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Stranger Then Fiction

Alexandra never thought she would do anything special with her life. She assumed the only way she would get the adventure she desprately wanted was in books, especially Twilight. When Alex sees a shooting star, that all changes and she is thrown into the world she thought was only fiction. Now, Alex is battling a greasy haired Aro who wants nothing more than revenge, keeping a relationship together with her favorite russet brown werewolf, and her penpal, Lor, who just can't seem to leave Rosalie alone. Sometimes, reality can be stranger then fiction. Stranger Then Fiction Co-Written with LoveIsACookie


4. The Royal Greasy Haired Dumb...butts.

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Lorry POV

"So, Embry, where are we going today?" I asked Embry in the living room. He was perfect. Russet colored skin, cropped black hair, and beautiful dark brown eyes.

"Well... We could go to the beach if you want." He mumbled, tired. He, Jake, and Quil had been patrolling late at night these past 3 months.

"That sounds perfect!" I cheerfully said, going toward the door with him behind me.

"GLORIA!" I heard Rosalie yell. I giggled.

"Come, on lets go!" I said, laughing. We got into Embry's car and drove away. I could hear Rose shrieking even a mile away. Soon we were in La Push, the thick forest seemed nice and welcoming.

"Lor, what did you do this time?" Embry said, laughing as well.

"Well, I switched the engine from Emmett's car to her BMW, and then I painted her room black with the leftover paint I had from my room." I answered, proud of my work. It had only taken me an hour to set it all up.

Embry just laughed knowing how I liked to prank people. He called it my "bad habit". I laughed as well, and soon all you could here was laughing.

"So, how's Alex been?" He asked when our laughing riot stopped.

"Good. She's been seeing Jake, you know. They've been hanging out, doing hell know what." I said, remembering how I asked Alex where she and Jake went. "When I asked her, she just responded, ‘Somewhere', and then tried to distract me by saying how my room looked nice with the contrast of black and lavender."

"You seriously don't know where they go?" Embry said, obviously amused how I didn't know. I had been using Ally's power lately, and I could see the werewolves vaguely. But it's all fuzzy. Kind of like as if the visions were TV sets, and the TV sets were deep under water.

"No." I said and sighed.

"They hang out at Emily's house most of the time." Embry said, as if it were obvious.

"Oh. Wow." I mumbled.

"Yeah. Hey, I wanna show you something before we go to the beach. You okay with that?" Embry asked me, his eyes on the road. He started laughing when I said," I hate feeling so normal." referring to Ally's vision handicap. I understand how she feels now.

"Ok." I said, and closed my eyes. Time flies by fast. It feels like it was just yesterday when I had dyed Rose's favorite white jeans to a lime color. Man that was funny. Although they yelled at me for almost a week afterwards. And then Emmett played the mate card. I was left alone, to be punished in a way no one should: they gave me a makeover.

"We're here."

I opened my eyes, to see forests all around me.

"Well, not exactly here here. We need to walk a bit." Embry said sheepishly. We walked for a while, talking about school and such things. I had been going to Forks High with the rest of my family. Alex was enrolled as a senior, and I was enrolled as a junior. Embry was in his junior year as well, so we kept complaining about all the work teachers had us doing to prepare us for what they call "Your Destiny". They seriously called it that, which made me think that more than one teacher was on crack.

"Close your eyes." he said, taking my hand and covering my eyes with his other hand.

"Lalala..." I trilled softly, trying to somehow make time go faster. I could feel the cold crisp air, immediately knowing it must be nighttime now. We had left the house in the late afternoon.

"Look." Embry said, taking his hand away from my eyes, to reveal a beautiful spot that out looked the beach. You could see the beach for miles. It had trees and flowers everywhere. It was amazing.

"Wow." I whispered. Embry smiled. He had a blanket and set it down on the grass. He waved his arm out, and said, "Ladies first." I sat down on the red blanket, and he did too after me.

"I would have brought a picnic for you if you had told me." I joked, knowing how he was always hungry. When he came to my house, he usually cleaned out the fridge. Bella got used to not eating at our house now. Edward was mad at first, but he got used to it.

"It doesn't matter." He said, shrugging it off. "As long as you're here, I'm good." I'm glad I'm a vampire. If I weren't I would've been blushing like crazy.

We laid there for hours. Embry fell asleep, and I watched the night sky. I loved the way the star glistened and twinkled. The moon was full, luminous and beautiful.

"I'm lonely, gotta look for a party
and dance with somebody tonight
Cause I'm lonely, feeling empty inside
Can't you make me feel alive

I-N-S-O-M-N-I-A Can't sleep
I-N-S-O-M-N-I-A Can't sleep"

I got my phone out, and knew it was Alice by the song.

"Yes, Alice?" I asked, keeping my voice down.

"Lorry! Come home now! Alex is missing!" Alice said, clearly freaking out.

"Missing?! That's impossible!" I hissed out, my temper flaring.

"Here. Carlisle wants to talk to you." Alice said, clearly on the verge of sobs.

"Hello? Gloria?" Carlisle said, sounding worried.

"Yes? How could Alex have gone missing!?" I exclaimed, getting up from where I had laid.

"We don't know. Jake was with her last, earlier, at around 4 PM. We went to the woods looking for her scent. We found it last in a clearing, where we saw fire marks everywhere, as well as puddles of water. It looks like she was kidnapped." Carlisle said, talking really fast.

My head was spinning. Who could have taken Alex? I mean, when the earthquakes in Italy happened, the Volturi tried to blame it on either Alex or Benjamin, and soon took them to Volterra. But, Carlisle and Amun, the leader of the Egyptian Coven that Benjamin belongs to, stepped in explaining that the earthquakes resulted naturally. We soon found out that Alex had been playing Poker to free herself. It was hilarious. The Volturi guard, as a whole, owe her around 10 million dollars. I paused. Dear God.

"Carlisle, have you spoken to Aro's greasy head about this?" I asked into the phone. There was a pause, and then Carlisle quietly said, "No."

"Well, I'm coming home. Wait for me. I'll be there in 5." I said, looking at Embry. Looks like our date will have to be cut short. I sighed. What has Alex gotten herself into?

"Embry? Embry, come on, we need to go." I said, trying to wake Embry up. I shook him, trying to get him awake. Dammit. It was really hard trying to wake a werewolf up.

I punched in Jakes number on my sidekick, and called him.

"Jake?" I said.

"Lorry! Have you heard anything about Alex?" Jake asked nervously, obviously worried.

"No, I haven't. Hey, can you come pick Embry up. I have to go home, but I can't wake him up." I said, already running back home.

"Sure. Is his car already there?" He asked. I hear Billy saying something in the background.

"Yep." I said, as I saw the house dawning upon me. It was pitch black, still.

"Okay, I'll get him. Call me if you get any news about Alex, ok?" Jake said, as I heard a door shutting on his end.

"I will. Bye." I shut the phone, and ran inside.

"Okay. Carlisle have you contacted Aro's greasy head?" I said, making my way to my room.

"I haven't. Gianna, the secretary, keep saying he's busy." Carlisle said obviously frustrated.

I went to my closet, and got my cloak out. I put it on, and went to Carlisle's study.

"I'm going to go get Alex." I said, putting the cloak on.

"Gloria..." Carlisle started saying, but I cut him off.

"I need to get her back." I said, and looked at Carlisle. His expression went from thinking, to exasperation, to calmness. I took this as an okay, and left. I ran to the airport, my credit card in hand. I got a ticket for the next flight to Italy. I relaxed, thinking of what I would do when I got to the castle.

The hours flew by too slow. I was finally in Italy. I ran to Volterra, hidden in the woods. I made sure I was going the right directions. I soon smelled vampires, so I knew I was close.

Here goes I thought to myself as I saw the castle approaching.


"Ah, Ms. Robyn, what can I do for you today?" Aro said, obviously oblivious to the fact I looked royally pissed.

"Well, you can start by giving me my sister back, Aro. You know, Alexandra Rider-Cullen? Carlisle and Esme Cullens daughter?" I said, looking around the chamber. Jane was there, as well as Demetri and Felix, and another girl.

"Whom, my dear child?" He said, acting like the dumbass he is. I gritted my teeth, and smelled the air. Alex's scent was faint, but still prominent.

"The scent is in the air, you dumbass. Now, hand Alex over." I said, not in the mood for playing games. Aro just smiled like a child. He acts such like a 5 year old. I sighed.

"My dear, you are not the one to call the shots. You are in my homeland, if you are have forgotten. Now, I am willing to barter." Aro said, showing his teeth in his smile. I cringed. It was a horrid sight.

"Lorry! Don't do it!"

I turned to the door where the noise came from. There stood Alex, with another girl. She was 5' 8", and appeared around 30. Her hair was a platinum blonde, similar to mine before I dyed it. It was long, and she wore a cloak. A guard member.

"Alex!" I exclaimed as I hugged her. I realized that I had left home 2 days ago. Alex had been missing for 3 days.

"Don't believe Aro. He'll trick you." Alex whispered into my ear as we hugged.

"Carol! How did Ms. Rider-Cullen come in here?" Aro practically bellowed, hurting my ears. Stupid greasy ass dumb Aro.

"She heard Ms. Robyn, sir." Carol said, pointing at me.

Aro sighed and rubbed his temples. I smiled, satisfied I had caused trouble. Good. The Greasy Haired Royal Dumbasses shouldn't have taken Alex.

"Ms. Robyn, do you know I have Chelsea, Heidi, Felix, Renata, and Corin in Forks? With one command, they could easily kill some people. Let's say, maybe the Cullens? Or maybe those people in the Native American community. Yes, we know. We've been watching you all quite closely. Might I add that we can easily take out just two specific people you two know in that community. No need for the extra bloodshed." Aro chirped out.

I growled. I knew what he said was no fib. Chelsea was always with him, unless she was away. I looked at my options. Take Alex, go back to Forks, and attempt to save everyone. Of course, causalities would be expected there. And they could be anyone.

"What kind of barter, you ass?" I asked, grimacing.

"Well, for Alex's safe return and for the safety of those you love, you stay with us for 50 years. What do you say?" Aro said carelessly and calm, as if he weren't manipulating people to his doing.

"And if I say no?" I said, already knowing the answer.

"They die, and you and Alex stay here!" He replied cheerfully, as if expecting me to choose that option.

"I accept your offer, you stupid son of a bitch." I mumbled, looking at Alex.

Her eyes were wide due to her astonishment, and her mouth opened in a tiny O. She looked at me, her eyes full with plead. I could see her eyes glistening with tears that would never fall.

" Marvelous! Now, Alicia?" He said, beckoning to the girl I didn't know.

"Yes, master?" She numbly said.

"Please put Ms. Rider-Cullen to sleep." Aro said, pointing to Alex.

Alex tried to run, but Carol and Demetri blocked her way.

"WHAT THE HELL?" I yelled trying to help Alex.

"We must keep her here for longer." Aro answered, shrugging his shoulders.

I growled. Soon, Alex was asleep.

"Now, Carol, take Ms. Robyn to her chambers. Show her her cloaks, and bring her back here. Felix? Contact Carlisle Cullen, please. Thank you." Aro, said, obviously reveling in the fact he had me by the strings. I felt like a puppet, being controlled by her puppeteer.


"Alex?" I called out, going into the bedroom.

"Lor! What did I tell you!" she said as she came to me. She had woken up 5 minutes ago, I found out. I knew I didn't have much time left.

"Listen. Go home. Forget about me. Tell Embry I love him. OK?" I said, looking around. I wasn't supposed to be here. I was supposed to be with Carol, but I made her fall asleep with Alicia's power.

"But, Lorry! You're coming back with me! No way am I leaving you hear with Aro's greasy behind!" Alex exclaimed. I would have smiled if the circumstances were different; Alex had a tendency to not swear. I shook my head. Aro had his part of the bargain to hold up. I had mine.

"Alex, you'll go home. Pretend I turned bad or something and tell that to the Cullens. Tell Embry I died. Okay? I need to cut off all ties." I told her, listening closely to our surroundings.

"But-"was all Alex said before I caused her to fall asleep. I took her to the bed in the chamber they put her in, and ran back to my own room. I felt horrible. The next few hours are going to be hell; I know it. Not to mention the next 50 years.

"Cut off all ties." I mumbled, and went to go wake up Carol.


"Now, Gloria. We shall pretend you caused Ms. Rider-Cullen to collapse. Make something up. Then you'll state you'll want to stay here. Got it?" Demetri told me, as I made my way back to the main chambers where my family was. I sighed. This was going to be hard.

I know everyone thought that I was a strong person, and would never cry. Hell, I haven't cried since I was six years old. But standing here, about to tell my family that I wanted to stay with The Greasy Haired Royal Dumbasses? I would have cried, if I could.

"Yes, yes I got it." I said, looking down as he opened the door to the main chambers.

"Lorry! Where have you been!?" Esme exclaimed when she saw me. I felt myself tear up, but soon pushed these feelings from my mind.

"Hello Esme." I said coolly, going into the façade I had practiced.

"Lorry are you ok?" Carlisle asked me, looking around wildly.

"I'm fine Carlisle. I assume you're here to pick up Alex?" I said, keeping the cool tone I would be using.

"Yes. Come on, Lor. Everyone is waiting outside in the car." Carlisle said eyeing me. The idea sounded so tempting, the way he put it. Just hopping in the car, and going home. I couldn't though.

"I'm sorry Carlisle. I shall be staying here, in Volterra." I said, just as Carol came in carrying Alex. Great. Here comes the hard part. Carol had erased Alex's memories of me in the past 50 hours, and replaced them with images of me going bad, running to the Volturi, etc.

Oh Alex. Who will help her make crazy concoctions involving human food and blood, now that I wouldn't be there? Who will make jokes with her? Who will help her prank Rosalie? I felt myself swell with sorrow.

"What?! Why's Alex?? And you?? And..." Carlisle stuttered. Esme looked damn straight sad. Damn it. I'm so mean and evil. Stupid, stupid me.

"I'm sorry Carlisle. I am the one responsible for Alex being temporarily unconscious. She was proving to be a fighter." I said, going to get Alex from Carol. I got her, and carried her over to a surprised and devastated Carlisle and Esme. There goes my mother and father. I handed her over to them.

"Good bye." I said, walking out of the chamber. I ran to one of the few windows this castle had, and saw Carlisle and Esme go to a black SUV with tinted windows. I could see through them. I saw my siblings. My sisters. My brothers.

Esme and Carlisle handed Alex to Emmett. Everyone looked surprised. Carlisle's lips moved, and soon everyone's mouth was open. They drove away.

There goes my family.

"Gloria? You're needed by Aro." Jane said, coming from behind me.

"Of course." I said, and went back to the main chambers.

I bowed, and said, "Yes, Aro?"

"Ah, Ms. Robyn. You are a great actress might I say." Aro said, clapping. I growled, and he soon stopped clapping. The Royal Bitch himself.

"Now, I'm sorry to have to do this but, Carol!" Aro exclaimed, and soon I felt Demetri and Felix tackled me down. I saw Carol right out of my peripheral vision. She came closer and closer, her teeth showing and glistening. I struggled against the two vampires on top of me, but it was no use. My newborn strength was wearing thin.

"I'm truly sorry Lorry" I heard both Demetri and Felix whisper to me. I yelled, and growled. You could say I was trying to hit those two as much as I could. Soon, Carol was right in front of me. They were going to erase my memories.

"Well, Lorry. You shall now be Princess of the Volturi. But, you shall not remember a thing. What a pity. Well, you will now be Raven Rayne Volturi. Hope you like the name. It's yours." Aro said arrogantly. These were the last words I heard before Carol bit. I felt the venom pulsing through me. It stung so badly. I felt my memories and my thoughts slip away. My eyelids grew heavy. My eyesight grew hazy. I heard myself cursing, yet I did not feel, or register, my mouth moving. Soon, it stopped. I was transported to a dream haze.

The memory of Embry and me in the meadow rang through my head. The night sky seemed to swallow me whole. Embry was in front of me. I reached out to him, but he kept moving away from me. Further and further away, till he was no longer visible. I yelled his name till I was hoarse. Soon, the grass was gone. The moon disappeared, and the glittering light of the stars went away. The pitch black of the sky was all I could see.

I fought to stay conscious, even if it were a dream like haze. But, my subconscious won, and I gave way to the night sky, feeling as though I was free falling through space.