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All Grown Up

Nessie is all grown up and she lives in New York. Se has inherited her fathers mind reading gift and she puts it to bad use! she is warned not to get into the wrong crowed but what happens when she creates the bad crowd? This is Nessie as you have never see her before!

It's alternate universe where Nessie and Jacob aren't in love. Nessie has her dads gift.

3. Olive Skinned God

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As Nessie and Alison went to lunch they saw an olive skinned god. Nessie’s head was racing what should I do? If I go and sit with him I’ll look like a total idiot! She turned to Alison he eyes twinkling mischievously “Alison we need to go to the rest room now! Ok? You have make up don’t you I need a touch up!” Nessie asked in a whiney voice. Alison nodded and dragged Nessie to the rest room. She pulled out her Gucci make up bag and spilled all of her make up onto the counter. Nessie touched up her lipstick and mascara she sprayed herself with romantic spark and looked at herself in the mirror, she was the pale god. She looked at Alison curiously and Alison nodded she knew she was ready. “Ok before we go out there you know I can read minds right?” Alison nodded “Well you give me tips on what to do. He can’t see us together either, we must make out like I have no friends I must be the lonely gorgeous girl!” They both laughed this is going to be serious fun!

“I know Alison, I know” The exited the rest room and pushed past a ton of vampire wannabe it’s like stepping into Buffy the vampire slayer! They made their way into the canteen and there was the god. His food was still untouched and he was now playing a guitar his straight black hair was swaying across his face and he looked like he was deeply absorbed in his music. His lips were moving so he must have been singing as well. Alison and Nessie parted at that moment and Nessie made her way to the god. She started to hear him as she got closer; he had the voice of an angle and the face of one too. She cleared her throat and he looked up at her. His eyes bulged out of their sockets as he looked her up and down. “Hi I’m Nessie, um do you mind if I sit here?” He shook his head he appeared to be speechless. Then Nessie got a few of his thoughts is this school or heaven I must be the luckiest guy on earth if SHE wants to sit here, I hope she’s not a mortal otherwise I can’t be friends with her! “I’m Manu, I just moved here from Egypt with my family.”

“Do they all look likes gorgeous gods like yourself?” Nessie asked,
“As a matter a fact yes, we all have good genes” Manu replied. Nessie laughed her pealing bell like laugh seemed to light up Manu’s face. “Manu I know you’re a vampire, don’t look shocked ok. I can read people’s minds.”
“Are you a vampire to?”He asked looking shell shocked
“No,” he looked as if his mom had just died “I’m half my mother did it with my dad when she was a human she gave birth to me and then my dad transformed her so I’m half the Volturi had a right go at us Caius needs a right kick up the butt. He really wanted to kill me!” They both laughed with delight and a strange vibe that neither of them could identify.”I see you play guitar, can I hear?”

He nodded and started to strum gently, Nessie was entranced by the sound that was coming out of this instrument he could play so well. Just then Nessie picked up some more thoughts. Nessie you are doing great as you know my gift is to see the bond between people and yours seems to get stronger and stronger by the minute! Manu started to sing Nessie almost fainted at this sound. She had truly died (some how) and gone to heaven it sounded like a siren song she got more and more entranced every minute. She heard all of the lyrics in tune that were about to be sung so she started to sing along in harmony they sounded like class A rockers.

The sound in the lunch hall started to die down and people turned their way. People picked up more and more thoughts like Are they a band? And they must have made it to the big time! But no, they were just to people how where singing along with each other. They stopped playing and the whole hall erupted in applause. Then people started to talk again. “That was amazing Nessie you should be in a band!” Nessie nodded and she was beaming “Ok well the first band meeting is tonight and my band isn’t just vampires! There is one shape shifter he takes the form of a wolf. So be careful if he gets angry he bursts into a wolf!”
“What’s his name?” Nessie asked curiously
“Jacob Black,”