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Keeping Up Appearances

This is set right after the end of New Moon. Bella always bumps into things, right? What if the school counseler thought that Edward had something to do with that? Based off the song Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Love 'em!

I'm hoping this will be on the short side. I'm thinking 3-4 chapters. Enjoy! Companion story to this is I'll be Watching You.

3. Out for Sure!

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Steeling myself in Bella’s warm embrace, I walked into the small office, and sat down on the orange plastic chair.

How do I reach this wayward youth? How do I make him understand the importance of treating women with respect? Especially women like Bella. Mr. Banner’s thoughts were surprisingly sincere. However, he very much wanted me to be guilty. Apparently Bella was too good for me, a fact I already knew all too well.

“Mr. Cullen, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me. How is school going? Are you happy to be back among the trees and rain?” Mr. Banner’s sycophantic questions were slightly comical, but mostly aggravating.

“School is great. I am most definitely happy to be back in Forks.” I smiled. This small town would hold no interest for me, but for the presence of my lovely little love.

“What makes Forks so wonderful, Edward?” Mr. Banner probed.

I paused, wondering which would be best; a lie, or the truth. I decided on a mix of both; true vampire style. “The weather agrees with me up here, and Bella wasn’t in L.A. I didn’t do very well away from her.”

“Ah. The weather is rather nice up here. I enjoy it as well. Why didn’t you do well away from Bella, Edward? What attracts you to her?” I'd bet my next paycheck he still has a girlfriend down there. He can't have missed her too much. Why did he come back?

“Bella and I love each other, sir. I couldn’t eat or think while I was away. For your second question, everything about her attracts me. She is perfection in and of itself.” I smiled.

At least he seems to know how lucky he is. If only I were twenty years younger....“Were you with Bella this morning?”

“Yes.” I answered.

“How did she get that black eye, Edward?” You don't know he beats her for sure, Bob. Don't accuse! Be his friend. The little rascal will open up that way.

I sighed. I had known that this was the subject we were coming around to, but it didn’t make it any less painful. That horrid cabinet had hurt my love. I felt the need to demolish the entire kitchen, and replace the vindictive cabinets with polite ones.

“Sir, we were in a hurry this morning. Bella opened a cabinet a little too quickly, and the handle hit her in the eye. I should have made breakfast for her….” I trailed off helplessly.

That is too innocent a story. “Is that really what happened, Mr. Cullen?” Bob Banner’s smile tightened as he said this. He beats her. Why can’t he just admit it? This may take hours, days, weeks, but I will wear his conscience down. I’ll do it for my Bella. What am I saying? She’s much too young for me.

Too young for him was right! Wait, what was I saying? I was over one hundred. Mr. Banner was a child compared to me. How could I say he was too old for Bella? What a hypocrite I was! “Yes Mr. Banner that is exactly what happened. Did Bella tell you something else?

“Well no, but that would be expected-“

“Until you have evidence to the contrary, I’ll be leaving, Mr. Banner.” I stood up, and walked out of the office, leaving my awestruck teacher staring with his mouth wide open.

I sauntered into the hallway, almost running into Bella’s arms. “Edward, Edward, what happened?” Bella pled.

“Nothing love. Nothing at all.”

Bella’s discolored face relaxed, “Alright then. Let’s go home before Charlie gets suspicious.”

"Alright. First, let me make a quick call.” I walked a little way down the hall, and pulled out my phone.

It rang once, and I heard Emmett’s voice on the line. “Edward?”

“Yeah Emmett, will you and Jasper come down to the school? I need you to do me a favor.”

“What kind of favor?” Emmett asked suspiciously.

“Your favorite: damage control. Here’s what I want you to do….”

After laying the plan out for my brothers, I hung up the phone. Bella and I walked down the corridor, to the Volvo.

The short drive to my true home was pleasant, yet too short. As I parked, Charlie's thoughts blasted out at me. He was screaming inside his head. Too late! Mr. Banner had called Charlie before Emmett and Jasper had intercepted him. I was going to be thrown out of the house for sure!