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All Grown Up

Nessie is all grown up and she lives in New York. Se has inherited her fathers mind reading gift and she puts it to bad use! she is warned not to get into the wrong crowed but what happens when she creates the bad crowd? This is Nessie as you have never see her before!

It's alternate universe where Nessie and Jacob aren't in love. Nessie has her dads gift.

2. Reunion

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She went and sat down at her desk; she looked around and spotted Alison. Alison was a vampire who also used to go to Forks high school as well. Alison had long shiny, jet black hair that ended at her hips. She was wearing red ankle boots, white knee socks, a pair of red mini shorts and a white short sleeved top with a red jacket and a matching red and white necklace. Nessie got up and walked up to her, she realized that there was a free desk next to her; she sat in it, staring at Alison’s amber eyes. Alison looked up at nessie and asked “Oh my god, Nessie? Nessie Cullen is that you?” her eyes shining with hope and excitement. Nessie nodded with the biggest smile on her face, you wouldn’t find a bigger smile even if you were a child in a candy store. Alison got up and gave her the biggest hug. “You never told me you were coming to New York!” Alison chirped. Nessie laughed her head was over whelmed with memories of good times with Alison. “I’m sorry about not telling you, it’s just our family was confused about where we were gonna move to next,”

After the first lesson Alison and school grounds, winking at every cute guy they saw. “So Nessie still your usual flirty devil?” Alison asked, Nessie nodded and laughed. “Trust me Ness we’re gonna be the most popular girls in school. They strutted off to games where they were playing volleyball. Nessie was wearing a black short sports vest with white short shorts; she was also wearing Nessie did a ton of catching up. They even planned a shopping trip at the weekend. Together these two girls were unstoppable! They linked arms walked off around the black fashion trainers. Her hair was pulled back with a white head band loosely so her curls still floated around her waist. Alison had a white short sports vest and black short shorts with white trainers. Her hair was tied up in long, shiny bunches. Together they looked stunning. All of the boys on the opposite court stared and ogled at them. They played up to all of the male eyes on them by embracing a bit too tightly after a point had been scored on their team. All of the other girls just stared at them longingly, just wanting to be them. After reading the girls minds Nessie realized that they would have an ambush at lunch.

In chemistry the girls took their places at the desks and waited for the teacher to come in. They were chatting and giggling about the things they had done on their travels and the things that they could do. “Omg, do you remember the times when we went into bars and we got ogled by all the guys” Nessie said.

“Oh yeah and we weren’t interested in love so we pretended to be lesbians and we went into the disabled toilet and made weird noises. They looked at us like lottery winners that had hit the jackpot!” They both burst out laughing so happy that they were best friends again. Just then the teacher came in, and everyone stood up. He did his cheesy little introduction by writing his name on the board, his name was Mr. Franks. He had a blonde head of hair and a wrinkled face, he looked seriously weird! He saw the two girls at the back all cuddled up to each other and he started to get a bit hot under the collar. Then Nessie read his thoughts, boy oh boy have I caught the jackpot this year! Two lesbians nice! I’ll pretend to get some new books from under the table so I can see their legs! Nessie laughed silently and Alison looked her like she had lost her marbles. “Ok Alison when he says he’s getting new books from under his desk he really wants to look at our legs. So if we stroke each other’s legs lets see what happens.” Alison nodded.

“Right class, I just need to get some books from under my desk I’ll be back up in a minuet.” he chuckled.

“Now,” Nessie said they started to stroke each other gently but passionately. While this was going on Nessie focused on one of they voices out if the many voices in her head. Whoa! They’re stroking each other. Uh oh better go to the toilet to put the little guy back in place. Nessie laughed again and signaled to stop. Alison looked at her for results. “Well he needs to go the toilet to flatten the little guy! Lol or what” Renesmee giggled.

“Score!” Alison replied.

It turned out that they were doing an experiment with highly dangerous chemicals but the teacher thought they were responsible enough to use them. “Ok so he said to put in the sodium tablets then the, um the, oh what’s it called? Nessie asked. “The DHMO I think, ok here we go” They put in the sodium tablets then the DHMO into the beaker. It started to bubble which was the desired results but then it bubbled more and more. Before they knew it was bubbling over the beaker and onto the table. The BANG! The table had a ton of ashes on and the girls had a bit of black powder on their faces. Everyone looked their way, after a few silent seconds the girls began to laugh their heads off. “We may have done this experiment at least a thousand times, but I always get the order wrong!” Alison said in-between laughs. Mr. Tambell came up to them, he had turned beetroot. “You girls are in serious trouble! DO you know that!?” he asked while shouting, Nessie put on her most flirtatious face and said in an innocent but sexy voice “Please don’t punish us Mr. Tambell,” Mr. Tambell had been caught in a trap.

“Well girls I’m sorry but I can’t let you go scot free, come here at the end of the day to clean up the lab.” they girls left the lab for lunch, just waiting for the ambush.