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Welcome To Forks

What if Buffy went to Forks ?? Read if you wanna know more :-)


1. Chapter 1

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My name’s Buffy Summers. I’m 17 and I’m currently on my way to Forks, a little town in Washington State – very far away from the sun of California – and I wish I was like any other girls of my age but I’m not: I already have a kind of job, I’m the vampire slayer. Chosen by someone or something to kick ass to creatures such as vampires. I’ve never asked for anything, I just want a normal life with my Mom and I hope I could in Forks; maybe vampires enjoy the South more than the North… Am I right? No? Oh dear, great.

My mother’s car wasn’t really the best to travel a long distance, and I kept complaining myself:

“Why in Forks? Why so far from the sun? Mom, you used to love the sun in L.A, don’t you?”

She turned to look at me, exhausted.

“Buffy, I want to start from scratch and this is what you need too, don’t you think? Listen, you’re pretty, young and clever even if some people often deny it, you’ll have great opportunities over there. And you’ll love the house I found.”

I raised an eyebrow, remembering she chose the house by herself.

“Yes, I forgot this; you could’ve shown me at least, I’m sure it’s made of wood anyway.” I sighed and crossed my arms against my chest. I deeply know she wanted what was best for me, she was the only person who had faith in me yet. I shouldn’t be so unfair with her. But I couldn’t help myself having this bad feeling inside of me, my slayer instinct was telling me something bad was coming…

I looked under my seat and found what I wanted: sunglasses. I turned to my mom who was staring at me, doubtful.

“What? I know I won’t need this in Forks but I want to imagine a last time what it’s like to wear sunglasses. And remember that our name is “Summers”.

She smiled at me and focused her attention on the road again. I closed my eyes and tried to think of absolutely nothing but the engine of the car.


Buffy? Buffy? Wake up honey, we’re home.The distant voice of my mom and the feeling of her moving me awoke me.

“We’re in Forks? Already?” I cleared my throat.

“I didn’t know you snored while sleeping. That was cute.” Pfff, only a mother could find this cute.

I rolled my eyes and put my seatbelt off, and then got off the car. I removed my sunglasses and studied the roundabouts; green, green and… green? Everything was green in here: the trunks of the trees, the grass everywhere, even the windows of the houses were green! And I guessed right: the houses were all made of wood.

“Buffy, look at all this green, it’s amazing! What do you think?”

I stared at her and didn’t need to answer. She understood and came next to me:

“You’re going to love this place honey, I swear,” she said, rubbing my shoulders. I faked a smile and took my luggage at the rear of the car.

I came into the house – well, our house – and admitted I was surprised. The house inside looked totally different from the outside; whereas the outside looked dull and sad, the inside was warm and colorful. Yellow and light blue were the two main colors of the walls, the hall had beautiful wallpaper made of shapes of orange and yellow flowers, the kitchen was a little small but it was blue – I loved blue – and the living-room was brown and white, and I now hoped my room was as cool as this place. My mom caught my joyful mood and told me:

“Go check your room,” she winked right after.

I smiled, in a hurry to discover it and went upstairs with my luggage on my back, not caring to pay attention to pretend it was heavy for me.

“Honey, isn’t it too heavy for you? Do you want help?” My mother frowned at me, worried.

“Oh, no it’s ok, solid as a rock,” I said, pointing my arms.

She smiled and disappeared in the living-room. I winced at myself.

“Silly me!” I whispered.

I had my own bathroom at least, that rocked. I opened the door of my room and made a face as I came in. This was much more than I imagined, this room was big, with pink wallpaper, a big window and a bed with a black blanket and purple pillows – exactly the ones I wanted, my mom was the best.

I put my luggage on the ground, a flooring one, and sat on my bed. It begins well after all, I told myself.


After I was done with emptying my luggage, I decided I wanted to go downtown – even if I wasn’t sure there was a downtown in such a little place – so I warned my Mom.

“Mom, I’m going for a walk in town, see you later.”

“Be careful, Buffy.”

“Always am.” I smiled back at her and got out.

Obviously, there were thick clouds in the sky but I heard it was very usual in here. People seemed friendly, those I passed by said “hello” – something you can’t have inLos Angeles – and I decided to go near the high school, just to make sure I knew where it was. As I walked on the pavement, I noticed a cruiser and a van in a yard; a police man and an Indian one were talking cheerfully. They smiled at me as I passed by them and the police man told me:

“Hello, you’re the newcomer, right? The Summers?”

Wow. How does he know my name?

I smiled as pleasantly as possible. “Absolutely. Buffy Summers.” We shook hands.

“I’m the Chief Police, Charlie Swan, and this is Billy Black.”

“Nice to meet you.” Billy Black smiled back at me.

I noticed this man was on a wheelchair, he seems really nice, I knew there was an Indian reservation in La Push, I liked this part of this town, it’s authentic.

Charlie Swan told me: “So you’ll be going toForks High school I assume.”

“Yeah, I was going for a walk right now to make sure I knew where it was.”

He chuckled. “You know, you can’t really get lost in here, except if you go into the woods, which I don’t advice you to.”

That made me curious. “Why that?”

“My daughter, Bella, asked me the same thing when she first came here a few months ago and I’m telling you the same answer; too many bears.”

“Oh, right. Bears.” To me, this was not a real danger. “So, your daughter, Bella, is going to Forks High school too?”

“Sure, she’s very nice, maybe you’ll have some classes together. Right now, she’s at her boyfriend’s so I guess you’ll see her tomorrow. And you’ll also see him, he’s a nice boy too; everyone was nice for Bella’s first day so I guess it’ll be the same for you.”

Has Billy just made a face ?

“Yeah, I hope so. Well, I guess I’ll see you around, if you want to see my mother, she’s in our house, 2 streets away, number 560.”

“Yeah sure, I’ll greet her too. Have a nice day, Buffy.”

“Thanks.” I smiled at both of them and walked forward.

Everyone was welcoming for now, that put me in a good mood. It was starting to rain when I arrived at the high school, and I was quite surprised because it really didn’t look like a school. It looked more like buildings put together than a school; “Home of the Spartans” was written in capital letters. What it meant, I didn’t know.

“Well, let’s hope tomorrow will be cool.”

I turned back and went straight home.