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Keeping Up Appearances

This is set right after the end of New Moon. Bella always bumps into things, right? What if the school counseler thought that Edward had something to do with that? Based off the song Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Love 'em!

I'm hoping this will be on the short side. I'm thinking 3-4 chapters. Enjoy! Companion story to this is I'll be Watching You.

5. The End

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Walking up to the porch was like facing a firing squad. Bella unknowingly unlocked the door, and called, “Dad, we’re home.”

In the living room, Charlie paced, fuming. Entering the room, Bella stopped short, shocked. “Bella. Go. Upstairs. Now!” Charlie ordered in a barely controlled voice.

Quickly looking at me, she obeyed. I could tell she was going to chew her fingers to the bone in worry while I was gone.

Once Bella was clear, Charlie turned on me. Pure hatred colored his every word, “Get out. Now. Never come back.”

“With all due respect, sir, what did Mr. Banner tell you?” I asked, diplomatically.

“What did he tell me? He told me you beat my daughter. How dare you? She’s my little girl!”

Pain twisted my face. Despite his cloudy mind, I could clearly see images of how Bella obtained her bruises playing though his mind. Watching inanimate objects hurt her was bad enough. Watching me cause her pain was almost enough to make me hop the next flight to Volterra.

“I love Bella. I would never hurt her. Mr. Banner put words into my mouth. If I could –“

Face becoming steadily redder, he yelled, “If you could what? If you could explain? No explanations! None of them will be good enough.” He stalked out of the room, intentions suddenly imperceptible.

I waited calmly. Charlie came back in, his gun loaded. Pointing it at my un-beating heart, he declared, “I’m going to kill you. My little girl’s safety is worth going to prison.”

“You really don’t want to do that chief Swan. Mr. Banner jumps to conclusions. He twisted my words.” I was trying to calm him down, but I seemed to only be infuriating him.

“Give me one good reason why he should want to do that. Why would he smear your hitherto untarnished name?”

“I shouldn’t say, sir. You might go after Mr. Banner with that gun. Put it down, and I’ll tell you.” This was going to be bad, but he wanted to know.

I sighed, “Mr. Banner has a crush on Bella. He hates me because I’m dating her. I’m sorry, sir. I really didn’t want to tell you. Bella doesn’t even know.”

Charlie’s face twisted in supreme disgust. “He’s older than I am. I’m going to kill him! I really am. “

At least his anger was directed toward someone besides me. “I don’t think he’s going to do anything, sir. If you want, I’ll give you a list of everyone that has feelings for her. Well, everyone that I know of.” I qualified. Who knew what secret crushes were harbored in Phoenix.

“There are more?” He asked, eyes growing wide. His thoughts flew to Deputy Mark, Billy, and the Stan the gas station attendant.

“Yes.” I answered simply.

“Do I want to know?” He asked.

“Probably not.” I answered. “You would most likely arrest the entire male populous under the age of eighteen. “ We both winced.

“Need to know.” He muttered. He continued, “You’re still on probation, young man. I don’t like the attitude you took in explaining these details to me. You tread thin ice. Remember that. Now, I have some calls to make. You have five minutes; curfew is almost up.” He walked into the kitchen.

Charlie’s POV-

Walking into the kitchen, I made a call. I still didn’t completely believe Cullen’s story, but I knew it didn’t matter either way. Bella would rather be with him than without, no matter what he did to her. We all knew that.

“Bob on the line.” He was so unsuspecting.

“Hi, Mr. Banner. Chief Swan here. I have a little problem that I need to discuss.” I threw a little menace into my voice.

“Oh. What’s that? Does Bella need help with anything? Counseling sessions? I would be more than happy to offer my services.”

“No. She’s fine. I just called to tell you to stay away from my daughter. I know you have feelings for her. I can’t believe you. Be glad I don’t report you to the school board for this. Have a nice night.” Hanging up, I promptly went upstairs to kick my daughter’s boyfriend out; one of my favorite tasks of each day.

Bella’s bedroom door was open. Edward lounged casually in her rocking chair. Bella looked a little too keyed up for him to have been there long. There were a few security cameras down at the station. Maybe installing one wouldn’t hurt….

“Time to go.” I declared.

“Goodnight Bella. Goodnight Charlie.” Edward said politely.

“Goodnight Edward. I love you.” Bella’s smile was a little too smug. Was she planning on sneaking out tonight? Again, security camera might not be a bad idea. At least he was Bella’s same age. I had to take a little consolation in that, right?

Edward left. Peace was restored to the house. I wonder what the Mariner’s game score was. Because of Banner, I missed what could have been one of the best games in history!

Edward’s POV

The short drive back to the mansion was unendurable. Life without Bella, even for a few minutes, was worse than my memories of Carlisle’s initial bite.

As I walked into the house, Emmett asked, “So, how did it go? I don’t smell gunpowder, so Charlie didn’t shoot you. “

“Very funny, Emmett. It was fine. He pointed a loaded gun at me, but decided on a different target after I told him of Mr. Banner’s affections.”

Emmett laughed. “Glad to see you’re learning how to sneak around, my brother. Now hurry and get changed. Your girl is waiting.”

Soon, I was back in my beloved’s arms. We Cullens had, over the years, made covering up our true natures an art form. It was often handy in unusual settings, though none as unusual as this. Without a doubt, this experience had needed the full arsenal of supernatural abilities. In the end, we had successfully kept up the Cullen appearance.