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Stranger Then Fiction

Alexandra never thought she would do anything special with her life. She assumed the only way she would get the adventure she desprately wanted was in books, especially Twilight. When Alex sees a shooting star, that all changes and she is thrown into the world she thought was only fiction. Now, Alex is battling a greasy haired Aro who wants nothing more than revenge, keeping a relationship together with her favorite russet brown werewolf, and her penpal, Lor, who just can't seem to leave Rosalie alone. Sometimes, reality can be stranger then fiction. Stranger Then Fiction Co-Written with LoveIsACookie


2. Hairdye, a smug Alex, and a failed prank

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Lorrie's POV

This is so damn cool! I'm a vampire! I can't believe it! Man, I love this new strength. I looked at all the counters around me. I don't know why the hell people need these many different hair-care products. I mean, it's all the same shit.

I looked at the hair dye they had. I was in the Forks Pharmacy, looking for hair dye. I mean, don't get me wrong, this platinum hair is rocking! I just like nice dark, ebony color much better. And maybe pink highlights. I was still hyped up from the fact that I'm in FORKS!!! I mean.... daammn!! A dream come true!!

I took a box of black hair dye and a box of pink hair dye to the counter, along with the white dye that Alex wanted me to get. Ugh, Mike Newton. He was just as childish and annoying like he was described in the books.

"That's would be $5.98." He said staring at me the whole damn time. Ugh.

"Take a picture it'll last longer. Here, I'll even buy a camera for you." I told him, handing him a disposable camera, rolling my eyes. I walked out of the store, with the hair dyes in my bag. I rode home, since I borrowed Emmett's gigantic Jeep.

I walked in the elegant house I now called home and yelled out, "ALICE!!"

Alice came down quickly, looking at the bag in my hand.

Why in the hell do you have hair dye? She asked me in her head.

"I'm dying my hair, duh. I thought you were a psychic, Ally." I said, teasing Alice.

"NO! You can not and will not dye that pretty hair!" she bellowed at me. Well, damn. Alice is scary when she wants to be.

"Hey, Lor, did you get my dye?" Alex asked, coming downstairs.

"Oh, no! Not you too!" Alice screeched.

"Yep." She said, pulling the white dye out of the bag. "In light of my new power, I'm dying my bangs white to look like Storm from the X-men" She told Alice.

"Alex, I think you are confusing Storm with Rogue." I told her. She stuck her tongue out at me.

"Oh, well." She said, walking off towards Alice's bedroom. I tried to follow in her example when Alice caught my arm.

"You are not going to ruin your hair!" She said sternly.

"But you let Alex-"

"She isn't going full out, besides, I love Rogue! Hey, I think we have some old X-men tapes recorded, I'll have to ask Emmett..." She walked away.

Wow. Alex might have just saved me. I'll have to remember to thank her someday, I thought, shuffling to the other bathroom, singing ‘Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire' by Fright Ranger.

"Sexy vampire
I'm falling in love
So just bite me baby
And drink all my blood

Oh yeah

Sexy vampire
I'm falling in love with you
'Cause you need my plasma more than I do."

I finished singing when I reached the bathroom, to see Emmett with his hand in the toilet.

"You rang, my lady." He said, refferring to the song I was singing.

"Nope, I was calling for Edward." I said, giggling. Emmett was the nicest one personality-wise, but Edward is the hottest in looks. But then again, they're all hot.

"I'm hurt, Lor!" He joked, his hand still in the toilet.

"You'll live. Now, why the hell is your hand in the toliet?" I asked, taking out the hair dye.

"I dropped Alice's necklace in the toliet and she'll kill me if I don't get it back."

"Ok.." I responded with, when I got an idea.

"Emmett, get out please. Lemme dye my hair, then I'll call you so we can play a prank. " I said, a plan slowly building in my head. Operation Prank Rose.


I put the dye in the toilet. Emmett brought me Rosalie's favorite pair of white jeans. I had convinced him to help by telling him that Rose won't find out. Of course, he believed me.

"Lor? Why the hell is your hand in the toilet?"

I turned around to see Alex at the doorway, with newly dyed bangs. Damn.

"Have I told you how wonderful you look with that hair?" She gave me a death glar. "Umm.. I'm pranking Rose." I said, dippin the jeans in the toilet.

"Wow. Rose is gonna kill you. Not to mention Alice." She said, looking at my hair.

"That's why I'm running as soon as Rose finds the jeans." I said, flushing the toilet to spin the jeans around.

"Nice hair. So, you wanna tell Alice, or should I?" She asked, twirling my hair around.

"Umm.. I don't know." I said, taking the jeans out of the toilet. I ran to Rose's room, laid them on her bed, and ran ot the living room downstairs. 3.....2.....1

"GLORIA JENNIFER ROBYNS!!!" I heard Rose call up from above, in her room. Excellent. She got back from hunting. I started to run, but something froze me. Shit.

"U-huh, Lor. You are not flaking out on me, leaving me to a vicious Alice and a muderous Rose. No way." She said to me, runnnig out the door I had opened seconds ago. Damn it all. I can't hear a thing throught this thick ice. I realized I could melt my way out with fire. I started to melt the ice, when Alice came down, seeking blood.


See you later Lor! Hahaha... I heard Alex think. I groaned. She just kept laughing, and ran. I soon couldn't hear her anymore.

I saw thorugh the thick ice a fuming Rosalie, a mad Alice, and a guilty looking Emmett. Well, shit.

I think I'm going to die for a second time tonight.