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Stranger Then Fiction

Alexandra never thought she would do anything special with her life. She assumed the only way she would get the adventure she desprately wanted was in books, especially Twilight. When Alex sees a shooting star, that all changes and she is thrown into the world she thought was only fiction. Now, Alex is battling a greasy haired Aro who wants nothing more than revenge, keeping a relationship together with her favorite russet brown werewolf, and her penpal, Lor, who just can't seem to leave Rosalie alone. Sometimes, reality can be stranger then fiction. Stranger Then Fiction Co-Written with LoveIsACookie


9. The dumbasses return

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The woman stood outside the window, staring at the two girls. It should be impossible, the blonde haired woman thought icily. I just saw her last month, as a vampire…yet, here she stands, a human, pregnant. It’s not even fair… I didn’t believe him when he told me our kind couldn’t have children. I wanted a little girl of my own so badly in my youth.

The woman’s temper flared and she knew in that instant how to get back at the two girls who had no right to be there. She whipped out her phone and dialed the numbers that had been many vampires’ death sentence. She spoke in words too fast for any human to comprehend, but her master received the following message. “Alexandra is pregnant with a demon capable of taking your throne. I’m requesting backup to get rid of her…and the Cullens while we are at it.” The blonde haired woman hung up the phone and stared at Alexandra Rider. “Alex Rider,” The woman said. “In only two hours, you will be dead.”

Lorry POV

I shook myself from the vision with a start.

“ALEX!” I screamed. This is bad. Really bad. Aro would never ever let anyone or anything over rule him. Ever. Even if the apocalypse happened. Alex came racing through the room, her black curly hair lashed at her face, worry etched in her pale figure.

I looked at her for a second, noticing the differences. Her skin was less pale, a bit like Bella’s skin color, but a bit less alabaster-like. She was small, frail looking. Her stomach was big, as if she were 4-5 months pregnant, not even the lousy 2 months she was. She was very skinny aside from her stomach.

“What’s going on?” She asked, frowning, her hand went unconsciously to her belly. She was way too far along for only 2 months. I shook these thoughts from my mind. We had more important things to worry about. Carol’s ass is diffidently grass if she even takes one step in Alex’s direction.

“Carol. She knows.” I let my eyes wander to Alex’s bump. Fury flashed in her eyes and she growled. Huh? What the fuck? I thought she was human. Unless…she growled before she became a vampire? That’s just weird. Then again, Alex was never one for the ordinary. “She told Aro. They’re coming.”

“What!” I heard everyone scream from downstairs. Fuck. Just fucking great. Well, at least they know.

“What do you mean Aro is coming!?” Alice shrieked at me, with Rose behind her as they came in my room. I sighed. These two were always with Alex. Though they always left when I would examine her. They never did quite like me, even after all this time. Although Alice always bothered me. Rose didn’t do much to me. We just didn’t talk.

“I mean that his moldy ass is coming, and soon.” I said, slowly going over tactics used by him in previous encounters like this in my head. He should’ve never have had them teach me history and army techniques. I know all their secrets now.

“What? For what?” Carlisle said, and I felt worry and anger wash through him. I guess he had a reason. They were gonna try to take out all of us. He must know it himself.

“For Alex. Imagine the uproar in the castle from finding out that a used-to-be-vampire-now-human is having a child. None the less one with a werewolf. That should create problems.” I said, silently wishing Carol to hell.

“True…” I heard Jasper whisper from his room. He didn’t really talk to Alex anymore, I’m guessing for fear of losing control with her being human and having blood.

“Jasper, get your ass in here. Now.” I said, and felt Alice glare at me. Go ahead; glare all the fuck you want. I really wouldn’t give a damn.

I heard Jasper get up, and walk to my room. Good. I needed him to help me plot. Good god, listen to me. As if I was back at the castle, plotting up imaginary wars in tactic meetings.

“Yes, Lor?” He said quietly, and I sighed. I still had not gotten used to that name.

“We need to plan. You have some experience in this area, correct?”

Jasper immediately brightened up.

“Yes. I was a sort of general in the Newborn Army wars.”

Wow. No wonder he had all those bites. I had chosen not to ask, knowing how it was usually a personal experience. I still haven’t told Embry how I had gotten my own.

I saw Carlisle and Esme immediately stiffen when I asked on his experience. Alice continued to glare at me, Emmett had on a goofy face, while Alex looked worried. Rose looked as if nothing had happened. Edward was at Bella’s house, and Jacob was in La Push with the pack. Sam had called a meeting.

“Lorry, you don’t think that this will end up in a fight, do you?” Carlisle said, and I didn’t think twice of the fear in his voice. He knew as well as I the trouble Aro could cause. He was a childish, immature adult. But he was also a manipulative, determined, and dangerous person. I felt my eyes harden from just thinking of that dumbass.

“Knowing Aro, it will. He will not stand for the possibility of what he would most likely call a devil spawn to take over his throne. That is his motive at the moment. He believes that the children will take his throne.”

“Couldn’t you be the least sensitive to the fact Alex is right here!” Alice growled at me, and I turned to Alex. She was scared, pissed, and worried all in one.

“Alice, would you rather me sugarcoat the story? Fine. Aro’s nice as shit dainty ass from the meadow of happiness and the valley of contentment is coming down here for a visit! Yay! Isn’t that going to be so much fun?!” I said, my voice dripping of sarcasm, while clapping and jumping up and down.

“Don’t push me Lorry! Just because everyone else has accepted you, doesn’t mean I don’t see the truth.” Alice shot back. I couldn’t help but grin.

“Oh yeah. One day I’m gonna turn to Alex, drain her of blood, and kill all of you. What a nice little thought.” I snorted out, and Alice lunged at me. I raised an eyebrow, and moved just as she was about to touch me.

“Alice, calm down. Please. And, Lorry stop teasing your sister.” Esme said, emitting stress. I sighed and nodded. Although Alice had other things in mind.

“CALM DOWN!? NO WAY! SHE’S THE ONE WHO STARTS EVERYTHING!” She screamed, getting out of my room. But not until she knocked some of my paints and brushes. I shrugged. Oh well. At least she’s outside of my room.

“Well, what are we going to do?” Emmett asked, cracking his knuckles very loudly.

“We’re going to train. That’s what we’re going to do.” I said, and went to my closet. If I was going to train, I so needed to get the hell out of this dress.

“Awesome!” He yelled, and ran out, and judging by the noises, was running around outside whooping and yay-ing. I shook my head. Same old Emmett.

“When?” Jasper asked as I dressed in the closet. The door was close, so I had no clue what everyone was doing. I dressed in some baggy sweatpants, a black tank, and black converses. A girl’s best friend.

“Tonight. We tell the pack later on.” I said, coming out of the closet door. Only Jasper and Alex were in my room.

Jasper nodded, and went off into some other part of the house. Alex just sat on my bed, staring off into space. She seemed tired, judging by the way she kept blinking.

“Go to bed.” I said softly.

“What are we going to do? I mean… Aro? And the guard? They’re coming for me. Again.” Alex whispered, and I felt myself get angry. They were going to try to take her again. This time they weren’t going to, in any way, get near her.

“Alex, the day any of them get near you is the day Alice starts to like me.”

“It’s just… I feel like it’s happening all over again.”

“It’s okay. Don’t worry. Go to sleep.” I said, and walked out my room, closing the door behind me. I waited until I heard Alex’s soft and even breathing, and went to my study/exam room.

I looked over a model I had done of what in the world Alex’s children would be. I knew for sure she had temporarily adopted the 24 chromosome pair. We had 25 pairs, werewolves had 24 pairs, and humans 23 pairs. Alex had some of the vampire traits, although they were being suppressed.

Alex was having two children. I had thought of them being human, but it wouldn’t be possible for the rate of the pregnancy. I could conclude they had 24 chromosomes. It was wild guess, but there a 90% chance one was going to be half vampire half human, and the other half werewolf and half werewolf. I was taking my chances on that possibility.

It would explain why Alex wasn’t growing along at a slow pace or a fast as hell pace. Werewolves grow very fast, and vampires don’t grow at all. I guess the two cancel each other out a bit.

“Lorry, ready for training?”

I put away my papers, and got up.

“Yep. Make sure to bring your best Emmett. You’ll need it.”

“Yeah, right!” Emmett said, snorting. I just grinned. He shouldn’t underestimate me. At all.

“Dammit Lor!”

I grinned as I got off Emmett for the 10th time today. Only Emmett, Jasper, and I were out here. Everyone had gotten enough when they fought me last week. They trained with Jasper when I stayed home with Alex. Something about me being a big badass in fighting.

“What Emmett?” I said all innocently.

Emmett just growled while Jasper chuckled.

“Em, clam down. It wouldn’t do much to hit a lady.” Jasper said, chuckling the whole time.

“This is not a lady! She’s a freaking I do not even know! A freaking machine is what she is!” Emmett said, his arms waving around as if the world were ludicrous.

“Nice Emmy. Nice.” I said laughing as we ran back toward the house.

“You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
Either way I, don’t wanna wake up from you
Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
Somebody pinch me, your loves too good to be true
My guilty pleasure I ain’t goin no where
Baby long as you’re here
I’ll be floating on air cause you’re my
You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
Either way I, don’t wanna wake up from you”

I stopped, and told Jasper and Emmett I would meet them at the house. I pulled out my phone and answered it.

“Alec? What’s new?”

“Rainy? Thank God you picked up. Aro has caused uproar around here.”

I punched a tree. It was finally happening.

“Carol got back?” I asked.

“Yes. Around an hour ago. She says a demon spawn of Satan or something is being born. Some weirdo crap.”

“Fuck… Well, has Aro called an emergency meeting?”

“He immediately called one when Carol set foot in the castle. We got out 5 minutes ago.”

“What’s the game plan?”

“They’re going to come to Forks. Question Carlisle, but I’m certain they’ll try to kill you all.”

I cursed under my breath. It was happening now. If they called the meeting, they would be here in 2 days time. 3 days max.

“Shit. I gotta go. Jane is trying to make sure I don’t talk to you or something.”

“Very well. Thank you Alec.”

“You’re welcome Rave. See ya.”


I ran home, and immediately went upstairs to Alex. She was asleep, which was normal for her now a days. I checked her pulse, and then went to my room. I looked around, and felt as if something bad was happening. I looked in the mirror, and realized the angry somewhat blank expressions in my eyes were coming back. I knew something bad was happening. It was as if the Raven at Volterra was slowly trickling back. I shuddered at the thought. Maybe the plunge down memory lane for the tactics and training and medical things were affecting me.

“Lorry. I need to speak to you.” I heard Jacob say from downstairs.

“Fuck...” I muttered. He has got to be pissed. I guess keeping him out of the loop wasn’t a good thing to do. At all.

“Yes, Jacob?” I asked, coming down the stairs.

“Why the hell was I just told that some blood sucking, duck loving, mafia killers are coming after Alex?” He said, and I broke down laughing. Mafia killers?

I heard Emmett laugh from the kitchen, and knew he must’ve told him the partial lie. I soon after heard the kitchen door to outside open and close. Dumbass.

“Number one Jacob. They’re the Volturi. Not mafia killers. Number Two. They certainly are not duck lovers.” I said after I stopped laughing.

“Emmett!” Jacob yelled, clearly pissed.

“Well, Jake. I have it under control. Don’t worry.”

“You? Lorry, come on. It’s a whole bunch of them isn’t it?” He scoffed.

“I was one of them Jacob.” I said cool and lightly. A fact I hated.

He looked startled, and went upstairs to see Alex. Can’t blame him. The reasons why some vampires hate werewolves scent, and vice versa, were mainly due to the Volturi and its history with some shape shifters and actual children of the moon. Alex and I weren’t at all affected by werewolves’ scents though. It was like a slight, little tint of wet dog to their scents. Not much.

I could hear Alex waking up, and my thoughts wandered off to Embry. He had gone on a trip with Billy and Charlie, to keep them safe. They were going fishing, and Sam was taking no chances on them being ambushed or something.

“Lor? I would like to go over our tactic plan.” Jasper said from upstairs. I inwardly smiled. This was actually fun.

“Coming Jazz.” I said, and started going back upstairs.

I looked down at the text I had gotten, and was staring at it for a good 5 minutes.

Rainy, we’re coming soon. Aro suspects that I’m talking to you, so he’s keeping me out of the loop. He’s really worried about this though. He apparently regrets having you trained to be the way you were. To tell you the truth, I broke you out when I did for a good reason. Later on that week, Aro was going to announce you as the first ever assassin for the Volturi. I’m sorry for not telling you the truth. I know, I know. Dumbass move. Make sure to be on the lookout for us. I’ll try to text you. Jane might actually take my phone away from me.


I continued to stare at the damn phone. Me? Assassin? My mind went back to what Emmett said the other day.

This is not a lady! She’s a freaking I do not even know! A machine is what she is!”

I chuckled darkly. Maybe Emmett did know things beyond my own knowledge. But it all clicked together. All those training classes. All those history and training classes. And with my powers, it makes me even more dangerous.

“Lor? Can you make me something to eat?”

I looked at my door way to see Alex. She obviously didn’t need me to make her anything. Alex was one of the best cooks I ever knew. I guess she wanted to get me away from my previous life. I closed my phone, and smiled a pretty fake smile.

She eventually shrugged, and we went downstairs together. I knew she meant food that Esme had prepared before hand, since my cooking wasn’t much to be valued. I mean, how the hell should I know how to cook the pieces of shit if I can’t even fucking taste them? Seriously. Esme is deeply respected by me just because she can cook perfect meals that are actually edible.

“Sure. What do you want? Some of that lasagna Esme has in the fridge, or some potato salad?” I asked, looking in the fridge as I thought about how everyone was training with Jasper.

“Huh…. Lasagna would be nice right now. I hate potato salad.” Alex said, making a face when she mentioned potato salad. I personally had no clue what I liked or didn’t like. All I had to choose in my diet when I’m off hunting is; “Huh. The fast mountain lion, irritable grizzly, or regular deer?”

“Lasagna it is.” I mumbled as I cut out a piece for her and heated it up. I waited in the kitchen as Alex went into the living room. I soon heard Dr. House’s smartass comments coming from the T.V, along with Alex’s laughing. I found myself laughing hollowly at it as well, soon enough the lasagna was ready.

“Alex, mind getting your ass of the couch to come eat?” I said, setting down the lasagna and milk on the table. God. Just smelling it made me want to get away from it.

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t worry.” Alex mumbled and was soon at the table eating. I heard the others come in, and went up to my room. I didn’t feel like putting up with Alice’s bull shit today. I didn’t feel like putting up with anyone’s bull shit today.

I got out my paints and brushes, and decided that I should start a mural on my walls. Might as well do something with my hands. I thought of different scenes, but eventually sided with black and white spirals going inward and outward in different directions, which looked pretty kick ass on my lavender-lilac-ish walls.

“Why does it reek of paint?” I heard Rose complain downstairs.

“Probably Lorry. Although I don’t smell a thing.” Alex said.

“Good God. She needs to cut it out with that crap.” I heard Alice say. I rolled my eyes. And the Brunette Blonde Duo strike again. Woo-hoo. Note my sarcasm.

Rainy. We’re coming NOW. B ready.


Aro’s greasy ass is coming. Fast.

“Jasper, Edward, Emmett. Run around the perimeter. Edward, you hear one thought that you think is the Volturi, and report it to me. I said, feelings all eyes on me.

“What the hell are you guys waiting for?! ARO’S GREASY ASS IS COMING NOW!” I growled out, and the three guys nodded immediately. They all ran out the door, and I was left in the living room. We had been playing with game boards, a suggestion of Esmes so we could all get along better. Fat chance.

“What do you mean Aro’s coming!” Alice said, taking a protective stance around Alex along with Rosalie. I swear, you would think they were her keepers or something. I felt Jake get tense, and Carlisle and Esme were coming down.

“I mean Aro’s bitch ass is coming now. Which means you two have to protect Alex.” I said, and looked at Carlisle and Esme.

“You’re not gonna help!?” Alice shrieked, and I glared at her.

“I’m confronting the fool, Alice!” I snarled at her. Carlisle took a step toward me, and I knew I had to calm down.

“Carlisle, Esme. You will be Alex’s last stand of defense. Stay near her. Rose, Alice. You two need to stay in the house, and pack for her.” I said, and saw Carlisle and Esme nod. Even Rosalie nodded. Alice just looked like she was gonna keep bitching at me.

“What the hell am I gonna do?” Jacob practically bellowed. Good god. He has a set of lungs on him.

“You are gonna get your ass to La Push and tell Sam to keep the pack there. Explain to him we don’t need the Volturi sticking their noses up more than they already are.” I said.

“But!” Jacob started saying but I cut him off.

“No buts. I don’t have that luxury called time to be doing this. Go. Now.” I said sharply, and I knew I sounded like a bitch.

He left, and I was left with 4 bewildered vampires looking at me.

“And the Miss Bitchy award goes to Lorry.” Alice said, and Esme shot her a look.

“Thank you.” I said sweetly. God.. She just annoys me…

“Lor.” Alex said, and I turned to her, and instantly regretted saying thank you. I hadn’t been at all like myself lately, and knew my antisocial bitchy personality from Volterra was coming out. And, as Jasper and Emmett put it oh so kindly the other day when we were training, I was Ms. Holy-Mother-Fucking-Shit-She-Can-Kill-Me-If-She-Wanted-To. Yes. Their exact words after I threw Emmett into the tree and Jasper into the boulder.

“What are going to do?” She whispered, and I could tell she was exhausted.

“You, Esme, Carlisle, Alice, and Rose are going to stay here. If something happens, you and Jake will go away for a while.” I said firmly, and felt my phone vibrate.

B there in 2 min Rainy.


“Fuck, fuck, and double fuck.” I mumbled as I ran out the house, leaving some very confused people behind in the house I could call home. I phone the guys, and met up with them.

“Jasper, go west. Emmett, go south. Edward go to Bella. Cauis will be sure as hell bitch about her being human still.” I said, and Jasper ran off as soon as I directed his orders. Edward nodded at me, smiling weakly.

“Thanks.” He said before he went running off to her house.

“See ya Lorry,” Emmett said before he too went off.

“You can be a sweet dr-“

I answered the phone quickly.

“Aro wants to see you and Carlisle.” Aro said, and I could smell him and the guard.

“Fuck… Well ok. Bye Alec. Thanks again.”

“”Bye Rave.”

I shut the phone. The smell of the guard caught me off guard. Made me feel sort of at home.

NO! NO, no! Not your home! I internally yelled at myself, as I called Carlisle.

“Carlisle, I’m sorry to say Aro wants to see you.” I said, making my way to the guard.

“I’ll be there soon.” He said, and I shut my phone. I seriously needed to charge it.

I followed the scent of the guard, and Carlisle was right behind me. And we came face to face with Aro’s greasy ass.

“Raven! We’ve been worried about you.” He said, smiling that evil and scary smile of his.

“Have you been? How nice of you.” I snorted out.

“And Carlisle, my dear friend!” Aro exclaimed as he shook Carlisle’s hand.

“Aro. It has not been long since our last encounter.” Carlisle said stiffly. He had a reason to be acting like this. Aro did take his daughter, lock her up, then return her in a comatose state, and is now trying to kidnap her again.

I saw Alec wink at me, and I rolled my eyes.

“Well, Carlisle, my sources tell me Ms. Rider-Cullen is having a child. Are these reports true?” Aro said, eyeing Carlisle. I had just then realized Carlisle had a glove on. I was laughing so hard on the inside. Nice move.

“It’s none of your god damn fucking business!” I said, feeling I needed to say it since Alex was sort of my patient.

“I don’t believe I was talking to you, Raven. I was talking to the coven leader.”

“I don’t give a rat’s ass about who the hell you were talking to.”

“Such a pity all those vocabulary lessons went to waste.”

“You’re such an idiotic blundering imbecile. There you have it bitch.”

“I hate to break this love fest and all, but master, we’re running on a tight schedule.” Alec said smirking at me.

“Of course. Well, Carlisle is this correct?” Aro said his face as cool as a cucumber the whole time.

“I have no authorization to tell you whether this report is true or not.” Carlisle said, his tone cool and mellow as well. Why does everyone have such a kick ass poker face when my anger just gets the better of me?

“Carlisle, friend, I do not wish to make this difficult.”

“Aro, correct me if I’m wrong, but you made this hard on yourself by kidnapping Alexandra in the first place.”

“Touché my old friend. But, if indeed Alexandra is pregnant, we must destroy the abomination.”

“Nothing of such sorts will be born! The physical and mental makeup those children have marked them as healthy ones, with traits of both species. Although their humanity is more prominent than any other vampire’s.” I hissed out.

“How are you to speak to your father in that manner?”

I just literally went blank at that moment. I followed my impulse, and lunged at him. Carlisle grabbed one of my arms, and Alec came over to help. Yeah. Smart. Use the two people I don’t want to hurt.

“You bastard. You are not, have never been, and never will be my father!” I said, growling.

“Then what am I to you? Answer and look me in the eye when I talk to you, Raven Rayne Volturi.”

“My name is Gloria Raven Call. I am in no way related to you. My family resides here in Forks!” I spat out at him.

“My, my, Carlisle. Family? What lies have you been feeding this child?”

“None, Aro. Pure truth has come from my family and me.”

“I highly doubt it. You have her believing she is worthy of your friendliness and generosity. She’s a cold-blooded killer. She knows it herself.”

I heard Alec take a sharp intake of breath, and I froze. He was somewhat right. I myself was becoming more and more aware of that little part of me that was cold and bitchy. It had been suppressed here in Forks, but it was slowly trickling back in.

“Aro! How dare you!” I heard Carlisle yell from beside me.

“Carlisle it is true. She’s a lethal, dangerous, weapon of mass destruction. Have you seen her in combat? She’s quite the champ.”

I knew Carlisle was thinking back to the on one and only training session we had together.

“You’re right Aro; I might be a cold hearted bitch. But, you made me who I am.” I snarled out.

“Raven, you’re cold and inhumane on your own accords.”


“I’m sorry to interrupt the special debate you all are having, but we still have the problem at hand. What shall be born will be dangerous for our kind.”

“Cauis! Haven’t you been listening! They themselves will be more humane than Carlisle himself!” I said, huffing and puffing.

“Yes. But, do you not remember our lessons on immortal children? You do remember those history lessons, don’t you?”

“Immortal children are created through a vampire bite, not love. They are frozen, physically and at times mentally. These children will grow both ways.”

“Still, Raven...”

“There are no ‘stills’ Cauis. There is no immediate danger.”

Cauis reluctantly let it drop, and soon it was silent. Alec broke the silence.

“Well, you heard the princess. Come on.” He said, grinning like the fool he was. He may be emo, but he was a pretty funny emo.

“She is no longer a princess.” Aro said, sounding carefree as always.

“’Course she is. Until the day she dies.” Alec said, trying to sound smart.

“Which will be oh so soon.” A shadow figure said, and I growled when I realized who it was. Carol.

“Try me, bitch.”

“See? Cold and dangerous.” Carol said back, her eyes a deep red.

“Says the bitch with red eyes.”

“If I recall correctly, you used to have them as well.”

“If you recall correctly, you forced it on me.”

“So many details. Little time.” She said, smiling evilly. God, what a bitch.

“Carlisle, this is not over.” Aro called out as he and the guard retreated.

My phone vibrated, and I noticed I had bunch of messages on it. Great.



Nvm, found her.

I smacked my head with my palm. Stupid Brunette-Blonde Duo.

Nice Rainy. Although, a bit of violence would’ve been good.


I shook my head. Always the jackass.

“Thank you Lorry.” Carlisle said quietly as we made our way home.

“For what? Not killing Aro?” I said, trying to joke around a bit.

“For saving the family.” He said, and I shook my head.

“It was nothing.” I said, and ran ahead to the house.

“Embry, I’m gonna go hunting.” I said, halfway out the door.

“Ok. See ya in a while.” I heard Embry call out. This week had been hectic. Sam was freaking out, and Embry had just gotten back with Billy and Charlie. Alex discovered her daughters had powers, which affected her for the time being. She had gone invisible when Alice, Rose, and Esme were babysitting her. And she could transport from place to place.

I ran into the forest, liking the way the wind made my hair go everywhere. It was kind of fun just running. I ran around for while, going deeper and deeper into the forest, till I was at the mountains.

“Oh, Raven..” I hear someone say. I turned around, and looked around. Nothing.

“Come on Rainy! I’m right here!” The same voice said. This is getting creepy.

“Who the hell are you!?” I called out, and was cursing at myself for running so far from home.

“You’re best friend silly!” The voice called out, and I froze. Was that Carol?!

“Look behind you!” It called out in a sing song voice, and I turned to see Carol, and growled.

“Now, now. Calm down.” She said, and lunged at me.

“BITCH!” I yelled out, and soon she had my neck. Fuck. She has gotten better.

“Say night night Raven!” She said before I felt her bite me. It wasn’t the burning sensation I kind of remembered from before. It was a fuzzy feeling in my head. It made me go all fuzzy, as if she were controlling me.

“Mother fu-“was all I said before I couldn’t even move my mouth. I slowly felt as if something were going in my head. I felt strange, and I felt as if I were human and getting drunk. Just like how they described it, with the fuzzy fog and the weird sensation. I felt her get off me, and wondered briefly if she was gonna hold out her promise to kill me. She didn’t and stood next to me.

“Well, don’t worry about the next few weeks. You’re gonna be quite dizzy and disoriented. That’s what happens when I control someone’s thoughts and movements.”

WHAT!? Was my last thought before I completely blacked out.