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Welcome To Forks

What if Buffy went to Forks ?? Read if you wanna know more :-)


6. Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

I stayed still for a while. Other vampires were finally here, but I wasn’t ready for this fight. I had to talk to Giles about it, but for now, I had to go home. To tell Bella. She had to pay attention now. I ran and hoped that I hadn’t been too long as I climbed the wall and came back into my room by the window. Bella was here, on the bed, looking at a book. She closed it as she saw me and smiled.

“So, nothing new ?” She asked.

I made a huge smile. “Yes, something new, finally. I saw Angel.”

Her eyes widened. “Angel ? The vampire with a soul ? Really ?”

“Yes,” I replied as I put my weapons back in place. “He’s in town for now, he told me that other vampires were coming because they thought I was a legend.” I rolled my eyes.

“Other vampires ? Like… ?”

“Like the ones you know. Not my type, and I must say that I’m a bit worried, if they just want to see me, it’s ok ; but if they came here for something else…” I winced.

I saw Bella shivering. “Hey, don’t worry, we’ll talk about it to Giles tomorrow. The Council had some options.”

“Yes I know. What is Angel like ?”

I couldn’t help but smile. “Well, the vampire-with-the-face-of-an-angel thing is pretty true. Er… And he’s here to help me if I need it. I don’t know how he could know about me or the other vampires…”

She looked down for a while and then said : “Well, I think it could be a good thing that he’s here, right ?”

“Yeah, absolutely. But I’ve been wondering… do you think he could lose his soul ?”

She narrowed her eyes. “Umm, yeah maybe… I don’t really know. We should ask Giles about it.”

“Yep. He would certainly know.”

We kept on talking for a while and then, she came back in her house.

I fell asleep with Angel on my mind, thinking about his warning. Why would he bother ? I mean, it was nice but he didn’t even know me… Well, I guess vampires are weird.

When I opened my eyes in the morning, I realized it was raining. Again.

“Oh no…” I hated the rain, and Bella was sadder than usual with the rain. But we would have things to do today, indirectly thanks to Angel, so her mind would be busy. I think.

I yawned as I got up and picked up my clothes. I decided to simply let my hair fall today, too lazy to do something complicated. My Mom was already at work, she had some special visitors today in her gallery so for once, I had breakfast all alone. And then it struck me : the house was so empty without her. It was almost scary. I hurried to eat and got out of the house. I walked to Bella’s home, we were going to school together ever since Edward left. It was good for both of us : I didn’t have to get wet and she wasn’t alone. The morning was quite boring, I almost fell asleep in Government and I almost ditched Biology but Bella wouldn’t. So I had to wait after lunch to go to the library and talk to Giles.

Finally, lunchtime was over and we hurried to the library. Giles was reading a book. He closed it when he saw us coming.

“So, some good news Buffy ? How was patrolling ?”

I crossed my arms against my chest and sat. “Well, yeah, I met Angel yesterday.”

“Did you ? Where ?” he asked.

“I was heading to the woods when I felt someone following me, so I turned around and he was there. And he is currently in Forks, because some vampires of the other kind are here for me. They thought the Slayer was a legend so they wanna know.”

“And he came to tell you this ?”

“Yes, and that he’ll help me if I needed.”

Giles raised his eyebrows. “He could be a great help for you Buffy. To have a vampire beside you could influence them… Did he tell you where he lives exactly ?”

“No, he doesn’t talk much. He seems quite reserved, but he’s around. That’s all I know.”

As I recalled the way he talked to me yesterday, it reminded me a bit of Edward. Ok, so are all vampires weird and reserved ?

Giles was deeply in his thoughts. “Mmm… Well, I guess we have to wait. But if those other vampires are in town, I don’t want you to go patrolling.”

I simply nodded. That’s when Bella moved. “Um… Just a detail. The vampires you’ve always known, can they come into a house without being invited ?”

“No, they can’t. Not in private territories. Why ?” I frowned.

“Well, vampires of the other kind can. They can come into a house without being invited, so I think we really have to pay attention.” She insisted on the word really.

“Yeah indeed. We have to be very careful. The Council may have found a solution, I talked to them last week and they sent me this.” Then, Giles went to his office and came back with a rectangular box.

“What is it ?” I asked, curious.

“A liquid that I have to inject in your veins so you’ll have no scent anymore. Very efficient against vampires of course.”

“And why now ? Why not before ?” I asked again.

“Well, it took them very long time to find the right product.”

“And what is it exactly ?”

“Mmm, it’s like an eraser if you like. No danger for your health, only natural products.”

I took a deep breath and sighed. “Alright, go.” I removed my cardigan and stretched my arm to him. Bella stiffened. Needles.

“I’m sorry, I hate needles.” She said, embarrassed.

I smiled a little : she was afraid of needles but had had a vampire for boyfriend.

The liquid in the syringe was transparent, looked like water. When Giles injected it, I didn’t feel anything change in my body. Though my body reacted quite quickly.

“Ok, so now, no vampires could track me or locate me. Cool.” I was pretty satisfied about it but a problem still remained. “What about the fight ? I can’t fight the way they do.”

“We could work it out.” A voice coming from the back of the library said. Angel.

Bella looked at me and frowned. I looked at him approaching us.

“Who are you ?” asked Giles.

“That’s Angel Giles.” I replied.

Bella raised her eyebrows and looked at him. Sadness passed through her face for a moment. I talked to Angel : “What do you mean ?”

“I observed for a while their way to hunt, the way they move. It’s very animal. The fight is all about the speed and the technique. I think you could improve with some practice.”

I was kind of surprised and looked up at Giles. He was thinking deeply. Again.

“Well, this could help you a lot. This could work, don’t you think ?” Bella said to me.

“Yeah, I agree. We should try. I have a class left and I’ll come back.”

Angel nodded and then Giles told him. “Angel, do you have knowledge in translation ?”

He seemed to hesitate and then said : “Yeah, a bit. You know I got plenty of time so I know some things.”

Bella made a face again, Angel certainly reminded her of Edward. I winced at this thought.

Giles said with a smile in his voice : “Well, good. Because I have some texts to translate, maybe you could help me and I was wondering… Have you ever met demons ?”

“Yes. A few.”

“Very good.”

I decided it was time to leave them alone. “Well, we have work to do too Bella. We’d better go in class.”

“Um… Yeah, see you later.” She replied to Giles and Angel.

We left the library and walked silently to our classroom. Bella wasn’t asking a single question and that worried me.

“Are you okay ?” I asked.

She lifted her head suddenly. “Yeah, yeah…”

“Angel reminds you of him ?”

She sighed and looked down. “Um… yeah, a bit. About some things. I noticed he looked older than us. How old was he when he was changed ?”

I realized she was right. He looked older than us. “Well, I don’t know. More than 23 I would say. I’ll ask him.”

Bella nodded. “You don’t anything about him actually ?”

“No, nothing. Like I said, I’ll ask.” And I smiled. I remembered the way he talked and that made me shiver a bit. He was one in a million for sure. And so fascinating.

I had to come down to earth. He was a vampire after all. It wasn’t the right thing to begin to fall for him.

“Oh, we forgot to ask Giles about the soul, you know…” Bella told me.

“Oh that’s right. Mmm, could you stay with Giles when I’m gone to ask him, please ? And I’ll call you when I’m done with the training, so we could meet at your house, ok ?”

She smiled. “Ok, no problem.”

We sat at our usual seats and didn’t say a word before the end of the class. Then we both went to the library.

Bella’s POV

When we entered the library, Giles and Angel were still talking about demons. I caught the words “strong” and “various”.

“Hey, we’re back,” Buffy called. They both got out of the office. Angel made a smile to Buffy and she walked to him.

“So ready to fight ?”

He laughed. “Yeah, we could go to my place. There’s space.”

“Ok.” She simply replied. And then she came to me. “I’ll call you Bella.” She smiled kindly at me.

“Yeah.” I faked a smile back.

And then they got out by the rear door of the library. I turned to Giles. “There was something we wanted to ask you Buffy and I, but we didn’t think about it before Angel came. Um… Do you think he could lose his soul ?”

He frowned and then sat on the edge of the big table. “Well… These kinds of curses are very powerful and very hard to break. I think there might be a way but I have no idea what it could be. I’ll look for.”

I nodded.

“Why do you want to know this ?”

“We were talking yesterday and we thought about it suddenly. It seemed logical in a way.”

“Yes, that’s right. I’ll see what I can find.” And he smiled.

“Um… Bella, can I ask you something ?”

I wondered what he wanted. “Yes ?”

“How are you ?”

Empty, like nothingness, lifeless. “I’m fine,” I lied.

He watched me for a second and then said. “Ok, I just wanted to make sure.”

I smiled and said : “Well, I have to go, I have things to do at home.”

“Sure, I’ll see you later.”

I nodded and left, tears filling my eyes.

I wasn’t fine. I was worse than bad. I felt this horrible hole inside of me, like I couldn’t breathe anymore. And there was nothing I could do to make it go away. Nothing.

Buffy’s POV

The place where Angel lived was located in the beginning of the woods, near downtown. It looked like a kind of sanctuary, it was dark, and there was a lot of space. There was also a chimney, a table surrounded by two white sofas. The curtains were dark purple, so the light couldn’t hurt him ; there was a sort of bedroom at the rear of the room. He slept at night like any other humans, so different from Edward. Edward used to watch Bella sleep every night until…

I turned around to face him, realizing that he was staring at me. “What are you thinking ?”

“Um… This looks good. I like it. How did you find this place ?”

“Well, I have time at night.” He smiled a very charming smile.

I turned my head away. “Ok, how do you think we should start ?”

“Well, first you could show me how you fight usually.”

“Alright, ready ?”


And we began to fight – not for real of course – and I was surprised of his reflexes. He knew how to react quickly to my movements, he anticipated what I was going to do. I tried to take him by surprise. In vain. He was as quicker as me and after a few minutes, I gave up and laughed.

“Ok, you’re very gifted. How long have you been doing this ?”

“A little more than 100 years.”

“Wow, how old are you ?”

“I was born in 1727.”

“Where ?”

“In Ireland.” He sighed and sat on a sofa. I followed.

“I was not really the kind of son parents can be proud of. I spent every night in pubs and kept arguing with my father. Then, one night I met Darla, she changed me. I became the most dangerous, the cruelest creature on earth. Until I killed this girl, she was part of a Romanian tribe and her folks cursed me. I had my soul back and ever since, I’ve never killed anyone, I just can’t. My life is just remorse and sorrow now.”

I was quite moved by this story. “When did you come here, in the USA ?”

“Last year, I met this guy, a good demon, who told me you were going to be the new Slayer. And he knew new vampires were coming. So I came to warn you because they are very dangerous.”

“Yeah, I heard about them.”

“How ?”

“Well, Bella was with one of these vampires last year. And he left with his family, to give her a chance to live normally. Pfff” I couldn’t help myself sighing “pfff.”

“But… How ?”

I laughed. “Yeah, I wondered the same at the beginning. His family didn’t want to hurt anyone, so they learn to control their thirst. But a few months, Bella was cooking and she cut her finger ; Jasper jumped on her, hopefully Edward was here to prevent him from biting her.”

“That’s why she looks so sad.” He said.

“Yeah, she’s even worse than that. She’s a mess actually. And that makes me sick, she’s my best friend and I can’t do anything to make her feel better. Edward left but I think it’s selfish, he perfectly knows how much she loves him. He shouldn’t have left.”

“Even vampires make mistakes.” He smiled.

“Yeah, I guess.” I chuckled.

We carried on talking about him, about me ; and the time went by quite quickly. I checked my watch and saw that it was already 4.

“You have to go ?” Angel asked.

“Yes, Bella’s waiting for me.” I replied.

“Ok.” He got up.

I did the same. “So do we have training again tomorrow ?”

“Yes, I think we should work on your technique first and then your speed.”

“I agree. Thanks.”

He walked me to the exit and I took my cell. Two rings after, Bella took the phone of the hook.

“Hello ?”

“Hey, it’s me. We’re done for today. Are you at home ?”

“Yeah, you can come.”

“Ok, I’ll be here in 5 minutes.”


When I arrived at Bella’s, she was preparing some cookies – that chick was a champion of cooking.

“Mmm, cookies !”

She laughed. “Hey, I told myself you’d need vitamins after training. So ?”

“Well, it went pretty well. I showed him how I usually fight, he’s so fast, he perfectly knew how to anticipate my moves. And… I know more about him now.” I smiled.

“What do you know ?” She handed me the plate full of cookies and sat in front of me. I picked one and took a bite.

“He was born in Ireland in 1727. He met this girl named Darla who changed him, and… well, he became the most dangerous of all and was finally cursed by this Romanian tribe. He came in the US last year.”

She nodded. “Where does he live ?”

“In a building that looks like a sanctuary, near the entrance of the town. That’s why it took me so few time to come back here.”

“Oh, ok, so what will you do tomorrow ?”

“Training again, we’ll be working on my technique and speed.” I winced.

“What is it ?” Bella asked.

“I’m feeling guilty for leaving you alone.”

“No, no, don’t worry for me. I’ll be ok. You have to train.” She reassured me.


And then, someone was knocking loudly at the door.