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Who's He?

In this story Bella is torn between two guys, but will she pick the right one?

I hope you like it. This is my first fan fic so please review!

7. Why Me!?!

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“I’m taking you to a restaurant,” Jake demanded.

“You don’t have to,” I offered.

Jake was blaming himself for me braking my arm, he thinks it was his fault, he shouldn’t of let me play in the first place. Even though he did let me play, he says he should of ran and caught me to prevent me from falling. Although I have told him thousands of times that it was my clumsy, fault, (everything is). I should have just been looking where I was going.

“Yes I am. So go and get changed.”

I walked slowly upstairs, not wanting to disagree with Jake, after all he was trying to make up for something he never did.

I entered the bedroom and opened the wardrobe with my one spare arm and picked out my red blouse and blue skirt. I had no fashion sense what so ever and sure that what I just picked up would be a fashion crime to some people, but I have no idea what goes together.

It took me twice as long to get changed because of my broken arm. Once I was changed I rushed downstairs, grabbed my purse and walked outside, where Jake was waiting for me in the car.

“Off we go,” he said enthusiastically.

“Which restaurant are we going to?” I asked interested.

“Ok, ok, get this, I chose it specially for you. Its in Port Angles,” he sounded hyped up. “You’ll never guess. Ok are you ready…. La Bella Italia.”

“Wow!” I tried to sound impressed but failed. Being truthful I had heard of it before and wasn’t that exited then either.

“I know,” Jake seemed to not notice the disapproving tone in my voice.

I looked out the window so he couldn’t see the unexcited look on my face. Its not that I didn’t want to go, of course I wanted to go! Its just that I would prefer not to go now, I just felt tired and exhausted because of my tiring day. All I wanted to do was lie in bed and go to sleep.

Jake turned the radio on and bobbed his head along to the dance music that was playing. Being myself, I couldn’t stand it, it was so upbeat and un-relaxing. I preferred something classical and musical, like Debussy or Mozart. God even I bored myself! I had no idea how Jake could put up with boring me all this time.

I stared out the window and blocked the music out. I watched the tree’s whooshing past and the stripes on the road moving so fast that it became one long continues line.

The big Port Angles sign popped up on the side of the road, we must be nearly there. The big shop windows where filled with fairy lights and manikins sampling different clothes. There where pubs with merry people in enjoying a good time.

Soon I saw the restaurant, it had a sign out the front saying ’La Bella Italia’.

Jake giggled when he saw it, he couldn’t get over that it had my name in it. He got out of the car, walked round and opened my door.

“I cant wait,” he said. “I’m starving,” and he rubbed his hands together.

When we were walking up the stairs that lead to the restaurant I tripped, trust me! Jake caught my by my elbow just in time otherwise I would have had two broken arms.

“Close that time,” Jake said. Jake thought of helping me as a game and tried to beat is top score of catching me each time. I couldn’t blame him saving me must be pretty boring if you did it out of your own good.

We walked thought the door and a woman greeted us. She had long-ish brunette hair, and was wearing a black and white waitress outfit.

“Hi,” she said in a chirpy voice. The tone in her voice suggested that she would rather not be happy but had to so she could get her wages. “I’m Samantha and I’ll be your waitress today. May I show you to your table.”

She let us through the masses of tables where everyone was eating and chatting happily.

Jake held my spare arm, and squeezed it lovingly. He had made an effort tonight and had got changed into the best clothes he had packed: A dark blue pair of trousers and a light blue shirt and tied his hair back just the way I liked it, effortless, with the occasional strand hanging down.

Samantha finally stopped at a spare table in the corner, next to the kitchen. It had been laid with a ivory table cloth, napkins, and a crimson, red rose in the middle of the table.

“Thank-you,” I said and sat down as gracefully as I could.

“Just call when your ready to order,” she said and walked off.

“This is nice,” Jake said, looking around.

“Yeah,” I said, wishing I hadn’t come here in the first place, it was far too posh. I felt out of place, all the other people were dressed in suits and dresses and here I was in a clashing red shirt and blue skirt.

Jake didn’t look remotely interested and was staring at the menu looking what he could eat.

I picked my menu up and looked at it.

Mushroom ravioli-$10.00



I didn’t dare to read the rest it all sounded too expensive. And how could I eat all these things with one hand, it is nearly impossible.

“I’ll have a beer,” Jake said when Samantha the waitress had come over. “With pate on toast as a starter, the largest steak you’ve got as main and the cheesecake as a desert.” Jake said all of that without taking a breath. He could eat the whole of a supermarket if he wanted to and still have room left for desert. Werewolves have a really big appetite!

Samantha looked at me expectantly.

“Um….” I hadn’t really looked at the menu that much, more at the decoration in this place. “I’ll have a water….” I looked down at the menu and tried to find something you could eat with one hand, “and the tomato soup.”

“Ok it should be ready soon,” Samantha left trying to sound enthusiastic, but failing miserably.

“This place is really beautiful, hey, Bells,” Jake said looking around restaurant.

“Yeah,” I said speechlessly amazed.

“Just like you,” his eyes looked at me and a huge smile appeared on his face.

I could feel all the blood rushing to the surface of my cheeks and a smile made its way to my lips.

“I love you,” I reminded him once more, I’m going to say this every day so that he would never forget. He was all mine and I was so glad of it. I couldn’t imagine life without him, I cant even remember how my life was before I met him (it must have been really boring).

I gazed into his big black eyes and he gazed back into mine. Even though Jakes eyes where black they had no evil in them, or even a smidge of something bad. All I saw was happiness, joy and love. I cant describe how much love they have in them or even think to describe it.

He grabbed a hold of my hands and squeezed them lovingly. His warm hands cradled mine perfectly.

I could now feel all the blood in my body rushing to my face and I didn’t care because I knew I was with the person I loved most in the world.

“Here we go,” Samantha came interrupting me and Jake.

I know it wasn’t her fault but, how dare she! That was the first bit of proper romance me and Jake have had on this honeymoon and she came and intruded us.

“Your drinks,” and she put two glasses on our table.

“Thank-you,” Jake said in a tone that made her walk off.

“I love you,” Jake said and squeezed my hand once more, “But I need the rest room.”

“Ok,” I said and he headed off.

I cant explain in words how I feel right now. The emotions are bubbling up inside and about to explode. I had to calm myself down before I scream to the world that I am madly in love with Jake and always will be.

I looked around the room to try and calm myself down.

Oh that’s the last thing I need to calm myself down, I thought to myself as I looked over to the table in the corner. No, please don’t let it be real, its things like these that ruin my night.

Sitting in the corner of the room was the copper haired boy, was this boy stalking me or something. He was sitting with a platinum-blonde haired girl, like him too she had pale white skin, she was incredibly beautiful.

My self esteem hit zero, I didn’t even know there was someone that beautiful in the world. I looked at the coppered haired boy again to prevent myself from crying, his eyes where golden brown. Why were they golden brown? I remembered his eyes being jet black last time I saw him, maybe he got contact lenses. There was something incredibly familiar about him, like last time I had saw him.

He couldn’t be going out with her as well as the other one could he? I cant believe how he uses girls. I feel sorry for the woman the most, they finally realize that they are in love with these guys and then they catch them in bed with another girl. The woman then hits rock bottom and don’t come out of her house for another five years, then when they do come out everything reminds them of the boy. Their feelings must be crushed.

I looked at the girl once more, god, why did I just do that? I felt as if I was about to cry. I couldn’t cry here. I looked down at myself, all I could see was a clashing outfit and a broken arm, did I just scream hopeless. What am I doing here? Why am I dressed like this? Why was I even invented? Why would anyone want to be my friend? Or marry me? I could feel water brimming to my lower eye lids and I quickly blinked them out.

Jake came back and sat at the seat opposite me. He smiled at me, just the way I liked his smile.

“Here’s your food,” Samantha put the dishes on our table. I looked at her properly, god, even she was more attractive than me.

I quickly got up and ran out of the restaurant, tears pouring down my cheeks. All eyes where on me but I ignored them the best I could. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the copper haired boy and the beyond beautiful girl’s full attention was now on me. I ran faster hoping to get out of here quicker, why did we have to sit at the back?

I finally ran out of the door and into the rented car at the front of the parking lot. I curled up on the seat and locked all of the doors.

How could I embarrass myself and let myself go to that restaurant, how could I be so un-pretty. Why cant I make an effort like most other girls at least then I would be slightly attractive.

I cried myself to sleep there right in the middle of a parking lot in a car. I didn’t care, I just wanted to get this day over as quick as I could.