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Who's He?

In this story Bella is torn between two guys, but will she pick the right one?

I hope you like it. This is my first fan fic so please review!

6. Dr Cullen

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“Today is blood typing,” a tall man stood there dressed in a blazer and trousers. I ripple of yells seemed to fill the room. “Mike would you be the volunteer.”

A tall-ish, blonde haired, blue eyed boy stood up. He looked familiar but I couldn’t work out from where. He walked over to the front of the room, but on the way there he winked at me, cheekily. Where was he from?

The tall man got out a needle and pricked Mikes finger. The heavy scent of salty rusty blood rolled its way around the room, it filled the air with its heavy aroma.

My stomach did a somersault, and I could feel my face losing all sense of colour.

“Bella are you alright?” the tall man asked, which I now figured out was a teacher. His voice was close to my head and it sounded alarmed.

“I already know my blood type, Sir,” I said in a weak voice. I was afraid to raise my head.

“Are you feeling faint?”

“Yes, Sir,” I muttered.

“Can someone take Bella to the nurse?” he called. “Can you walk?”

“Yes,” I whispered. Just let me get out of here, I thought. I’ll crawl.

Mike came to my side, he pulled my arm over his shoulder. I leaned against him heavily on my way out of the classroom.

Mike towed me across campus. When we around the edge of the cafeteria, out of sight of the classroom in case Sir was watching, I stopped.

“Just let me sit down for a minute, please?” I begged.

He helped me sit on the edge of the walk.

“And whatever you do keep that bloody finger away from me,” I warned. I slumped on my side, putting my cheek against the freezing, damp cement of the sidewalk, closing my eyes. This seems to help a little.

“Wow, your green, Bella,” Mike said nervously.

“Bella?” another voice came from a distance. “What’s wrong- is she hurt?” the voice came closer now, he sounded upset. I squeezed my eyes shut hoping not to throw up.


I opened my eyes and stood over me was the copper haired boy, again. Was I ever going to get him out of my head! His face was less than an inch away from mine…..

I opened my eyes feeling dizzy and less co-ordinated than before. All I could see was a spread of multicoloured blurs.

“Bella? Bella - your awake,” I could see now. Jake sat beside me holding my hand. The smell of salt-rusted blood had now disappeared from the air.

I tried to sit up straight because I was in the most awkward position, but a sharp pain leaped into my arm. I let out a small yelp of grief .

“Bella don’t move,” Jake’s voice was close to me. “You hurt your arm and the doctor said that he couldn’t see what was wrong with you until you were fully awake. In fact I’ll go and tell him now.” Jake stood up, kissed me on my forehead and walked over to the doctor who was standing in the corner talking to a nurse.

The doctor was wearing a clean, white cape and a blue shirt and tie. He had light blonde hair combed back and had unusually pale skin.

Jake walked over to him and started to make conversation, about me I expect. How long did it take to say ‘Hi my wife’s woken up, so you can fix her now’. The pain started to make its wy up to my shoulder, so it felt like my whole arm was going to fall off any minute now. I tried not to squeal and draw attention to me the best I could.

Finally Jake and the doctor made their way over to me, I had never noticed but the doctor looked incredibly young, about twenty-five. Is that even old enough to be qualified?

“Hello Mrs Black,” the doctor approached me. “I’m Dr Cullen and I’ll be taking care of you today. Could you please follow me.” He sounded incredibly polite, like he had been perfecting speech for years. The way he spoke and his posture seemed incredibly familiar to me but I couldn’t figure out from where. I know this would bug me until I figured it out.

Dr Cullen led me into a doctors room. It had one bed and a desk set up in the corner with a computer and pictures of what I expected to be his family. In the other corner stood a bookshelf filled with medical books.

“Please could you take a seat,” he gestured to the two chairs that were placed next to the bookshelf.

I sat down and placed the beach bag on the floor. Realizing someone had changed me out of my bikini into a big t-shirt and shorts. You cant just walk into a hospital dressed in a white and blue bikini, Jake must of got me changed.

“Now Isabella-,” Dr Cullen began before I cut him off.


“Bella,” he said and smiled. “Jacob said you fell viciously, over a wooden panel and hurt your arm quite badly. May I take a look at it?”

“Yeah,” I said and put my arm out. A screaming pain leaped into my arm as I moved it, but I didn’t make a noise, because I didn’t want to worry Jake.

Dr Cullen took my arm in his hands and starting pressing gently on different area’s. His touch was ice cold, like his arm had been plunged into a bucket of ice cold water.

I flinched when he placed his hand on my arm, but he did not seem to notice and carried on.

“Well it seems you have a broken arm. You took quite a fall, Bella. You wont need a cast, just a bandage and a couple of pain killers. It would help if you tried not to move it that much and it should be fully healed in six weeks.” He smiled sympathetically and let go of my arm. “I’ll go and get a bandage,” and he headed to the door.

“Looks like you were lucky, Bells,” Jake said, pleased I hadn’t gotten really hurt.

“Yeah,” I said with a sigh. I couldn’t believe how clumsy I was. How could a game of volley ball get you in A&E, its like I’m a walking danger magnet. Jake must be constantly worried about me.

Later Dr Cullen came back into the room with two bandages and some safety pins. He wrapped one around my arm and tied the other around my neck with my arm in it, so I couldn’t move it that easily.

While he was doing that my eyes roamed to the pictures he had of his family, on the desk. There was one of him hugging a thin, honey-blonde haired woman. They looked like they were madly in love and could never be separated. I couldn’t even describe the desire they had for each other in my head. You could see in there eyes the unconditional love for each other.

The second photo was of a beautiful, copper haired boy, no, it was THE coppered haired boy, the one in the parking lot. He was playing the piano, like he was born playing it. He looked so natural.

“Is that your son?” I couldn’t control my mouth. Why the hell did I just say that, he’s going to thing I’m one of those ease-dropping girls, who want to know anything and everything about your life.

He turned his head to look at the photo I had just been looking at.

“Yes,” he replied. “I’m so proud of him.” He smiled, not wanting to say anymore. “Well your done.”

“Thank-you, so much,” I said gratefully and walked out of the room with Jake. Obviously, I was expecting to see him again, I was sure I was going to be in here a lot more this honeymoon.