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AU. Bella hasn't spoken a word since the accident - 6 years ago. In a bid to start a fresh, her mother sends her to live with her dad in Forks. There she is the freak to the other kids. Apart from the mysterious Edward Cullen, who helps unlock her past.

A very different try at a fan fiction for me. I don’t know how this is going to turn out. I’d thought I’d give a go at a more serious fanfic. I hope you like it. Please review if you can. Thank you. Disclaimer: I own nothing.

9. Wednesday 5th January 2005 9:52

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Chapter 9. Sorry this took awhile. Been busy with holidays & all. Enjoy! Oh & please if you can review.

Life is just one damned thing after another. - Elbert Hubbard

Wednesday 5th January 2005 - 9:52

Dear Diary,

Well, I’m finally here. Now, a citizen of Forks, Washington - Joy!

It took awhile. The journey, was tediously boring. To be expected I suppose.

It was very hard to leave my Mother at the airport. She blubbered with tears & practically strangled me with bear hugs. She bought me, almost the entire stock of the airport gift shop to eat in Departures. I would only take a bite of the muffin & a sip of the coke. But it was the thought that counts - right?

The very last hug, was the worse. I guessed this should have been expected too. I had kept up a brave face all day, even trying yet I have to admit failing to look happy, yet at this very last moment I couldn’t help crying in sink, with my Mother. At that very moment, all the coward inside me wanted was to turn around & stay back home. But I was determined that the coward wouldn’t win.

It was hard though. Very hard. Even Phil, who is still virtually a stranger to me, was sad upon my departure. I hugged him also, but it was awkward. I guess some things can’t change.

I then took, 2 planes. One from Phoenix to Seattle. Then one more, a tiny claustrophobic thing, to this town called Port Angeles. The first was a giant passenger plane. It was very noisy & I wasn’t able to watch the in-flight film, without being distracted by screaming little kids or an overly helpful Air hostess.

There was this man next to me. I vaguely remembering him telling me his name was Ben. He was fairly old at least in his 70s. He kept trying to talk to me. Just small talk. I felt so sorry for him. He obviously had no one & just wanted some company. Which I couldn’t give to him. After a while he gave up & fell asleep. Although even during slumber, I couldn’t help, but feel the vibes of anger coming from him.

Then there was the stewardess. If I’m totally frank, I didn’t share the same sympathy with her, as I did the old man. She kept asking me if I wanted anything. Then when I shook my head, she kept on asking me. As if to be sarcastic. Then laughed, when I blushed more & more. She seemed to enjoy it. Luckily, I was saved from the wrath of the psychotic bitch, when the women behind me asked for a Pepsi.

Thankfully, the next flight was much shorter & I was interrupted at all. The women, sitting next to me, sat with headphones on the whole time & to my knowledge a stewardess didn’t even come round. I was safe.

After that was probably the worst of all. I had an hour long drive with Charlie. He spoke, a little but luckily Charlie isn’t much of a talker. I guess that was something I’d inherited from him. Great. The rest was just awkwardness. He seemed to think he should say something, but he didn’t know exactly what. And I wished that just for once, I could say something, just to pass the time. That hour seemed like forever.

I did get something out of it I suppose. Charlie’s bought me a car. Well more of a truck really. It’s red I know that. And old. But that’s about it. I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad about it. The prospect of having my own truck was perfect. But then the thought still lingers in my mind. I’m enough of an outcast as it is, without riding around in this big antique truck. I can’t complain. It was really nice f Charlie.

Charlie made dinner, although I would have preferred to, as it appeared that it would just have to be a fry up. Joy. Then after dinner, he left me in my room. Gave me some space. Another good thing about Charlie.

I don’t really know what to do with myself though. It’s raining. And I mean really raining. And cold. Really cold. I would email Mom, but I have nothing to say. Charlie’s bought me a second hand computer & modem, another grateful present, but I’m not too keen on using that right now either.

The one thing, I’m putting off is to cry. I will do. I know I will, but I’d rather leave it until late into the night, when Charlie can’t hear me. I want him to think I like it here. I mean, he’s been nothing but nice.

But every single moment I spend here, I’m just hating it more. I’ll never get used to this weather. And all this green - it bugs me for some reason. And Charlie, no matter how nice he‘s been, can’t replace my Mom.

Then not all of this can even come close, to the prospect of joining forks high school. Not only will I be the new girl. Not even the new girl, with rumours & history. The daughter of the chief of police & his flighty runaway wife. No, the whole mute thing, would probably be the most strange thing about me. Unless miraculously mutism, becomes the height of cool, which I very much doubt. I will be considered how I was in Phoenix - the freak. Only this time it will be worse, I’ll be the new girl freak.

Yes, I have all this to look forward to & more. At least no more meetings with Dr Frickin-Evil-Witch-of-theWest, anymore. That’s got count as bonus points somehow.

But even that doesn’t even make me happy. How frickin sad must I be, I can’t even rejoice in that.

This has been a great start.



That’s it. Hope you liked it. Thanks for reading & please people if you can pretty please with Edward on top leave a review, that would be super super as well. x