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All Grown Up

Nessie is all grown up and she lives in New York. Se has inherited her fathers mind reading gift and she puts it to bad use! she is warned not to get into the wrong crowed but what happens when she creates the bad crowd? This is Nessie as you have never see her before!

It's alternate universe where Nessie and Jacob aren't in love. Nessie has her dads gift.

1. A Little bit of a devil

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Renesmee slid out of bed and glided over to her over sized mirror. She looked at her perfectly proportioned self and posed. She opened her wardrobe and walked into it. There were racks and racks of freshly bought clothes. She walked up to the furthest rack and picked out the clothing bag third from the left. She slipped off her silk night dress, and put on her pink and black frilly lace underwear. Over the top of her underwear she pulled up some red Gucci fishnet tights. She walked over to where all of her shoes were neatly stacked up in their boxes. She picked out some shiny, black heeled pumps by D&G. She put on a pair of black mini skirt with ruffles that flared out, and a white vest with red buttons that clung tightly to her curves. She put on a black cardigan that hung just above the waist. She looked in the mirror very satisfied with how she looked. She walked into her bathroom, and opened her cabinet and grabbed some Bright Red No.7 Lipstick; she put on some extra length mascara by Rimmel London. She got some of her special Harajuku lovers Lil’ Angel perfume and sprayed it on. Not that she needed it, she smelt amazing without perfume. She walked out of her bedroom and ran into the big glass room where her family waited for her.

As she walked in Alice got up and walked up to her. “Very nice Renesmee, good combinations of designers! I’m impressed!” Renesmee smiled at her. She walked into the kitchen and poured her self some special K. Bella came into join her. “Oh Renesmee, you look so beautiful! Enjoy your new school. New York is a fresh start for us all but we’ll all be here for you if you need support. Your in tenth grade a year below us. Just don’t get mixed up in the wrong crowed. Remember you are beautiful no matter what they say!” She nodded finished up her bowl of cereal and walked out to the garage and got in her Lilac Beetle.

When Nessie got to school she got out of the car went round to the boot to get her bags. She noticed a bunch of really cute guys, and bent down seductively to get her games kit. She got a wolf whistle and a wink. Boy I gotta try and get that Chick in bed. Thought the pail guy with blonde long hair, which swayed across his eyes. She got her bags ad walked beside them slinky wiggling her hips. Renesmee was going to be the one that started the wrong crowed around here. Momma’s little angel was turning into a little bit of a devil. Renesmee managed to get a snippet of their conversation. “So when she bent down to get her bags woo!” While he carried on talking about Nessie in such graphic terms his friends were pointing to her signaling for him to stop. Nessie tapped the guy on the shoulder, as soon as he looked at her his face contorted in horror. “H-h-hello,” he stuttered. She tilted here head and simply opened his bag and emptied it onto the floor. He looked horrified and knelt to the ground to clean up the mess. Nessie just carried on walking feeling all of the eyes bore into her, because she was the new girl. Oh yeah here comes the Little Devil!