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Welcome To Forks

What if Buffy went to Forks ?? Read if you wanna know more :-)


4. Chapter 4

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I sighed as we were now in the hall, I tried to decipher Edward’s expression but he seemed to be very concentrating. Two seconds later, Alice was next to me ; that sudden apparition made me jump a little. Edward was still holding me tightly next to him as he spoke to his sister : “So, what do you see ?”

“Well, it’s kind of blur yet, but she’s not bad in the core. I think she’ll understand if we explain everything to her.”

I had an idea : “What if we go now into the library and talk to her ?”

Alice nodded : “That sounds like a good idea. You should both go and tell them.”

Edward thought about it for a minute and nodded too : “Ok, let’s go.”

“I’ll see you at lunch.” Alice walked back to her class.

His face was grave but he seemed to smooth as we entered the library by the main entrance. He was holding my hand tight.

Buffy’s POV

I was pretty desperate because there was nothing in those books that I didn’t know already.

“Giles, I find nothing at all. It’s only talking about the vampires we know.”


I lifted my head : “What does “Mmm” means exactly ?”

“Well… There’s the mention of incredible speed in those lines but I have to translate the following ones. The vampires we already know cannot be so fast.”

Then something came to my mind. “Giles ? I don’t have the strength to fight those new vampires if they’re impossibly fast, I can run like an athlete but no more.”

“I’ll talk to the Watcher’s Council once we find more information.”

“Where is this Council ?”

“In England.”

“Oh obviously,” I muttered.

He was about to answer when I heard the door open. Edward and Bella, holding hands, were coming in. I got up and got closer to Giles. Just in case. Bella seemed a little embarrassed whereas Edward looked… calm.

“We heard your conversation and we’d like to talk to you.”

“About what ?” I was curious now.

“Well, you’re right, it looks like there are different kinds of vampires. I’m a vampire but not the same you already know. And I think we have to make things clear before you decide to do anything.”

I observed them carefully, he was telling the truth. I looked up at Giles, he seemed completely speechless for now. I pointed them two chairs in front of me : “Ok, let’s talk.”

They sat calmly and I began : “Alright, so you know the vampires I already know ?”

He smiled a little. “Not exactly, I saw them in your mind. But I’ve never seen any of them.”

In my mind ? I hated this idea not to have any privacy now.

“Er… Ok, so you can read everyone’s mind ?”

Bella smiled and said : “Except mine.”

“Why that ?” Giles finally awoke.

“We don’t know, maybe my mind doesn’t work the same than yours.” She looked up at Edward.

“Alright, whatever, so what’s the difference between you and the vampires I usually know ?”

Edward took a breath. “We are made to hunt humans too but my family and me don’t want this. We chose to only hunt animals since the beginning. We can’t be killed by stakes, by holy water or by the sun. But we can’t go out into the sunlight in front of everyone because our skin… sparkles : people would know we’re different.”

I tried to imagine his skin sparkling and it had to be something quite impressive. “Carry on.”

“Some of us have powers like mind-reading, seeing the future, being able to give positive vibes ; we also run very very fast, you can’t even see us moving in that case, our strength is incredible and we can only be killed by putting us in pieces and being burnt.”

“How strong are you ? I think we should compare.” I turned to Giles. “Do you have something quite solid we could break or bend ?”

He took a key into his office and opened a cage, and then searched into a shelf. He gave us iron bars. I took one and began to bend it as much as I could but I couldn’t break it. I almost didn’t have enough strength now. Bella had her eyes wide opened as she was watching me. Edward sighed and broke the iron bar immediately. I opened my mouth in disbelief. How could Bella be his girlfriend ? I would be afraid in her place. He looked at me frowning. Oh yeah, that’s right, he could read minds.

“You see what I mean ?” Edward asked.

I nodded silently. “Yeah, I see what you mean. Are there a lot of vampires like you out there ? Because I’m made for vampires I know, not your kind. I couldn’t be efficient with your kind.”

“No, there aren’t so much. There’s another family like mine in Denali, in Alaska but we don’t encounter trackers that much.” He made a face and so did Bella.

“A problem ?” I asked.

Bella replied : “Well, we met one of them last year, he wanted to kill me but Edward and his family protected me.”

I nodded. Not sure to really understand the whole story.

“This vampire was a real tracker, once he smelled a prey he appreciated, he couldn’t stop until he had it. I saw he would never stop to look for Bella, so we separated : Bella went to Phoenix with Alice, my sister, and Jasper while me, my parents, Rosalie and Emmett tracked him. And we finally killed him.”

I could see there was something he didn’t want to say but I didn’t ask. I already knew a lot.

I turned to Giles, not wanting to embarrass them more. “Ok, what are we going to do ? I don’t have that strength, I’m useless here.”

He put off his glasses. “Well, I’m calling the Council.”

“The Council ?” Bella asked.

I explained. “It’s the Watcher’s bosses if you like.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Are your senses ultra-developed ?” I asked Edward.

“Well, yeah, we can smell from a quite long distance if we concentrate. We also have extra-hearing and sight. All of our senses are ultra-developed actually.”

“Do I smell like the rest of humans ?”


“One more reason that I’m not made to kill those vampires. No offense, I won’t kill you or your family since you don’t hunt people.”

“Were there a lot of vampires in L.A ?” Bella asked, frowning.

“Yes, a lot. Really a lot. But they’re mostly young so very easy to kill.”

“With a stake in the heart ?”

“Yep, and they become dust.”

“Dust ?” She was totally interested now.

“Yeah, and they go right back to hell. Oh, that makes me think about something else : do you still have your soul ? Or did a demon take your soul and replace it ?” I was now looking at Edward.

“A demon ? No, I’m still the same. When we become vampire, we only gain some aspects but we don’t lose who we really are.”

“How do you become a vampire then ?”

He sighed and replied. “We have venom in our mouth and in our veins, if we bite someone, the venom spreads in the whole body thanks to the heart beating ; it takes three days for the change to be done.”

“So the heart still beats during those three days ?”

“Yes, and then when it stops, you wake up as a vampire. The eyes of the newborns, as we call them, are red, then with the years, they become golden-brown when not thirsty, and black coal when it’s the case.”

I tried to order all those new information in my mind. “Does your face change when you’re ready to attack ?”

“No. The vampires you had to fight are frightening, I must admit.”

I laughed nervously. “Yeah, they are, especially when you’re 15 and you’re brought in a cemetery by someone who tells you what’s your destiny…”

“15 ? You’ve been doing this for 2 years now ?” Bella asked.

“Yes, and it’s never going to stop. Until I die of course, a new Slayer would be sent then.” I looked down.

She took a deep breath. “Must be horrible…”

“True, sometimes you feel like you carry the weight of the whole world on your shoulders. Tell me, I don’t want to be rude but… How do the two of you… Well, have a relationship ?”

Bella chuckled. “Our relation is more than just a simple crush. It’s different. We have to pay attention.”

Edward looked down.

“Oh, ok, anyway, Jessica’s right, you two are cute together.” He smiled at this.

“Yeah,” Bella simply replied.

I got up and turned to Giles, who was still looking for the phone number of the Council. “Giles, do I have to go patrolling tonight ?”

“Mmm… Yes, you can do it.” And then he came back to his researches.

“Alright.” I looked up at my watch. “Oh ! I have to go, Jessica must be waiting for me. You wanna come with us ?”

Edward replied, smiling. “We’ll join in a few minutes.”

I smiled back at them and ran to the cafeteria.

Edward’s POV

I looked up at Bella and got up. She did the same. Giles then come to us.

“Er… I wanted to ask you Edward. Have you ever heard of a vampire called Angel or Angélus ?”

I frowned, it didn’t ring a bell at all. “No, I’ll ask my family, especially my father because he’s the oldest and I’ll tell you. Why ?”

“Because he’s the only vampire like the ones Buffy already fought who has a soul.”

“What does it mean exactly ?” I was seriously intrigued now.

“Well, this vampire was the cruelest of all and when he killed a young girl from a Romanian tribe, they cursed him with a soul. Now he can only survive with animal blood. It was just a simple curiosity, you don’t have to worry.”

“I’ll tell you tomorrow if my family knows something.”

“Yes, thank you.”

And then, I led Bella to the exit.

“A vampire with a soul ?” She asked.

“Yeah, that’s weird. Come on, let’s go to the cafeteria. I’ll ask the others and join you at your table.” I stroked her smooth hair.

“Ok.” She said as she took my hand.

Buffy’s POV

The food looked way better here than in my previous high school, so I chose my food carefully. After the check, we sat at a round table with Jessica and Angela. Angela asked :

“Where are Edward and Bella ?”

I replied : “They’re coming, I see them in the line.”

“Oh yeah, I haven’t seen them.” She chuckled.

Bella joined us while Edward went to sat with his family. I’ve never seen them before. They looked exactly like him, as beautiful as him but with some differences of course ; the blonde girl was the prettiest. Her hair was awesome, not flat like mine. I pouted and pushed my chair a little so Bella could place another one for Edward.

Jessica asked Bella : “Edward doesn’t sit with us ?”

“Yes he will, he just has something to ask his family.”

“Oh ok.”

Bella glanced at me from the corner of her eye, I winked at her. Angela frowned and said : “What the two of you are hiding ?”

Bella blushed, I rescued her : “Girls stuff, right Bella ?”

“Um… Yeah, kinda yeah.”

“Alright, it has something to do with a boy ?” Angela insisted. Damn.

“Well, I admit, ok that’s it.”

Jessica stopped drinking suddenly and almost choked saying : “Who ? Is he in the school ?”

Bella said : “No, he’s out of town, in L.A actually.”

“Oh.” Jessica began to eat again, she would let go. I said “thanks” to Bella. That would be hard to talk about a boy I wasn’t interested in since there was no one.

Edward finally came and sat next to Bella. His tray was full but I’m sure he wouldn’t eat anything. Bella smiled at him and ate. I did the same. Edward’s face was unreadable, whatever his family told him, I couldn’t guess at all. We would have to wait. And then, I looked up at his family and my heart stopped. The blonde girl was glaring at me so meanly that I was surprised and gasped. What’s her problem ?? I did the same – if she thought she was scaring me, she was dead wrong – and suddenly, she turned her head away, looking at her tray. Edward was staring at her. I looked at Bella in confusion.

“Don’t worry, she’s like this with everyone.”

I nodded and raised my eyebrows. Some friendliness that girl had !

Bella and I hurried to eat and got out of the cafeteria. Immediately, she asked Edward : “So, what did they say ?”

“They never heard about any vampires named Angel or Angélus. I’ll ask Carlisle. Oh and Buffy, sorry about Rosalie, she doesn’t really like it when someone “interferes” in her life. She thinks you may be a threat.”

I was shocked. “Me ? A threat ? For what ? I mean, you’re so much stronger than me and you’re nice, I won’t hurt any of you guys.”

“I know, let’s time pass.” Edward left us in front of our classroom, he had Spanish with another teacher. I went to sat at the table Bella showed me ; he caressed her cheek and kissed her forehead before leaving. Their love seemed to be so pure, I wish I could know this too… But my destiny was locked into being a Slayer. Not really attractive, I sighed as Bella sat next to me.

“What’s wrong ?”

“Your love seems so pure, would I ever get the chance to live something like this ? No, because I’m the Slayer. I’ll have to spent the rest of my life with vampires and demons, and all other kind of freak – sorry, I didn’t mean to say freak.”

She laughed at the look on my face. “You could meet someone who would understand.”

“Mmm…” I didn’t really believe in this.

I wanted to ask her from the beginning. “Tell me, how Edward and you met ?”

“Um… It was a year ago, I was a newcomer in town and we had several classes together. Everyone was fleeing him or his family because they must be away from the humans you see, but I was the one who put interest in him. We’ve learned to know each other and finally, declared ourselves.” She smiled and blushed.

I chuckled slightly : she blushed so easily. “So, how old is he ?”

“He was changed in 1918, Carlisle, the man who changed him, found him dying of Spanish Influenza. He was all alone, his parents had died from the disease already. So Edward was the first member in the family Carlisle wanted to built, then followed his wife, Esme and then Rosalie.”

“His wife ? Vampires can get married ?”

I laughed. “It’s pretty easy to make fake IDs.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Well, yeah I guess. I wanted to tell you : my job – or rather fate – may stay a secret. Like your situation of course.”

She nodded rapidly. “Yeah, sure you don’t have to worry, Buffy.”

I smiled at her, I appreciated her.

“Miss Swan and Miss… Er… Summers, would you please shut up ?” The teacher said.

I nodded in apology. Bella blushed again, of course.