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Twin Suns

twinsunsbanner Jane is a lowly maid, living in the town of Volterra, Italy. After meeting two strange, pale, men in the market, she is whisked away in the middle of the night by Felix. Soon she discovers the amazing world of the vampires, but does she really want to be a part of it? (Originally written for the Jane One-Shot competition, before I realized the canon rule (and what the canon was. Where in the books did it say anything about being burned at stake?) You'll probably recognize some parts. The first chapter is the one-shot, and the rest is a continuation. And yes, I am overly proud of my banner :) Thanks to stardoll.com for helping me make the face.)


2. Chapter 2

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My throat aches with thirst. I find the fountain and drink, but it makes me retch and gag. The air is sugary sweet, like cake, hot from the oven and drizzled in honey. It burns as I stumble past the baker’s. That deliciously sweet smell is even stronger. I break down the door easily and stare greedily at the tarts and cakes that were always for Mistress, never for me. I shove three in my mouth. It tastes good, but it’s now what I want. My throat feels as if it is about to burst into flames. My stomach wrenches suddenly and I buckle over in pain. I heave its contents onto the floor. My stomach must not be used to the richness. But I’ve had tarts before- sometimes the scullery maid brought some to Alec… So what was it? I hover over the counters, pondering whether it is smart to try and stomach another, when that scent fills the room again, wafting in from upstairs. I follow it. Perhaps the baker has more food upstairs. But there are no ovens, just the baker and his wife, snoring softly. The smell seems to be coming from them. I lean over the baker. Suddenly, my teeth are in his neck. I drink and drink, the fire slowly dying away. Aaaaah. I remember- I am a vampire now. I need blood. I look at the white corpse of the baker. The tarts must have contained garlic… And didn’t the pope bless the fountain? I open the window and jump down lightly. That must be it. I look to the sky. The sun is rising. I quickly make my way to Mistress’s house.


Meanwhile, at Volterra Castle:

“I can’t believe it.” Aro mutters, taking out his anger on one of the poor dummies they used for training newborns. Although, this dummy way six feet tall and made of marble- an old unwanted sculpture donated to the royals. He punches it and the nose shatters. “She was to be the crowning jewel of my collection, my pride and joy. And now, gone. Just like that.” He jumps on its back and squeezes its throat until the stone crumbles in his fingers. The head rolls to a stop at my feet and I pick it up.

“What I wouldn’t give to have Alistair on my guard right now.”

“We have our best trackers on her trail right now.” I tell him.

“But have they caught her yet?”

“Well, no sir.” I bow my head.

“Exactly my point Eleazar.” He says, exasperated, wrenching off an arm.

“But sir, they have no scent to follow!”

“Then get one!” Aro growls. “Felix has been to the manor before. Get some of her bedsheets or something.” He kicks the statue square in the chest. It splinters, and he stalks off.

I dropped the head and smash it under my foot. There was no way I was going to be able to put this one back together. I’d have to find another sculptor now.

I shrug off my cloak. Russia, I think. I need to see ­­­Iakov. And I start to run.


I stare up at Mistress’s manor, my home for 8 years, since my mother died. With my newly sensitive ears, I hear the front door click and I duck behind the shrubs. It’s Alec, dressed in mourning clothes. Who has died? Then I realize it- me. They think I’m dead. How long have I been gone? At least two days. I want to leap out and embrace him. I want to tell him I’m alright. But I know it would never do. To see his dead sister lap out from the bushes, skin chalky white, eyes wild and red, would scare him to death rather than comfort him. I peer out. Perhaps I can send him some kind of sign. I reach forward to pluck a flower off the bush before me, when sunlight hits my fingers. They sparkle, like Mistress’s diamond rings. I draw back and stare at my hand. Aro’s voice echoes in my mind. “The only law of the vampires is thus- You must never, ever, let a human know what you are. Anybody found breaking this law is immediately sentenced to death.”

I shudder. Even with my power, I would never be able to fight off the entire guard. Heavens, I don’t even know how to fight. Sticking to the shadows, I silently follow my brother.


The wind whips through my hair. Soon the golden spires of the palace rise above the treetops. I pull my cloak back over my head and walk out of the forest and into the city.

I find my way to Iakov’s studio and rap on the door.

“Ah, Czar Eleazar!” he booms, clapping me on the back. “Be needing another sculpture, eh?”

I nod, and silently pass him a bag of golden coins.

He smiles greedily and snatches them from my hands. Leading me through a curtain, he points to a sculpture of a woman, with a large crack running down her skirt. “Darned apprentice. That’s the third time he’s ruined another perfectly good block of stone with them clumsy hands of his. Why anyone thought he would be good with a chisel, it blows me mind.”

I thank him and wheel the statue out, though I could lift it over my shoulder if I wanted to.

Once I reach the forest, I set down the stone lady. I’m parched, and when night falls, I sneak back to the village. I climb the side of a house and peer into the window. A small girl sleeps, a light snack. I gag her with a bedsheet and carry her down. I duck into an alley and drink.

“Hey!” A voice calls out.

I snap out of my frenzy, blood dribbling down my chin. A young man stands before me.

“Get away from the girl.”

“What are you doing here?” I ask.

“I smelled blood.”

I step closer. “You smelled the blood?”

“Yes.” He replies proudly. “I have the most sensitive nose in the country.”

“Oh really?” I step closer. “What is your name boy?”


Swiftly, I bite him. He screams and I pick him up like a doll. The statue can wait. I carry my prize back to Volterra.