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Stranger Then Fiction

Alexandra never thought she would do anything special with her life. She assumed the only way she would get the adventure she desprately wanted was in books, especially Twilight. When Alex sees a shooting star, that all changes and she is thrown into the world she thought was only fiction. Now, Alex is battling a greasy haired Aro who wants nothing more than revenge, keeping a relationship together with her favorite russet brown werewolf, and her penpal, Lor, who just can't seem to leave Rosalie alone. Sometimes, reality can be stranger then fiction. Stranger Then Fiction Co-Written with LoveIsACookie


5. Her Royal Highness, The Dumb Butt

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Raven Rayne Volturi POV

I felt as if I was floating. I couldn't remember anything. Who was I? I didn't know. Where was I? I couldn't see. I could feel myself being reeled back in, but to where, I didn't know.

"Huh... What happened... Where am I... Just who am I..." I muttered, and opened my eyes. "... Who the hell are you?!" I asked seeing the two figures in front of me. One was a girl, with platinum blonde hair and the other was a man with dark hair. They both had strikingly red eyes.

Hello? Gloria? A familiar voice asked. It was clearly feminine, and it had a sort of timidness and innocence about it.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?" I cried out in alarm. The two people in front of me jumped.

"I'm Carol, your best friend! This is Demetri, your mate. You were knocked out pretty hard in training." The woman said.

Oh no you are not! You bitches! The voice told me. Oh great. Just fucking fantastic, I am hearing voices. I'm Alex, your real best friend.

Alexandra Rider, I thought immediately. What the hell?

Demetri is not your mate; he isn't even your friend. And your name is Gloria Robyns, but your friends call you Lor.

Who am I supposed to believe? Tell me why I don't remember you, Demetri, or Carol, and maybe I'll believe you,I thought, hoping that Alex could tell me what really happened. Everything seems so fuzzy...

Okay. You and I were penpals who were magically sucked into our favorite book, Twilight. We moved in with our favorite characters that were vampires who drank animal blood, and we soon became a family. A few months later, I was kidnapped and you saved me. A vampire named Aro told you that he would kill our family if you didn't join. Carol bit you and you somehow lost your memory.

Whoa. It was almost too strange to believe. I vaguely remembered a book called Twilight. It was a romance between a vampire and a human.

"Oh, hi. And...who am I?" I asked the two vampires in front of me.

They think you are Raven Volturi, or at least that's what they will tell you. Alex told me helpfully.

"Oh dear. You don't remember? You are Princess Raven Rayne Volturi of the Volturi, and a vampire." Demetri told me.

"Oh. Wait! What! Princess!" I said tongue tied at the possibility of me being royalty.

I could hear Alex sniggering in the back of my mind. What? I asked her.

Just the thought of you being a princess. She explained through bouts of laughter.

"Aro will want to see you. " Demetri told me and took my hand, planting a kiss on my cheek.

Oh my. Embry will not be happy. And I'm guessing Demetri won't be either, when Embry comes to kick his ass. Alex told me gleefully.

Embry? Who the hell...

Your boyfriend. He's a werewolf, but you love him more then anything else in the world.

Werewolf? Holy crap... What the hell was I doing in my previous life?

Which reminds me, when you get your memory back, I have something to tell you.

I followed Demetri and Carol out into a large cavern area.

"Ah Raven, my dear! You are alright!" A voice called.

"Sure...sure, I guess," I asked uncertainly, thinking of the voice in my head.

"I'm Aro, your adoptive father!" He introduced himself. The voice was a man with long black hair and ruby red eyes. He was wearing a dark cloak

"Oh, hi." I told him as he squished me into a hug.

The Royal Greasy Haired Dumbass

I held my breath to keep from bursting into uncontrollable laughter. Nice one, Alex.

You came up with it first, Alex admitted.

"I saved you some humans," Aro said, pointing to a frightened looking six year old girl with black hair and brown eyes.

I looked around curiously, wondering where someone might come out and exclaim, "You've just been punked!" But, no one did. Aro looked at me expectedly, and raised an eyebrow. Demetri pushed me toward the little girl, and Carol looked at me strangely.

The girl was scared shitless. I looked at her big brown eyes. They reminded me of someone's eyes...

"They drink humans in order to cling on to their last bits of humanity. It helps them feel more human." I heard a voice go through my head, and it wasn't "Alex". It wasn't like a vampires. I guess it was human, since there was no bell like chime in it. I shook my head and looked at my so called "father".

"I'm sorry father. I can not, and will not, prey on this innocent young girl." I said, crossing to the little girl. I put my hand on her forehead, and she collapsed. I jumped, confused at what had just happened.

"My, my Raven. You have just erased her memories and render her unconscious by just touching her." Aro, my "father", said, obviously happy.

"Ah, well, what will you feed on? We have a young man here as well, if you would like." Aro said arrogantly. I growled in retaliation, but stopped.

"I'm sorry, but no." I said rudely back.

"Jane." Aro said, oblivious to my disobedience and rudeness.

"Yes, master?" A little girl called out, coming in. She was angelic looking, and looked around 12. But her expression ruined it. She looked sinister, what with the smirk on her face and her eyes a deep burgundy red.

"Could you please help my daughter eat her meal?" Aro said, confusing me. Help me?

"Of course." Jane said, and looked straight at me. I crippled down, my body collapsing in a bunch of spasms. This feeling was pure raw pain! It hurt like hell. It was like being burnt at the stake. It was somehow...familiar?

The pain of the transformation is similar to this, only the transformation lasts three days, give or take. Alex told me, but I hardly understood her through the pain.

"Will you eat now, my little Rainy?" Jane said mockingly, obviously reveling in the fact that I was in pain. I shook my head, and let out a scream.

The stupid idiots! Please, oh please do not, I mean, do not, drink the blood! Alex screamed at me in my head repeatedly.

I felt the pain intensify. Good God, this fucking hurts! I screamed, and screamed. I could hear Jane giggling. That stupid bitch. I smelt the human coming closer and closer, along with Demetri's scent.

"Open your mouth Rayne. Come on, you have to eat!" Demetri urged me, pressing my mouth against the human's neck. I shook my head, locked my jaw shut.

"Open your mouth, Rayne or I will have them do it for you. Please." I heard Aro say. I continued to keep my mouth shout. I felt Carol- or was it Demetri? - pull my jaw open.

NOOO!!! Alex yelled in my mind. It was too late. With my mouth open, my teeth exposed, I penetrated the human's skin.

While the young man screamed, I silently said in my head, Please, oh please forgive me.

The blood oozed into my mouth, and I hated every bit of it. Sure, it was delicious, but knowing where it came from, how I was drinking it, made it disgusting. Demetri kept my mouth shut, but open enough to drink the vile liquid.

I opened my eyes to see the man dead, and Demetri and Carol looking ragged. Good. I put up a good fight.

"My daughter, what are you doing? What will you drink? We are not going to continue this practice." Aro said, wagging his finger at me.

"Animal blood, Aro." I said without thinking. Animal blood?

Ha! In your bitch ass face Aro! Alex said in my head. I somehow knew that Alex and swearing didn't go well together, though she had been swearing pretty often in the short time that I knew her. At least from my memory.

"Ah. Very well, child. You may go now." Aro said, dismissing me as if I hadn't just been tortured. I ran to my room and looked in the mirror.

Blood red eyes. The eyes of a murderer. Of a heartless, cold bitch.


Alec became one of my best friends in the months that proceeded. He was sort of Emo, like me. Alex had told me he hadn't been Emo in the books, and warned me not to spend too much time with him. But, being me, I didn't listen. He was the one who saved me from getting a makeover from Chelsea weeks ago. I shuddered at the memory. Chelsea tried to un-dye my hair back to its original blonde, and she tried to force me into a pink sundress. Alec came to my rescue; he ordered my clothes through Chelsea from the top designers in Europe. They were all beautiful, Lolita styled dresses. They were all dark colored, such as black, and emerald green.

Carol tried to be my best friend, but when I nearly burned her closet with one of my new powers, she gave up. Demetri insisted at first that I was his Juliet and he was my Romeo, and then I told him he was a dumbass. After that he left me alone.

I hunted in the Volterra city forests, drinking the blood of foxes and deer, and whatever else I could find.

I was reading Untamed, the 4th book in the House of Night series, by P.C Cast and Kristen Cast for the umpteenth time, when Alec knocked on my door.

"Come in!" I called and Alec opened the door.

"Nice job with your room. You finally finished it." He said, grinning.

"Thanks! I finally got the canopy bed ready!" I exclaimed, happy. I had redone my room to have black trimmings, and a light lavender/lilac colored walls. On the walls were paintings I had done, as well as some artwork Alec had done. The bedding was a deep dark plum purple, along with lacy black pillows. There was an easel in the side of the room, near the window I had, with my charcoals and painting set on it. I had two beanbag chairs in the other corner, near my large selection of books. I had a whole bunch of vampire books, as well as some Manga, and some journals full of writing I had done while I was here at Volterra.

"I see, nice touch. I need to talk to you about something, Lorry."

"What?" I asked. Why had he called me Lor? I thought Aro forbade anyone to call me that. Besides, the name itself didn't feel like me at all. I know, I know. It was my name. But being called Raven or Rainy or Rave so much now these past few months have made it seem almost as if it was my name. Alex was the only one who called me by "My name" and no one could hear her except me.

Beats me. You're on your own. I wish you would stop talking to him, but as he's helping you escape, I can't complain. Also, you had better get used to your own name! Alex said in my mind. I stifled a groan. We had been at it for days. I was growing attached to my name, Raven Rayne Volturi, while she kept reminding me that my name was not Raven Rayne Volturi, but Gloria Jennifer Robyn.

Why are you so against Alec? I asked her.

Because, I read this one fanfiction where Alec forced Bella to be with him. It still sends shivers down my spine, and I read it a year ago!

"We need to get you out of here." Alec said, looking me in the eye. His expression was determination and seriousness.

"How?" I asked him.

"I have a plan. I'm going to tell Aro that you and I are now mates, and that I converted you into drinking human blood. I'll ask for him to let us go hunting together and you can make your getaway." He said quickly. I was speechless.

Tell him thank you. Alex said helpfully.

"T-thank you." That surprised me. Me? Stuttering? It was inconceivable!

Alex laughed in my mind. Inconceivable! That's funny! From the Prince's Bride, right?

"No problem." He said with a grin. "You're my best friend, and your not happy here. I can tell. It's been 5 months and the only true smile I've seen you crack was when Demetri and Carol gave up on you and let you paint or write whenever you wanted."

"When do you want to leave?" I asked, laughing.

"Is now alright?"

"Sure. Let me pack first. It'll take me a minute." I told him. I packed all of my books, my paintings, the paintings Alec drew, my drawing pad, charcoals, paints, brushes, dresses, shoes, and makeup. I minimized the suitcase to a small miniature size. I had gained another power from visiting the Amazon Clan a month ago. I could distort size.

"Let's go."

Aro was, of course overexcited to hear that I was switching diets. He let us go without a second thought. Alec escorted me to the airport.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye." He said awkwardly.

"I guess so." I told him. "Thanks for...everything." And I meant it, too. Once I was out of the influence of the Volturi, I could try and get my memory back. I hugged Alec, and thought of my time in Volterra. Full of lies and deceit. The only good golden thing that I knew was absolutely true and not a lie was Alec's friendship with me.

"Good bye, Alec. Thank you for everything." I said, and walked away in the direction of my plane.


"We shall be landing in Washington in 10 minutes. Please sit down and pull your seat belt on. The weather is rainy and cloudy, with a temperature of 37 degrees. I hope you enjoyed your time flying with us." The captain said over the PA system. Whatever the hell they call it. I was growing nervous. I was seeing the family I apparently left all those months ago.

Alec had provided me with pictures of them, and their address. He warned me they might be a bit hostile at first, due to the bad note we left on. He and Alex had explained to me that the Volturi had captured Alex, and used her as bait to corner me. I had made a bargain with Aro, a bargain that meant I stayed with him for 50 years, in order for the safety of the ones I loved. Aro had tricked me in the end, and erased my memories through Carol.

Alex said they tried to erase hers, but she had found another gift for herself. She was a shield. Mentally of course. She once tried to compare it to some girl named Bella, but when I asked her what in Nyx's name she was talking about, she dropped that example.

I got off the plane, and set out on foot in the direction of some town called Forks. I walked at a human pace to the nearest forest, and ran toward the house at my vampire pace. I continued on, until I arrived at a beautiful home. I got the feeling of déjà vu.

I looked at myself in a little water puddle. My long black hair was flowing freely. I had gotten bangs, and I was wearing a black and white Lolita dress underneath a black satin trench coat. My luggage was still in my pocket. I had on ballet flats that had ribbons, which tied around my ankles. I deemed myself presentable at last, and went to knock on the door.

A short petite young woman, with black spiky hair and topaz colored eyes like mine, answered the door. I thought of the photo Alec had given me. He had told me names.

"Alice Cullen, right?" I asked, nervous as shit. If I could, I would've been sweating.

She looked at me blankly, and then gave a glare that shot at me like daggers. Her eyes turned onyx. She grabbed me by the hair, and pulled me through to what I believe was the living room. I yelped in surprise, and tried, unsuccessfully to have her let go of me.

"Carlisle! Look what trash I found at the door!" She shrieked, and threw me on the ground .I was surprised, and alarmed. What had I done? Alec and Alex wouldn't go into specifics.

Alex. I thought. Where was she?

"What is it Ali- Oh my."

I turned to the voice. It was a young man, appearing at the age of 23, 25 at the most, with blonde hair and the same topaz eyes.

"Dear, what is Alice scre- Oh dear..." Another voice chimed out, this one female. She was around the same age of the other male, and had caramel brown hair, with the same topaz eyes.

They were all beautiful, and had the scent of a vampire. I checked the bonds they had, a power from one of the guards. I could tell the older female, who I think is Esme, is mate to the male, Carlisle I think. Alice was a daughter figure to both of them, I could see.

"YOU GUYS! WE'RE BACK!" I heard a loud booming voice say from the other side of the house.

I saw 5 vampires file in, all laughing and talking. They were all connected by a sibling figure to one another, and a parental figure to the older vampires. Two were females, and the others were of course males. I saw the blonde one go to Alice. I could tell that they were mates. I think Alec said that his name was Jasper. The bronze haired male, Edward I believe, was next to a brunette female. His mate. Isabella, I think her name was. Alec had told me that she was supposed to be changed. Apparently, that had not happened yet.

There were two other vampires, a blonde female, and a brunette male. Mates again, obviously. Rosalie and Emmett I believe. I turned around to face Carlisle, and drew an intake of breath.

"Um.. Hi. I'm Princess Raven Rayne Volturi. Well, ex-princess I guess. Although you may have known me as a Gloria Jennifer Robyn. You must be Carlisle, right?" I said, using my ex- title. It was a habit I had. Every coven I met, I introduced myself as the Princess.

Carlisle looked at me, his face full of astonishment. I did a small curtsy. Aro had insisted on me learning manners from Corin. She had taught me about all that stuff, much to my dismay.

It was silent for a minute, and then all hell broke loose. I felt myself get tackled by two guys. Jasper and Emmett, I think. This created a sense of familiarity, but I ignored it. I struggled, but was not let go.

"WHAT THE HELL? WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS ON ME?!" I exclaimed, pissed. Since the time Demetri and Carol attacked me those months ago, I had not like being touched. It was amazing that I had hugged Alec at the airport. I had a very loud and huge potty mouth. Something that Alex said hadn't changed.

"Emmett, Jasper, hold her tight." the blonde female, Rosalie, said. I let out a sigh of frustration .What the hell did I do?!

"Bella, go to the cottage, please." The bronze haired one, Edward, said. The brunette female, obviously Isabella, left out the door, confusion written all over her face.

"Alex!" I heard Alice yell. I turned to the staircase. And there stood Alex, small and frail looking. Her hair still had the white streak she had put in it.

She looked at me, and grinned.