! I could feel all the blood rush from my face, as I went green. I moved backwards eager to get away from the rocks, but just as I did, I could hear my arm snap. Oh god!

I let out a cry of distress, the pain was unbearable. The smell of the salt-rusted blood made my stomach turn once more. I couldn’t take it…….