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Danger Magnet

This is a story about an interesting day for the Cullens. Bella's POV All characters, settings, etc. belong to the awesome Stephenie Meyer! Only rated teen just in case.

I hope you like it!

1. Surprise!

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“Bella, love, if we don’t go now, we’ll be late.” Edward said as I was eating my breakfast exaggeratingly slow. I hated surprises. He had told me about this last night. I couldn’t fall asleep because I was too busy pondering what it might be!

“What are we doing?” I asked him for the thousandth time.

“Alice will rip my head off if I tell you.” He told me simply. I kept quiet after that.

After breakfast, without my permission, he swept me off my feet, leaving me breathless. He carried me to his Volvo and strapped me in.

At this point, I REALLY wanted to know where we were going. I put together my most persuading look, and stared at him. I leaned over to kiss him on his full lips.

“Will you please tell me where we’re going Edward? Pwease?” I knew he couldn’t resist my ‘please’ weapon. He looked stunned, and he couldn’t help staring at me with his smoldering, ocher eyes.

“Bella…” He said, torn.

“Pwease?” I asked as I gave him puppy-dog eyes.

“Alice will kill me, but fine. We’re going to the-”

“EDWARD CULLEN! YOU BETTER NOT TELL HER WHERE WE’RE GOING!” Alice screamed from her bedroom. Emmett laughed loudly as we got out of the Volvo. Edward opened my door, took my hand, and led me up to his house. We were bringing the whole Cullen family to whatever we were doing. Well, a restaurant was out of the possibilities.

After we had gotten the whole family in their separate cars, we were off to somewhere. Rosalie and Emmett were in their BMW, Alice and Jasper were in their Porsche, Esme and Carlisle were in their Mercedes, and Edward and I were in his Volvo.

“Do you have any theories?” Edward asked me as we made our way out of Fork’s city limits.

“None whatsoever.” I answered. Edward chuckled.

“I thought you would have at least guessed by now.” He laughed again, a smile on his lips.

A half an hour later, we stopped. We were at an amusement park. A sign proclaimed that it had the fastest rollercoaster in the world inside of it.

“We’re here to see how fast is fast.” He chuckled. I had never seen him laugh so much in weeks.

“I bet it’s not faster than you.” I said as I kissed him. He threw himself into the kiss. His lips formed around mine. It lasted a long time. Well, long enough for Emmett to come and knock on our window.

“Come on Edward, save that for tonight!” He laughed. Edward growled, but reluctantly opened the door.

We all walked towards the gate, Edward and I were holding hands. That was one of the greatest feelings in the world: his stone hard, cold hands in mine. When we got to the ticket counter, he pulled away. I stared at him in confusion as he went to get a map.

“Hey- we need maps too.” I laughed. How a vampire could ever need help with directions was beyond me. Carlisle got the eight tickets, and Edward and I went to a photo booth first. It was old fashioned. I had always loved photo booths. I stepped inside, and Edward followed.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

We’re going to take pictures together.” I answered. He laughed, and inserted the necessary three dollars.

We took different poses, one being a kissing one. After we were done posing, we went outside to grab our photos. Sadly, Emmett and Jasper got there before us, and were laughing hysterically. Rosalie even cracked a grin.

“Wow!” Emmett guffawed.

“Come on Bella, let’s go get you something to eat.” Edward said. I had been too busy earlier blushing to notice my stomach rumbling.

After a few minutes of walking, Edward pulled me into a small café. It was a deep red in color, and the booths were arranged into cozy clusters on the sides.

“May I help you?” A female waitress asked as we walked in, obviously thinking that I was not perfect enough for this gorgeous creature beside me, touching me. The thought made the electric current zoom through our bodies, craving to be touching MORE.

“Yes.” Edward answered for me. “A table for two please, in a private section.” The waitress obviously didn’t like THAT much.

“Sure. Right this way Mr. ….”

“Cull.” He said and winked at me. I giggled at his joke. He probably didn’t want this waitress to call him up using a phone book. I laughed at the thought.

“Your first name?” She asked. She was definitely trying to make an attempt to stalk my boyfriend. She thought she was getting somewhere. I laughed, and looked into his amused, ocher eyes.

“Edwin.” He answered. We both laughed. She looked confused. Boy, she was missing a large inside joke. She reluctantly led US towards a table in the back.

“Can I start you off with anything? Perhaps a kiss?” I gasped. I was going to intervene. My sight was red, and I was on the verge of shaking.

“No thanks. We’ll just be leaving.” he said through his perfect teeth. He then took my hand and pulled me out of the door to the restaurant.

“That was rude.” He said when we were out in the open. The other Cullens were nowhere to be seen.

“Yes.” I spat.

“What’s wrong, love?” He asked me.

“She was trying to…”

“What? You can tell me anything, love.”

“Steal you away from me.” I said as my voice cracked.

He suddenly pulled me out of the rushing traffic in the park, and cradled me against his chest on a park bench. He put along finger under my chin so I would look at him.

“Bella, I love you. So much more than anyone has ever loved anyone. I am yours , and I love you. You don’t need to worry about that.” he said before he kissed me. My fingers twined in his hair, and he pulled away too soon. He chuckled.

“Sorry.” I mumbled as we stood up, to see the other Cullens coming our way. Emmett laughed as he pulled out a Polaroid picture of us on the bench. I blushed.

“Emmett…” Esme scolded.

“Okay, now let’s go ride that rollercoaster!” Emmett and Jasper yelled so loud I bet the whole park could hear. The people around us turned to stare.

Suddenly, Edward took my hand and pulled me to go with the rest of his family to the immense coaster. His lips were suddenly at my ear.

“Are you sure you want to do this, love?” He asked, his cold breath seeping through to my open mouth. His scent was heavenly.

“Yes.” I lied. I didn’t fool him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” He vowed.

When we got to the ride, there was no line, luckily. Emmett and Jasper got into the front car, Esme and Carlisle got to ride in the middle, Alice and Rosalie got into the back, and Edward and I sat behind Carlisle and Esme.

I heard the man at the microphone say, “Please put on all safety restraints, this ride is not for people who have heart conditions, brain problems, or are under the age of five. Thanks, and enjoy the ride.” Edward laughed at the part about the ‘safety restraints’, however, he put mine on tightly. He put his on, just as a show. If someone didn’t fall down going upside down with no restraint on, people would grow suspicious.

Suddenly, the room became blurry. This was too much for me. I had always been afraid of roller coasters. The next thing I knew, the world was black.

After what seemed to be hours of the never-ending black void, I felt cool fingers prodding my head.

“Carlisle, is she going to be okay?” Edward asked.

“Yes, Edward. Let her brain protect itself.” Carlisle answered.

Alice suddenly chirped, “She’ll open her eyes in exactly ten seconds.” she sounded jubilant.

Ten seconds later, my eyelids fluttered open. The first thing I saw was Ocher eyes staring into mine. He then gave me a kiss on my lips, parting his slightly.

“Hi.” I said, smiling.

“Are you okay, Bella?” He asked.

“Yes. I’m just afraid of roller coasters.” He chuckled.

“I’ve gathered that much.” I laughed.

Suddenly, Emmett laughed a booming laugh, “You and Edward missed the whole ride! However, it wasn’t nearly as good as running.”

“What does he mean, you missed the whole thing?” I asked Edward.

“Well ,love, when you fainted, I pulled you out and told the man to let us off. He agreed after seeing your pale face. I was nervous the whole ten minutes.” He chuckled nervously.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to make you miss the whole ride.” I said.

“I know, love, you didn’t mean to faint… my little danger magnet, at it again.” He smiled.