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Welcome To Forks

What if Buffy went to Forks ?? Read if you wanna know more :-)


8. Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Bella’s POV

When I got into my house, I saw the light from the TV. I came in the living-room and saw that Charlie had fell asleep in front of the TV. I chuckled and tapped his shoulder.

“Dad ? Dad ?”

He awoke suddenly. “What ?”

“You fell asleep.”

“Oh yeah, what’s the time ?”


“Guess I’m going to go to bed.”

“Yes, me too. Good night Dad.”

I went upstairs and got my things ready to go to the bathroom. I took a hot shower and let the water relax me. Every night, I watched my empty bed and thought about the times when Edward used to come. It always hurt the same. The time doesn’t seem to ease the pain.

After twenty minutes, I finally got out of the shower, got dressed for the night and dry my hair. I turned on the lights as I came into my room and put my things back where they were. That’s when I noticed the little envelope on my pillow. What could it be ? I approached my bed and took it. It wasn’t the kind of envelope you easily find in shops. It was rather old and the paper was soft. I opened it, frowning and unfolded the piece of paper inside. I gasped and let it fall on the floor. It was a drawing of Charlie sleeping in front of the TV. I immediately took my cell and called Buffy. She didn’t answer. I tried four more times, but nothing. I put my cell in my pocket and discretely got outside. Charlie was snoring, he was sleeping deeply. I went in front of Buffy’s house and saw that her window was open and that she has gone, apparently : there was no sign of life in her room. Where would I go ? Where could she be ? She would’ve warned me if something had happened. Or maybe she didn’t have the time. I shook my head and carried on walking to the high school. Giles used to stay late in the library. Maybe she was with him. I didn’t want to lose any time so I ran – carefully, of course. But after two minutes, I hit something hard and fell down.

Buffy’s POV

I went upstairs so my Mom would think I was going to sleep. And after a few minutes, I got out by my window and went to Angel’s. I wanted to talk to him a little before working on my essays. When I arrived in front of his place, it was dark and empty. I came in, called him but no one answered. And it was totally empty. The furniture had been removed, this place was lifeless. I checked in the bedroom but there wasn’t anything left.

“What the hell ?” I mumbled to myself. And then, someone knocked me from behind.

“Ah !” I fell on the floor and turned back to see 3 vampires – “mine” – and got up.

“Hello Buffy, how are you today ?” The brown-haired woman asked.

“Who are you ? Where is Angel ?” I asked.

The blonde one laughed out loud. “Right behind you.”

I frowned and turned back. He was here, indeed, but he wasn’t the same. His face was nasty and he was smiling. But this wasn’t the smile I knew. I understood very quickly.

“What the hell have you done to him ?” I gasped.

“They freed me Buffy. Don’t you understand ?” He said.

They had taken his soul and now he was Angélus, the cruelest creature on Earth. I had to be fast. I ran to him and knocked him so I could pass and run to school. I had to talk to Giles. I knew he was in the library until 10.30 pm every night. I ran so fast it hurt my legs but fortunately, I had enough training to be faster than them. I felt my cell vibrate several times but had no time. Suddenly, one of the vampires was in front of me. Damn, I had to run somewhere else to escape from them. I turned to the woods. They couldn’t see me so easily in the dark.

Bella’s POV

“Oh God, I’m so sorry, Bella. Are you okay ?” A familiar melodic voice gasped.

Alice. I tried to get up but my arm really hurt. Maybe I broke it when I crushed with her. I lifted my head up while she helped me standing up.

“Alice ! Oh my God, Alice ! What are you doing here ?” I held her tight and this move made my arm hurt even more but I didn’t care.

“Well, I’ve been seeing some things. Where the hell are you running like this ?” She asked.

“I found a drawing of my Dad in my room. I was going to the library, I’m looking for Buffy but I can’t find her. What’s going on ?”

She shook her head. “She’s in the woods. 3 vampires called Darla, Drusilla and Spike made a spell to steal Angel’s soul. She found out and she’s running from them. Don’t worry, she’ll be ok.”

“Ok ? But they are 4, Alice !”

“Trust me Bella, she’s gonna be ok.”

Could Edward be there ? And help Buffy ?

“You’re going to run to the school, Giles’ in the library. We’ll join you in a few minutes. Go, now !”

I nodded and ran as fast as I could – without stumbling hopefully. I finally made it to school and I was more than exhausted. My lungs were burning but I had to hurry.

Edward’s POV

Alice was supposed to join me to help Buffy get rid of them. This would be pretty easy.

I’m here, go stop Buffy. I’ll take care of them.

Don’t kill Angel, Alice. Buffy cares for him.


Is she ok ?

Yes, she’s in the school right now.

I located Buffy and went to her side, she jumped.

“Oh holy crap, don’t ever do that again, Edward. What are you doing here ??” She sounded annoyed suddenly.

“Just trust me.” I took her arm and put her on my back and ran as fast as I could to our house. This will be the place she’ll be safe.

I put her on her feet and she fell on the floor. She was dizzy.

“Wow, damn. How do you do that ??”

“You’re safe here, Bella’s in the school.”

She nodded and finally got up, shaking her head. She was about to ask questions but I replied before.

“Alice saw what they were planning to do so we came here to protect both of you.”

Edward ! I can’t find Angel ! I found the 3 others but Angel’s not here. I don’t know yet what he’s planning on going.

Then, she came in the living-room. “What’s going on ?” Buffy asked.

“I took care of the 3 others, but Angel’s managed to go. I don’t know where he’s going yet.” Alice answered.

And then, she stiffened, having another vision.

“What-” I held a finger to show Buffy to wait. She stayed silent.

Alice looked at me, with a horrifying look on her face. “You stay here with Buffy, you don’t move from here. I’ll be right back.” I ordered, she nodded.

And then, I ran to school.

Bella’s POV

I kept wandering in the school. Giles wasn’t here, maybe he came home earlier and I didn’t dare to go outside. I was way too scared of meeting the vampires. Alice said they’ll meet me here so I had to stay here. And then, I heard a noise. I hid in a classroom. I saw a tall and dark figure passing by the room. I tried not to breathe too loudly and waited for a few seconds. Then, I ran to the library : it would be easier to hide among the books. I knew I was making some noise and this wasn’t going to help me. I managed to reach the library and came in. No one was here apparently. I went to the rear of the library, hiding behind a shelf. And then, I saw Angel on my right. I gasped : his face was one of a monster. I’ve never seen anything so scary in my whole life. As he was approaching me, my brain finally ordered my legs to move. I pushed the shelf to make him slow down so I could gain time and ran outside of the library. I was like trapped in the school. I kept running and finally turned right, I really didn’t know where I was going but I kept going. Then, I saw him in front of me. I stopped, surprised to see him appearing so suddenly.

“Finally. You know, it would’ve been faster for you if you haven’t run away. Anyway, I like playing hide-and-seek with you… Now, actually, I’m planning on torturing you. So your lover will find your body. I can’t imagine what he’ll look like when he’ll see what I’ve done to you.”

He was now a few inches from me, and he was smelling my neck. I didn’t want him to kill me, now that I knew Edward was here, it was again worse. I didn’t want Edward to find me. I closed my eyes and tried in vain to escape from Angel’s hold. But it was useless of course, even though he wasn’t as strong as Edward or Alice. I felt him open his mouth, ready to bite me.

And then, something crashed us both. I collapsed harshly on the floor, my arm hurting like hell. I looked at it and saw that the bone had pierced my skin. The smell of blood overwhelmed me and made me feel dizzy. But as I got up, with struggle, I saw that the exit door on my right, across the hall, was totally destroyed. Only one of my vampires could have done this, I walked carefully to the big hole and watched as two figures were fighting. I couldn’t see clearly in the dark but I recognized the growl. Edward. He had hit Angel so he was unconscious and was now attaching him to a tree. Then, he turned to me and saw my arm. He ran to me and took my arm very carefully in his hands.

“Oh Bella, I’m sorry… I should’ve paid more attention when I crashed you both.”

“It’s… not… you, Edward,” and I fainted in his arms, the smell of the blood too strong.

Edward’s POV

The blood. That’s what made her faint. I carried her carefully so her arm won’t move too much and walk to the house. I concentrated and tell Alice :

Alice , call Carlisle. Her arm is broken.

Already done, Edward. We’re waiting for you.


The way back home was long but I didn’t want Bella to be hurt, and the fracture wasn’t that important so I was walking at human pace. She awoke as we were on the trail leading to home.

“Are you okay ?” I asked her.

“Yes, I think.”

Alice had opened the door for us so I came in and laid Bella on the sofa. Buffy gasped. “Oh my God, is she ok ?”

“This is just a broken bone Buffy, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” Carlisle said.

She nodded and sat down, next to Bella.

Then, she turned to me. “Where’s Angel ?”

I’d been so worried for Bella that I had completely forgotten him. “Damn ! I attached him on a tree but we should check he didn’t escape.”

She shook her head and exhaled. “Is there a way to give him his soul back ?”

Alice came by her : “Yes, we can curse him again. Rosalie and I will do it. You two should make sure he stays where he is.”

I nodded, and so does Buffy. “I’ll join you outside in a minute.” I said to her.

She smiled at Bella and got outside. I knelt next to her and caressed her hair : “I’ll be right back soon, everything’s going to be fine, I promise you.”

She seemed hesitant and stroked my cheek : “But you’re going to leave then.”

“No, no, Bella. I understood it was a mistake. But if you don’t want me to stay, I’ll leave.”

“No !” She lifted her head and winced. “I told you not to move Bella,” Carlisle told her.

“I won’t leave love. I have to go now.” I kissed her forehead and she nodded.

Buffy’s POV

Come on, come on, I know you hear this, hurry up Edward !

And then, I heard the door slam and he put me on his back again and ran until we reached the school. He gave me a little time to get better and then we went to the tree where he attached Angel. He was still here, struggling to free himself. It was so horrible to see him like this, he wasn’t Angel, he wasn’t the Angel I knew. Edward caught his right arm and I caught the other one.

“What are you doing ?” Angel shouted.

“Some friends will give you something back, a present,” I said ironically.

He looked at me meanly and said : “You’re going to regret it, the others will steal it right after.”

“I don’t think so,” Edward said icily.

“Why ?” Angel asked.

“A friend of mine took care of them.”

Alice killed them ? I asked mentally.



And as Angel was going to talk again, an amber light shone in his eyes, he gasped and seemed totally lost. I frowned, looking at Edward, he talked to Angel.

“Angel ? Are you okay ?”

“Where am I ? Buffy, why…”

Edward let go of him and so did I, I removed the rope that was locking him to the tree and explained.

“Spike, Drusilla and Darla stole your soul, we gave it back to you with the help of Edward’s family.”

He looked at Edward and said : “Bella…”

“She’s ok. You didn’t break her arm, she broke it before when she crashed Alice while running.”

I took his arm and told him. “I think you need to rest for a while.”

He nodded and I led him to his home. “Thanks Edward.” I said to him.

“No problem.”

“Oh, and don’t ever leave her again or I’ll kick your ass.” I turned back and walked away with Angel on my side.

A week later

I could say everything was back to normal. Fortunately, Edward and his family were staying – Bella was happy and joyful again - ; I had a close but careful love affair with Angel and Giles and Jenny Calendar were living together now. Finally, I’m really happy I came in Forks : I had wonderful friends – vampires and humans – and even if I missed the sun, I didn’t regret so much of Los Angeles. I could finally have a normal life, without killing vampires every night.