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‘obsessed’ that’s what my friends called me. I’m obsessed with this wonderful guy since the first time I laid my eyes on him, I have tried my best to appear extremely friendly towards him but he always managed to shut me up. Can I win his heart or he will keep away from me.


1. Chapter one: try and try

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He likes me, he likes me not

Chapter one: try and try

‘OBSESSED’ that’s what my friends called me. Yes, I admit that. I’m obsessed with this wonderful guy since the first time I laid my eyes on him.

I tried my best to appear extremely friendly towards him but he always managed to shut me up. He ignored me every time; I tried to talk to him. Edward thought I was just making fun of him. I’m a gutsy girl, maybe he thinks that expressive girls like me have no other intentions but to flirt around with guys. But I’m still sure that someday Edward will befriend me.

I caught him at the library browsing for some books. I unhesitatingly approached him.

“Hello! Edward? Are you doing some research?” I asked warmly.

He just threw me a very distant look; he placed the book back in the shelf and left me without saying a word. But I still didn’t feel offended; I’m used to his reaction. In fact the more he ignores me, the more I wanted to be with him.

“Forget about it, Bella. It’s obvious he doesn’t like you.” said Alice discouragingly.

“There’s still other guys out there Bella,” Rosalie adds when I told them of the library incident.

True. I have been acting totally crazy ever since I met Edward. I was not usually like this with my other crushes at school. For me, Edward was different. He was special. I would be missing a lot if I will not take my move on him. But to no success, Edward just kept moving backwards.

Onetime I had a chance to pass by at the music building. I pass by a room with Edward in side sitting in front of the piano. I entered without hesitation; he looked at my way when he heard the door opened.

“Do you mind if I listen to you,” I asked, expecting of his weird reaction, and waiting for rejection.

“Sure, if you want to you can sit beside me.” he offered. I was shocked by what he have said I do what he said I sat beside him; he moved closer, closer than I thought.

“Can you play a piece for me?” I pleaded.

“What do you like?” Edward replied. And this time he was not annoyed. I was surprised.

“Any piece…” I said smilingly.

Then he started playing, his fingers flowed swiftly across the ivory, and the room was filled with a composition so complex, so luxuriant, it was impossible to believe only one set of hands played.

Edward looked at me casually, the music still surging around us without a break, and wink. What? He just winked at me.

“Do you like it?”

“You wrote this?” I gasped, understanding. He nodded.

“It’s Esme’s favorite.” Esme, his mom.

I closed my eyes, shaking my head.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m feeling extremely insignificant.”

The music slowed, transforming into something softer and to my surprise I detected the melody of his lullaby, I once heard him humming it while I’m passing by him the other day at the empty corridor where I also tried to get closer to him, weaving through the notes.

The music grew unbearably sweet.

I couldn’t speak.

A moment of wordless communication passed between us.

The song he was still playing, drifted to an end, the final chords shifting to a more melancholy key. The last note hovered poignantly in the silence.

“Thank you,” I murmured. He gave me a smile. Probably the first smile I ever got from him.

“You’re welcome,” he said in his velvety voice.

I went out of the room, and I proceeded to the comfort room, there I started jumping because of happiness, I was still in extreme disbelief. Was it real? Was it true? Did Edward just play piano for me? Did he just smile at me? This might be a start of a real relationship. Since then, I stopped acting crazy about him.

I went back to my old natural self. To be honest, I was not really a show-off. I lessened talking about Edward when I’m with my friends. And I’m sure they noticed the sudden changed in me.

At school, I would only talk to him about homework and stuff. And he would answer me very warmly. It felt good that everything was flowing naturally. I didn’t have to over react or loud to get his attention. Just by being friendly was enough already. Gradually we became friends and even closer……..