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All Grown Up

Nessie is all grown up and she lives in New York. Se has inherited her fathers mind reading gift and she puts it to bad use! she is warned not to get into the wrong crowed but what happens when she creates the bad crowd? This is Nessie as you have never see her before!

It's alternate universe where Nessie and Jacob aren't in love. Nessie has her dads gift.

4. Woops

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On her way to the band rehearsal Nessie couldn’t get the name ‘Jacob Black’ out of her head. Her thoughts grew so intense she then realised that she was holding hands with Manu. She looked at him finding him gazing into her eyes like he was lost in a maze of secrecy and passion. She would have blushed but she couldn’t since she was half vampire as they walked Manu stopped them. She picked up some strong vibes from a mind not sure whose it was she listened in. Damn it I need to kiss her. I feel so attracted to her, she’s like my other half, and she can sing she has the body of an angle and the hair of a phoenix. He leaned in closer his eyes glazed over in fear, ‘fear of rejection?’ Nessie thought. She leaned in at that moment they became one. Their lips joined in union their kiss began gently then it grew stronger and rougher soon they were hooked mouths and arms. Nessie broke the kiss saying “wait I hardly know you, and it’s 3:49 we need to get to band practice!”

They arrived at an abandoned warehouse the windows were smashed and the door was sealed with wooden planks nailed against it. On the planks it was written entre at your peril. Nessie laughed reading these words of caution, she and Manu were vampire’s relatives. Him being full and her being half, they could defend themselves. Manu jumped onto a mass of boxes then in through the window. But Nessie being Nessie rushed home to change.

She got home having to rush. She back combed her hair giving it a windswept look. She put thick black eyeliner making her eyes look bigger. She put bright red lip gloss on her lips they were shiny and red, just like freshly picked apple. She went to her wardrobe and picked out some tight leather trousers with that a red belt with a buckle. She picked out a black top that ended just above her belly button. ‘Shoes hmm I have so many shoes which should I choose?’ she asked herself in the end she got out some high heeled boots that went right up to the knee she had no trouble getting them on they went straight up the trousers automatically fitting into them as they were so tight. She tied the red laces and put on a black lace choker. Looked in the mirror, ‘whoa I look good! Ok now I better get back’

Only taking 30 seconds with this task she rushed in through the window and ran straight into what seemed to be a big tan punching bag. Until she looked up. She backed away and saw this so called punching bag was a boy of about 7 ft tall. His hair was cropped short and spiked with gel; he had no shirt on revealing muscular arms, a six pack and his perfect tan. He had baggy jeans and trainers on his bottom half. Nessie had to close her mouth with her hand. He was so gorgeous she could not believe her eyes, he must be an Egyptian vampire as well. Manu came round and stood next to Nessie, “Nessie this is Jacob Black,” Nessie nodded already reading Jacobs thoughts. “Boy I never thought I’d fall for a blood sucker but, this is the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. Her hair her body and her chocolate eyes! Man oh man!” Nessie looked flattered and turned away from the towering boy that stood before her. She realised it was only the three of them. Jake got out his electric guitar and Manu got out his acoustic. They all sang but she was the best. She picked up the lyrics form their heads. They sounded really good together. They stopped to take a break, Manu looked up and out of the window and rushed out. He called back “I’ll see you tomorrow”. This left Jake and Nessie alone, in an abandoned warehouse, together.

Nessie and Jake looked at each other and ZING; Nessie felt an instant connection between herself and him. She felt as if she had known him all her life. Judging by the way he looked at her he felt the same way too. About half a millisecond later she found his hands on her neck pushing her face upon his. Their lips entwined with passion and lust. But with this kiss Nessie did not break it. She felt as if she was doing the right thing, she knew she was kissing her kinds’ enemy but she didn’t care. They kissed and kissed not coming up for air. They were too connected, and then they heard the drop of a pin. It was Nessie’s Father, Aunt and Uncle all looking petrified with Nessie, like she had killed all of mankind and them threatened to kill them to

“NESSIE CULLEN!” Edward shouted