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Keeping Up Appearances

This is set right after the end of New Moon. Bella always bumps into things, right? What if the school counseler thought that Edward had something to do with that? Based off the song Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Love 'em!

I'm hoping this will be on the short side. I'm thinking 3-4 chapters. Enjoy! Companion story to this is I'll be Watching You.

1. Interesting

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While Bella slept, my thoughts drifted. It felt simply excellent to be back beside my beautiful Bella. I loved everything about her. How had I ever been strong enough to remove myself from her prescience? I knew I would never be able to repeat that horrendous act of blasphemy.

The one I soon hoped to call fiancée rolled over, rubbed her eyes, and sat up. Her hair looked like a reddish-brown haystack. It was celestial. "Good morning, sunshine." I smiled.

"Good morning to you, too." My love replied. "I'm going to take a human moment. I'm sure my hair looks like Medusa's tangled locks." She groaned, reaching up to feel the knots.

"You know I love you no matter the state of your hair, darling." I truly did. She was marvelous.

"Sure, sure."

As she glided to the bathroom, I ran back for the Volvo. It took less than twenty minutes to return. Bella was still upstairs, so I sat down in one of the rickety kitchen chairs, and waited.

Soon, my personal seraph appeared, hair combed, designer clothing on. Alice must have insisted on throwing out her clothing. Again. I watched as Bella "hunted." It was actually quite entertaining. She scoured the kitchen cupboards, finding pop tarts, and a package of instant oatmeal. I thought it was disgusting, but Bella seemed to enjoy the flavorless cardboard.

As she opened the cupboard door to retrieve a bowl from its depths, the round handle declared a vendetta against her, and hit her in the eye. "Ouch!" Bella yelled.

Instantly worried, I rushed to her side. "Bella, are you all right?"

She sighed. "I'm fine, Edward. I've lived through worse."

I cringed. She certainly had lived through worse. James...Laraunt...my absence.... No. I mustn’t dwell on such depressing topics. It would only upset my love. "Alright." I said, still not believing that Carlisle shouldn't check her out. What if this caused permanent blindness in that eye? It would be my entire fault. If only I had made her breakfast, then this would not have happened.

"Seriously Edward, I'm fine. I'll have a black eye for a few days, but it's nothing time...or a bite from you...won't heal." Bella smiled coyly, and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. How could she joke about something like that?

As the morning progressed, Bella bumped into several more things. The car door...the kitchen chair...the coat rack. All of them left their mark. By the time American History rolled around, the marks of blue and black had begun to be quite colorful. I cringed every time I gazed upon them. Bella tried to hide the pain, yet I knew it must hurt terribly.

All too soon, it was time for school. It was a terrible torture chamber, only made more favorable by the light emanating forth from my personal goddess. As she got out of the car, I slung my arm around her waist. Oh, my arm had missed being at its rightful place!

No one stared at us anymore. The Cullen family’s mysterious return had been the talk of the town for more than a week, yet, as always, the gossip mongers had moved on to other topics. Alice and I were once again overlooked. We did not mind. Even Bella enjoyed the spot light being directed upon someone else.

The first half of the day went well. Angela and Ben concernedly inquired about Bella's developing black eye. She brushed it off,”Oh, I was being clumsy again. You know me; I can't stay upright for more than two seconds." We all laughed. Bella made no exaggeration.

As we sat down in Biology II, Mr. Banner's thoughts were alleviating from the monotony of public school. Edward and Bella are here. She is so beautiful. As a school counselor, I cannot condone her apparent forgiveness of that horrid boy. He isn't worthy of her.

I smiled slightly. Mr. Banner had no idea how correct he was! As his thoughts about my Bella became more than PG, I clenched my fists in severe anger. Bob Banner was one thought away from meeting a very, very irritated vampire.

I slammed my book bag down, and gracefully fell into my chair, still scowling. Bella looked my way in confusion, but soon turned her attention to the teacher.

Halfway through the lesson, Bella flipped her hair around, dousing me with a fresh wave of her delightful scent, while simultaneously exposing her bruises of the day.

Mr. Banner's dull mind suddenly crescendoed to yelling. Look at Bella's lovely face. It is marred! How did she come by those bruises? He focused his attention on me. He did this to her. Edward Cullen. Perfect Edward Cullen beats his girlfriend! As school counselor, I should sit them down, and work this out. Maybe Edward and Bella will break up after my counseling sessions. Then Bella will need a shoulder to cry on, and I'll be able to pick up the pieces. No! You can't think like that. She's a mere child!

That's right Mr. Banner! Horrid pedophile. I would have to ask Emmett and Jazz to fix the situation. I began to formulate thoughts of shipping our horrid teacher off to Siberia...the Amazon...the Yukon…to teach underprivileged children. The selfish being would despise it!

Finally, the bell rang. I quickly packed up my own things as well as Bella's, and tried to escape the classroom before Mr. Banner could stop us. Too late!

"Edward. Isabella." He called, "May I speak with you for a moment?"

I sighed. There was no way out of it. "Of course."

Turning around, we stood before the tiny, dark desk. "Something has come to my attention that concerns you both. Please meet me here for about an hour after school."

Bella confusedly replied, "Of course, Mr. Banner."

We left the room, running to catch our next class. School had just become much more interesting.