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"I am Anthony Mason, Edward Anthony Mason Cullen for that matter, and those books are not only stories, not fiction nor fantasy, they are my journals, my life and all of my horrid mistakes."-Bound Edward Cullen is a world renowned author of the famous Dusk series. His haunting stories tell the tale of Anthony Mason, a young boy living in Chicago in the early nineteen hundreds, who is turned into a vampire while dying of the Spanish Influenza.In reality his books retell his life story.Edward thinks has hidden his, and his family's, secrets well until one girl finds the connection between author and character and turns his life upside down.

Disclaimer: I am not Stephenie Meyer and do not therefore the owner of any of her characters. I do not own the rights to People oe Teen Vogue Magazine either.

5. Mess

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We were trapped, held hostage in our own home by a human and merely a child at that. We were like a pack of lions trapped in a cage with a lamb they were forbidden to eat.

Bella looked up at me from the spot were she had fallen on the floor. Her wide, brown eyes stared up at me with shock and wonder. I cut of my breathing.

“How?..” she began before shaking her head, making her dark curls quiver. “What happened? What’s wrong?” she asked flustered as she tried to right herself.

“The storm,” I said, “It’s arrived.” The panic in my voice was anything but false.

Her gaze followed the direction of my hand which I had extended toward the wall of windows at the back of the house.


I frowned as Alice giggled at Bella’s reaction. How she found the situation comical I did not know.

“Ewww, its so white!”

It was my turn to be shocked. The young child had almost been savaged by the storm and yet seamed completely unconcerned about her near death experience. Bella had the least amount of self preservation I had ever seen in a human. For some reason this infuriated me.

“Is that all you have to say!?” I demanded seething.

Bella turned back to me, wide eyes, in confusion. Her cheeks turned the most appetizing shade of pink I had ever seen before her gaze turned to her lap.

“Edward!” Esme scolded as Carlisle rushed forward to help Bella up.

I pinched the bridge of my nose as I rose from my crouch in front of the door.

“My deepest apologies Miss. Swan, that was completely out of line,” I articulated as I returned to the present.

“N-no,” she stuttered retreating further into Carlisle. “It was my fault, I’m sorry.”

I stood in the awkward silence momentarily, listening as my family assaulted me with their thoughts, before deciding to take the modern teenage root and retreat to my chamber.

“Thank you!” I heard Isabella call after me, at an unnecessarily loud octave.

As soon I was at the top of the stairs I broke, running full throttle towards my room. I needed out, an escape from this torture, these thoughts and this life. I stripped of my jacket when I met my glass wall, leaping from the widow’s ledge. It would provide no warmth to my frozen corpse.

The blizzard hit me with its powerful force but it was not match for my unyielding form. I would hardly have noticed if it were not for the sound of the ice pellets as they ricocheted off of the diamond faucets of my skin and the translucent, florescent glow the ice reflected.

The storm and I were brothers, both monsters who’s deathly force is masked by its beauty.

I stood at the edge of the back lawn arms raised, throat exposed, face and palm to the sky, offering myself to the elements.

My plea went unheard because the snow continued to blanket my icy skin.

This had all been for fun at first and now I only wanted it to end. I don’t now why but all of the lies and pressure had suddenly begun eating away at me; stripping me of my dignity.

I wanted to stand here forever buried by the snow, a devil encased in ice.

I felt like I was in purgatory, being punished by an angle sent to tempt and torment me. I had decided to break the only rule in my world and now I was being punished for it by being imprisoned with the human.

I knew what my actions had done. I saved the child from death so she now had to stay with us until the storm passed. My family had to keep up our façade.We had been so close, almost home free and I had pulled us all back in.

I was furious with myself for rescuing her from the storm only to pull her back to the slaughter. My choices, my life and my fate were all catching up with me and I was pulling my family and the human down with me. The only thing that made it worse was that I was blind to my temptress, unable to hear her mutinous schemes before she delivered her blow.

Alice’s soft steps come to a halt beside me as she argued with herself about weather to disturb me. I had never seen her so unsure, Alice being Alice though she gently touched my arm.


I opened my eyes, letting her know I was listening.

Are you alright?

I laughed bitterly at her question, gently shaking my head no.

“I can’t hear her Alice.”

Me sisters mouth fell into a perfect ‘o’.

There was silence for a moment as we listened to the snow fall, cursing our weaknesses.

Do you trust me Edward? I nodded slowly, reluctantly.

Do you trust our family? I nodded again.

All you have to do is trust yourself. You can do this, you’re not alone and we by no means think you got us into this mess. I frowned.

I hated her at moments like this. Even without her ability she was able to read me.

She rolled her eyes as her thoughts began to get agitated.

“Really Edward,’ she said forgoing our telepathic communication, “your face is like an open book. Stop moping around and get your butt back inside, we need your help.”

I opened my mouth to protest the feisty pixie but stopped in my tracks, determination filling me to the brim. Surly there was no way this human could be out besting a family of vampires, I was being ridiculous. I could do this for my family. It was my fault Bella was here and I could fix this, manage the girl for a few days until we were free again. It would be my last obstacle to jump before I ran home. This torture was almost over and I could see the finish line.

My family’s worried thought hit me then from the inside of the house, stunning me.

I turned to Alice, thanking her with my eyes before shaking off the snow that had accumulated on my hair, skin and clothes.

“Don’t think you’re off the hook yet Masen, your little escapade just ruined my stilettos.” Alice smiled at me before entering the house, returning to reality. I followed quickly on her heels.

I could do this.

* * *

Everyone was chatting in the dinning room, cups of tea and plates of cookies in front of them. My family shot glances at me as I entered, talking a seat at the head of the table, opposite to Carlisle, with Bella and Alice on either side of me.

“Are you feeling better?” asked Bella, handing me a cup of tea.

“Much, thank you. Sorry once again for my behaviour earlier,” I replied.

I flipped through the minds of my family. Apparently they had told Bella that I had an illness due to issues from my previous life, before they had adopted me. I will have to thank them for not saying that I had a common headache later, I though dryly.

“Don’t even mention it,” she smiled pity evident in her eyes. “Umm could I possible use your washroom?” she asked as a second thought.

“Sure, top of the stairs on your left.”

I listened to Bella’s foot steps ring through the house until we heard the bathroom door lock; vaguely hoping someone had remembered to put toilet paper in there. Then all eyes were on Carlisle.

“It seems,” he began rising to his feet, “that we have stumbled across an interesting situation. The storm has become far too severe for any normal human to be able to cope and, if the weather woman was correct, it will remain so for the rest of the week. Since the laws of our kind forbid us from revealing our true nature to the humans and in our best interest I believe that it would be best if we continued to ‘play’ human and allowed Miss. Swan to stay rather than going to extreme measures.”

A few gasps and protests shot out but Carlisle, forever calm, raised his hands to silence them.

“We will not begin blaming anyone for this situation, we already rely far too heavily on the extra recourses that we have and depend on.”

Carlisle’s gaze turned to Alice and I, his eyes forgiving. We both hung our heads low, Jasper wrapping a comforting are around his spouses small shoulders.

“Luckily Esme was at the store doing our false shopping of the week two day ago, and has not yet delivered it to the food bank, so we have plenty. Unfortunately we are not in possession of some other human necessities such as tooth brushes, medication and pyjamas. If Alice and Jasper would run to the store in town to pick some of these up it would be much appreciated,” he gave them a pointed look, “I do not sanction this but it has become urgent. Don’t cause too much damage.”

The pair leapt up quickly, rushing through the storm.

“Other than that just do your best to keep our façade in place until Miss. Swan leaves.”

The toilet flushed announcing our guest’s eminent return.

You’re up dear, thought Esme.

Bella returned, stumbling into the room, and took a seat on her chair.

“Where did Alice and Jasper go?” she asked gently.

“To get changed,” blurted Emmet causing a line to form between Bella’s brows. Seeing his mistake he quickly continued. “Not together obviously, they manages to get tea all over them selves so they went to get cleaned up.”

I saw her eyes examining the table across from her. The line remained.

“Well,” started Esme breaking the silence, “It looks like you may be stuck with us for a while Bella so is there something you would like for dinner?”

“Please, what ever you had planed is fine.”

“Alright, if your sure.” Esme floated into the kitchen, Carlisle following close behind her.

A cool draft and they addition of two more minds alerted me to the return of my brother and sister. I could hear them running throughout the rooms upstairs adding the stolen products.

“Change your clothes.” I muttered far to fast for Bella to catch. There was a brief questioning pause in their minds before Alice’s closet door flew open. She and I had learned to listen to each other long ago.

“All dried up?” asked Bella when they returned.

“Yes, sorry I split my tea on you Jasper,” Alice feigned bashfulness, catching on.

Jasper shrugged before slouching in his chair.

“Do you mind if I ask you something?” Bella questioned, “I just want to make sure I’ve got this down.”

“Anything you would like,” I encouraged earning a growl from Rosalie.

“You were all adopted, right? Edward first, then Alice and Emmet, who are brother and sister, and then the twins Rosalie and Jasper Hale?”

“Yes, but Rose and Jasper are Esme’s niece and nephew.” We had decided to stick with the cover that we had told the rest of Forks.

Bella nodded and the room dropped into silence once again.

“Dinner is ready,” annouced Esme, walking into the dining room with a large pot in her hands. Carlisle entered behind her carrying plates and cutlery.

A steaming pot of pasta was placed onto the middle of the table, filling me with dread.

“Actually, Esme, I’m not feeling well. May I be excused?” Asked Rosalie sweetly, I could not believe she was pulling that one.

“Yes, alright dear, you can go lie down.” Our ‘mother’ responded.

Rose left quickly, a smug smile on her face. The rest of us looked on in discussed as steaming plates teaming with noodles, sauce and cheese were placed in front of us.

I slowly began to prod my meal.

Oh man, you really owe me for this one, though Emmet before her squeezed his eyes closed, shoving a loaded fork into his mouth.

I followed his lead, letting forkfuls of the slippery mess slide down my throat without chewing. It was revolting. I could only hope Bella was too preoccupied with her on meal to notice.

* * *

“Thank you Esme, that was absolutely delicious!” Exclaimed Bella after we had finished eating. I could not agree with her unfortunately, I was too preoccupied with though of regurgitating the tangled mass later tonight.

My sibling seemed to be sharing my thoughts as they examined their empty plates. I would have laughed at the three of them normally, slumped in their chairs with their hands on their stomach, but we were in the same boat.

At least Bella seemed content.

“Would you like help with the dishes, it’s the least I could do,” she continued.

“Not at all Bella,” said Carlisle as he began to clear plates, “Emmet is going to help me.”

Emmet’s head swung around to meat Carlisle’s eyes before he rose silently and marched into the kitchen.

The rest of the family dispersed.

“Well Bella, would you like a tour of the house? I am sure you would like to spend some time to situate yourself if you are to be trapped here for a dew days.” The noodles sloshed in revolt as I rose to my feet.

“That would be great thanks.” Bella rose following me up the stairs.

“You have already seen the main floor, as well as the communal bathroom; the majority of the bedrooms are along this hall. I came to a stop outside Emmet’s and Rosalie’s door.

“This room belongs to Rosalie and Jasper.” I knocked lightly for effect before pushing the door open. Luckily Rosalie had gotten the hint and was now faking sleep in the center of their huge bed.

Bella’s brow puckered again, “They share the same bed?”

My mind froze for an instant, before the edged of my mouth danced up. “Rosalie has separation issues so Jasper vouched to remain with her to keep her calm.”

Rosalie began to throw threats at me but the only reaction that came from Bella was a delicate, “Oh.”

Shutting the door we continued down the hall until we came to Alice and Jasper’s door. I preformed the knocking ritual before entering. I was taken a back this time.

Alice sat on her bead painting her nails with her face covered in some sort of green goo that smelt of avocado. The noodles churned, calling for their food friend.

Jasper and Emmet sat in front of the TV playing a video game. Emmet sat bear-chested with a towel wrapped around his head, wearing the same mask as Alice.

“Hey bro. you up for a game?” he bellowed.

I shook my head, “I’m just showing Bella around. Do you think that you have something for Bella to sleep in?” I asked Bella as a second thought.

Alice jumped up and skidded over to her dresser, emerging with a hand full of clothes.

“I think that Rose and Esme are to long, but you can try these,” she said to Bella, handing her a pair of seat pants and a tank top.

Bella looked Alice up and down doubtfully but expressed her thanks.

We left then, wishing them a good night.

I answered Bella’s unasked question again pretending to become sombre. “Emmet and Alice have a dark past that caused Alice to suffer from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Emmet is very protective of her and helps her through the terrible nightmares that haunt her. I am telling you to prepare you if anything were to happen while you were here. We try to be very discreet so I would appreciate if you would keep this to yourself.”

She nodded seriously and I felt bad suddenly for having to lie to Bella.

Carlisle’s thoughts came to me suddenly from were he has listening in the living room. Mine and Esme’s room is the only one left with a bed. Please give it to our guest.

I lead Bella to the final room on this floor, thanking that Esme had decided to keep their room monochromatic with the rest of the house rather than flashy like those of my siblings.

“This, “I said opening the door “is my room. You are welcome to stay here for your stay as I will be sleeping on the couch in the living room.”

Bella began to protest but I stopped her before she could utter a word. I needed to convince her to stay here; it was the only possibility of giving her and by family the allusion of privacy. It would not due if she had to take up fort in the living room.

“Please, I insist. I will leave you to get into your pyjamas, shout if you need anything.”

I sprinted to my room then and began rummaging through my closet to find something that could resemble sleep attire. I finally settled for a pair of my Forks High sweatpants and a green t-shirt before dashing out to the second floor hall once more.

“Is everything alright Bella?” I prodded.

“You can come in?” she called. “I found a tooth brush under the sink and used it, I hope that’s okay. The pants and shirt are too small, but I think I will be fine in my clothes.”

“That won’t due, I will find you something else, and don’t worry about the tooth brush.”

I left her once again, fleeing to my room, only to return with a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. I felt bad giving the human my underwear to sleep in but I honestly though it was the only thing small enough to fit her.

“Theses are the smallest I have, I hope that is alright,” I told her when we met once again.

“They are perfect, Edward. Thank you.”

I smiled at her, I am sure I would have blushed if I were human.

“Goodnight” I told her before slipping down the hall to the main floor. What I was not expecting, though, was the tightening in my stomach when I heard her whispered reply, “Sleep tight, Edward.” It must be form the pasta.