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AU. Bella hasn't spoken a word since the accident - 6 years ago. In a bid to start a fresh, her mother sends her to live with her dad in Forks. There she is the freak to the other kids. Apart from the mysterious Edward Cullen, who helps unlock her past.

A very different try at a fan fiction for me. I don’t know how this is going to turn out. I’d thought I’d give a go at a more serious fanfic. I hope you like it. Please review if you can. Thank you. Disclaimer: I own nothing.

11. Chapter 11

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This is a very long chapter so for the benefit, of you readers I’ve split it in half to part 1 and 2. Both part of the same diary entry though, The closest chapter to the actual book. Reviews would lovely Enjoy!

Distraction can be beneficial to us all. As there is only a fine line of reality and fantasy. - Unknown

Thursday 5 th January 2005 - 11:01

Dear Diary,

As much expected today was crap. But it was more than crap, it was I don’t really how to explain. It was awful and yet strange & at one point even quite frightening. To be frank, it was really quite weird. One point in particular.

It didn’t start well. When I first drove into the parking lot, hardly anyone was there. A good point, as then no one was glaring at me. A bad point, as those who did see, would immediately get the impression I was over keen. Never a good impression in high school.

The high school, itself, wasn’t quite so bad. It was all these tiny brick buildings, that looked more like houses than anything else and they were all labelled with a number. There was no security, no fences, no graffitied walls. And it surrounded by lush forest. Very pretty. But too unfamiliar to feel like school to me

Then this women, Mrs Cope. She wasn’t a teacher, just a receptionist I think. Sort of took it as her job, to protect me. You could easily guess the reason why. She’d been busily reading some sort of fashion magazine, until she noticed me in the office. Then suddenly she was playing mother hen.

I had the feeling she didn’t act this way with other new students, which made me even more ticked off. She flurried around me, giving me all of these pieces of paper, which I sure of hell didn’t need. She gave me a map of the school, but I wasn’t much use to me.

She then turned on the sympathetic approach. Uurrgh the worst kind. She kept asking me questions, constantly. I wanted to go back and sit, possibly cry, in my truck, but that wasn’t going to happen. Funnily enough, all the questions were simples yes or no questions. Of course she was trying to not offend me, but by doing so she actually was offending me. She didn’t seem to have grasped the concept that I was dumb, not mentally impaired.

She led me to my first class. English. At least I English was a subject I reasonably enjoyed. More writing, less talking. Something, that I could relate to.

Didn’t stop them staring though, did it? Sure the hell, it didn’t. And the whispering there was constant whispering. They seemed to think I was deaf as well. At this point I wish I was.

Of course they already knew about my errr condition. What did I expect? It was probably one of their biggest topics of discussion. It was today anyhow.

Being sat at the very back of the classroom in silence on my own, I picked up snippets of what they were all saying. “Weird.”, “Wonder how?” “Is true she lost her voice box?” Jeesh, idol gossip. It sickened me sometimes.

Most of it seemed genuine to be fair, until I heard the conversation of the two girls to my left.

One of them with blond hair and a nasally voice had said. “Wonder, what other freak shows this schools gonna bring in next?”

I didn’t listen for the rest, that was all she had to say. That was all that she needed to say. Like, I honestly thought I would, get away with just that.

The rest of the morning blurred. More gossip. It got worse as the day progressed. Where as at the start most had been kindly yet annoyingly sympathetic, they now believed that I was doing it for attention and yes the word freak, was bunched up in there several times too. At least no one, had said, anything to my face…yet. I couldn’t decide if this was a good or bad thing.

This boy with blond hair, did wink (at least I think it was a wink, then again, it could’ve been an involuntary blink) at me after English. More than likely it was a joke. Maybe a random act of kindness. I don’t know why, but I hoped to god that it wasn’t flirting. Though I’m still not entirely sure, why I’m disappointed about this. Before, I would have hoped the other way a round.

A girl spoke to me in Spanish as well. But I couldn’t help think, that she was doing it on purpose and wasn’t being genuine. I couldn’t be too picky though. Friends here, were most definitely going to be few & far between.

She wrote me a note. I wasn’t exactly sure to be thankful for that or not. It seemed a little too obvious. She didn’t write her name or anything just:

Hi, So like, why don’t you speak?

Not exactly the welcome committee, but she’d been the first to ask. I wasn’t sure how to reply to her, so I just wrote back simply.

Long story. I’d rather not talk about it.

She didn’t like my answer it was obvious, but I could hardly start delving into the dead, with a girl I’d knew literally for 5 minutes.

She did write back though.

Oh ok, maybe another time. So why’d you move to forks?

And so it went on. Most of it was mainly a bunch of lies, made up by me. I told her I moved to Forks, to give my Mother some space, which was I suppose technically true. I was never a good liar, before, when I could talk, but you’d be amazed how easy it is, to lie on a piece of paper.

Still I don’t think she quite believed me, but it was the longest conversation (well sort of conversation) I’d had all day. Not quite homecoming queen, but it was a start, at the very least.

Lunch, came quickly thankfully, but it was immensely…well weird if I’m honest.

I bought my lunch quickly. Luckily the food here, looks almost edible. I headed off to an empty lunch table. I was no way, going to sit with my gossip class mates. Not by choice anyway. But then the curly haired girl, from Spanish, seemed to spot me and direct me towards her friends table.

Again she was too overly friendly and false, but I accepted anyway. She seemed resolute to guide me away from this particular table. At the time, I could not think of a reason particularly why.

It was a big mistake, sitting at that table. Practically all the girls on it, stared at me. Some snickered and whispered and they weren’t at all shy about it either. That really pissed me off.

I looked away from them, that was my best bet, so I kept my eyes, on the table I had headed to and now wished that I had sat there. Alone, seemed better than this.

I did soon realise, why this table was out of bounds.

To be continued...

So, this was the 1 st half. The 2 nd half will carry on. Please Review, if you can. I do love to receive them. Thanks.